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5th African Union - EU Summit, 29-30/11/2017 - Consilium

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5th African Union - EU Summit, 29-30/11/2017 - Consilium

We could not get a better photo 

5th African Union - EU Summit, 29-30/11/2017 - Consilium

9 hours ago - The fifth African Union - European Union (AU-EU) summit will take place on 29-30 November 2017 in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. ... The AU-EU summit will be a key moment and opportunity to strengthen political and economic ties between the two continents. At the summit, African and EU ...



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7th EU-African Union College to College meeting. This is the biggest EU-Africa ... The fifth Summit is scheduled to take place in 2017. Ministerial meetings take ..." target="_blank">http://



Rinea - Africa-EU Summit 2017

EU-Africa Summits of Heads of States and Governments take place every three ... The 5th Summit is scheduled to take place in Abidjan in November 2017. ... between the European Commission and the African Union Commission take place ...


AU-EU Summit 2017 | The Africa-EU Partnership

7 Nov 2017 - The African Union - European Union Summit will be held on 29-30 November 2017 in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. African and European Heads of ...


Africa- EU Summit | The Africa-EU Partnership

AU-EU Summit 2017. The 5th African Union-European Union Summit will be held on 29-30 November in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. Under the central theme ...



6 things to watch at the 2017 AU-EU Summit

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Zuma arrives in Ivory Coast for AU-EU summit

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On July 11-13 2017 Civil Society Organizations from Europe and Africa have met in ... Ahead of this year's AU-EU Summit, young people from Europe and Africa ...



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The 5th Africa-EU Summit due to take place in November 2017 provides a critical ... Today, the African Union (AU) Commission and the European Commission ...


Fifth EU-Africa Summit to take place in Côte d'Ivoire | Donor Tracker

The Summit occurs every three years and its 2017 edition follows several key events, including the EU-Africa Business Forum and the election of African Union ..." target="_blank">


6 things to watch at the 2017 AU-EU Summit | Devex" target="_blank">

 Federica Mogherini, high representative of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy and vice-president of the European ..." target="_blank">


The EU signed a historic deal to integrate 23 armies to shake off its US dependence

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The EU signed a “historic” deal to integrate 23 armies to shake off its US dependence

The EU signed a “historic” deal to integrate 23 armies to shake off its US dependence

15/11/17 (After Prince charles Birthday)


This morning we wake up to the furor of who knew and did not about the setting up of Euro Corps in 1987, then Lady Thatcher and her Cabinet in Britain, the British Commonwealth Masonic /Arcadian workings. Then Cold War, Europe, Indian Ocean, Gulf Region and Africa. Asia, Latin America.


We stress we had battled/fought for 25 years that the UN or EU or eventually African Union given the significance of that SIROP program impacts and workings somebody would have got either very angry or fed up and say to shut them lot let us write a report given their resources and capacity - they have all refused, not done this to this Day. What responsibility, had they do they hope it will just go away and be forgotten and whole string of inventions of events, sequences and history put in place. *(Events between the West and current Russia much talk cold war and Military thematic - China today and the West /Europe do not even know how their new Army/Defense Force got Started - the Russian and Chinese will have a good laugh at their expense - the European media will then join and make utter fools of themselves - the recipe for another third world war conflict. )


The reason at the time we did not go public - it is the norm, was the norm workings those very highly sensitive international specially when it related to military to maintain silence, the media what they published and the gutter press workings and many others. Then those person or high personalities who were had been involved their benchmark and regulatory associations, bodies, institutions and politic.


President FA Rene is still alive and then 1987 South Africa, their politics, President Mandela still in Prison and most of the others in exile. We had had contact with the Pan African Congress people /rep in London for sometime. The West/NATO camp and the East USSR/Warsaw Pact/ Yugoslavia/ Gulf Region one party System, Latin america, China and those of Asia, In the Indian Ocean and Africa. We shared and had to share a good deal of our Seychelles exile workings with those from South Africa, their Capacity and resources then - irrelevant what the media thinks and those good Samaritan - this was Cold War workings. Here we are being very polite, civil and reserved with the issues. The excesses and atrocities and ruthlessness from/in both camps then. Among those alive then and still alive today is President Robert Mugabe and he knew a great deal about our Seychelles exile and national politic. "We would like to expand this sentence - the function of the Wikipedia and other such projects - this does not stop prevent those writing history from their own prospective and false and distorted information - President Mugabe is much indebted to our Seychelles exile /refugees workings and others, President Mandela knew and Mrs Winnie Mandela since she was responsible for many of the issues and learnt a great deal more later, FA Rene also and the issues President Nyerere have never shared hence the manner we have presented out topic about OAU and African Union which have vexed many - those poor modern British politicians because of what they are learning of history the terrible nature of their knowledge and politic - part of those who know the CERN project WWW was to help avoid situation with online information about President Mugabe they are very distorted." One feel the need to lower the current MNA and politicians in an old fashion Seychellois toilet let them wallow in it, let the creepy crawlers educate them a bit them raise them up to the surface, they would have to be properly cleaned let them go back to the National Assembly with their new learning/knowledge (unlike the crap and lies being spread by those from SNP and LDS) He had to make it his business - because their were a great deal of very grey issues being worked/managed and at work then the media and the politicians dared and never mentioned them. How they impacted and were impacting Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola and South West Africa and Central Africa.


Mr Gerard Hoareau had been assassinated and those from the exiles looking for solution - we had come forward in 1986 and presented our option one of them, we did not want the excessive USA influence or USSR in Seychelles future instead the presence and workings of then Europe future and its institutions. Then South African President, ministers, military and intelligence supported this decision and it became foundation stone of that SIROP program and other negotiation and developments. President FA Rene knew about it - President Castro Knew about it, President Qaddafi, Saddam Hussian, the Chinese and USSR Leaders then - President Nyerere and the others. Including the Vatican since we had been in contact with then for a few years. Nothing escaped British, Israeli , USA, Ireland Republic and Northern Ireland, India, Chinese And USSR and those North African Countries Intelligence Service they had to know. ( Much later when President Mandela came to office and the rewriting of South Africa History and the Indian Ocean how they omitted and manipulated and lies about much that had taken place those who said they were irrelevant) Hence we have those super learned MNA form LDS the shame they are bringing on this nation, their mothers, fathers and ancestors. Their callousness and utter dishonesty just to grab power and money like all little dirty politicians. ( Rhodesian Government in Exile - Rhodesia and South Africa:  -  Rhodesian Government in Exile ;)


As those would have put it - Mr Ralph Volcer in particular ex SNM/MPR leading activist, Editor and former SDP Leader, Mr Terry Sandapin and then Brother of SNM/MPR Leader - the magic wand at work. It took them many years, there was more to it. The situation in Zimbabwe and events. President Mugabe knew a very great deal about that SIROP program. It had contributed and been responsible for some of the events and changes in his country and politic too briefly said. Our call for several years to revamp, then President Obama position and role. Instead the mega exile/refugees exodus to Europe two years ago. Those from the African Union their respective positions. Those in today's South Africa.


In Madagascar how the African Union reacted, Seychelles and Mauritius got involved they why and that SIROP program working/impacting, dynamic, synergy and leverage mechanism - then President Mancham alive his role and function with the Elders of Africa, South West Africa Corporation, their double standard. It remain to be seen who will be calling the shots in the fast developing events in Zimbabwe. To remind Hon Wavel Wankalawan his utter dishonesty and lies under other circumstance - he would/could have been brought before Military Tribunal/Court - the conclusion. In Africa his Fate.


Zimbabwe army takes control of Harare but denies coup against Mugabe – live


Chiwenga's statement: Possible meaning, implications


Zimbabwe: Uncertainty over Mugabe's whereabouts as military denies coup



Zimbabwe tensions: Military seizes power, denies coup


Robert Mugabe: Legacy of a ruthless tyrant who presided over bloodshed and persecution



LIVE: Zimbabwe police members detained



Zimbabwe military says seizes power to stop 'criminals', President Mugabe safe

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Zimbabwe latest: Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo detained by military as 'criminals' rounded up



President Mugabe meets ZDF Commander and SA envoys at State House

EU army moves a step closer as 23 countries sign up to 'historic' pledge to pool resources despite warnings it could undermine Nato

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EU army moves a step closer as 23 countries sign up to 'historic' pledge to pool resources despite warnings it could undermine Nato



Things have gotten very complicated compared to then 1987 when that SIROP program was put together, then USSR Military capacity, the COMECON, Warsaw Pact - the Berlin Wall had not come down and may not have come down for certain events everybody have refused to explain. In fact the very concept of Europe would have been very different. With President Gorbachev Glasnost and Perestroika those who judge there was not place reason for NATO to exist. Those in NATO then who knew about that SIROP program.


That program inception was to minimize the presence of the Big Powers in the Indian ocean Seychelles politic and replace it with that of a United Europe - later European Union. The rivalry its economic and politic.


From this prospective we participated and input in the many debacles since President F Mitterrand and Chancellor Kohl decision to put into place Euro Corp 1987 Head quarter in Strasbourg - the US, Russia, Britain opposition - the above news


China, India, the Arab nations dynamic expansion in the Indian ocean the respective role those countries form Europe have played.


In the face of these the Opposition Leader Hon Wavel Wankalawan seeking to disband Seychelles Defense Force the Nation Army.


Instead what we will do is link our Forum discussion article here

The EU signed a “historic” deal to integrate 23 armies to shake off its US dependence

French president E Macron to attend Louvre Abu Dhabi -UAE opening on November 11

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French president E Macron to attend Louvre Abu Dhabi -UAE opening on November 11

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a museum, located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. On Tuesday 7 March 2007, the Louvre in Paris announced that a new Louvre museum would be completed by 2012 in Abu Dhabi,[1] with a revised estimate in early 2013 for a completion date of 2015. The opening has been repeatedly delayed, first to late 2016[2] and most recently to 11 November 2017[3], after the official inauguration of 9 November 2017 - extract/courtesy ~Wikipedia which we will link


The establishment of this museum was approved by the French Parliament on 9 October 2007. The architect for the building will be Jean Nouvel and the engineers are Buro Happold.[6][7] Jean Nouvel also designed the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.


The museum will be part of a US$27 billion tourist and cultural development for Saadiyat Island, a complex which is planned to include three other museums, including a Guggenheim Museum[8] and the Zayed National Museum. According to the government sponsored website UAE Interact: "The French Museums Agency will operate in collaboration with the Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC), which is behind the transformation of Saadiyat Island. It will be chaired by French financier and member of the country's Académie des Beaux-Arts, Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, publisher of the periodical Revue des Deux Mondes."[9] Bruno Maquart, the former Executive Director of Centre Georges Pompidou, will take the position of Executive Director.[9]


Some 10 years, 8 months and 250 days after the signing of the unprecedented inter-governmental agreement that kick-started the project, it was announced the Louvre Abu Dhabi will open to the public on November 11. ... Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy PM


How many remembers then 2006, we had made two attempts from 1997/8, using Window 95 OS, those in then Islington who had helped and supported our initiatives, Our then Seychelles Community in UK and the Mauritian when we launched that Portal that of of Mr Glyenm Sicobo and his associates in Seychelles and from Kent, the impact on our then Seychelles national and regional issues - President JA Michel had two years earlier taken office and we did not have a University of Seychelles instead the US Medical University.


The history and story of that project and the project to map the British Refugee/exile History by Evelyn Old Field Unit from Holloway Rd LVSC Resource Center, Polish/Mauritian person of Ms Maria Kavlosky, those Irish and to be funded by the Sainsbury Trust, Exhibited in Queen Elizabeth Hall - then government of PM Blair position on the Refugee/Exile issue and Africa and the relation of his government with the Nations of the Indian ocean and that of Sechelles Seychelles in particular. ( We convey our excuse to the then web master of AKS forum Portal their input and important contributions in our community and European issues for not having included them in the initial article, they reminded us.)

Beside countless of other world personalities who knew of our issues alive then among them Pope John Paul ll and those from Solidarity in Poland then still alive they had not been killed in the plane crash - those who had opposed we concept that portal the way we did and the person of Pope John Paul encouragement, until his death - we were not just in contact with Vatican Office in London other more complex issues related with that SIROP program, Italy then and Vatican. Many others in London who supported us, the Oxford Family, the NGO in UK, Europe and rest of the world, the UN and then WANGO debacles.


In Europe at the Commission, Council of Europe the impacts upon launching this project online and the Market which go impacted in London, Paris, the USA, Germany and Asia and Rome yet what the crap the global media was writing and those form the Murdoch camp and the debacle this morning with the Saudi Prince selling his shares for the Group. At UN level then Secretary General the issues and the impacts


In Africa, in particular South Africa the impacting issues then Nelson Mandela and those from South Africa given then Seychelles very important workings with South Africa and the OAU - Seychelles government politic decision and that of Mauritius and Reunion - had this project been launched in Europe France the much more important impact - the enlargement debacles linked and whole string of British EU politic and media developments. In Seychelles then all those alive their respective role and contribution, they are now in the land of the Rainbow and their decedents and children grand children and families. Some crazy mad monster have eaten or keep eating their heads and brains. In Seychelles the decision of the government to deploy two or three major online projects and they are still working today they had been termed as breaking new frontier in Seychelles online presence and IT development, communications. The announcements of New Hotel and Tourist Development driven by that portal project.


Part of the argument for that Refugee history Project was to emphasize the debacle of then finished Cold War and the aspects and part that SIROP program played and was playing even if it was not written black and white in the press. Be they those from India, Pakistan or the Gulf Region the Arab world and Africa North


In North Africa events and development, much more important the Region of the Gulf, their economic issues and synergy, economic driving motors and the SIROP program - those Arabs who had important relation with Seychelles, the Funding of the High Way and other Projects by Saudi Arabia /Loans. Those from the Region who had become aware that we from the Indian Ocean had a major role to play even if we did not have the cash or Oil - because we were impacting their politic and policies and economic issues with our greater European and International thematic - some of the Development Projects. In France the government of President Sarkozy, his Wife and the French media, his links to the Conservative workings in Britain and pressure he put on my person in spite of the above - he was very unfriendly towards our workings and responsibilities - the glaring legacy of President Mitterrand and our involvement and the person of President Chirac who knew of those issues and the person of Mrs Daniel Mitterrand family alive.


It was we, in fact who synergized ., drove and my favorite term catapulted the decision for France and UAE to initiate this project then much public talked about French Masonic workings or Illuminati workings how the UAE views those topic and they wish to be a more dynamic and functioning part of these from their workings and economic issues. "We had been writing to the UN, the EU and the USA of the mega abuses of our issues and the global melt down that was to come in 2007/8"


In the region we now have to major Europe Cultural body, institutions and workings forget the great Universities, the Opera and now the Louvre what this mean in term of Geo politic and strategic culture and Development - Sir James Mancham research, lectures and books on this topic. Where as we were have been reserved he argued and discussed those issues in public and the world.


In case those challenge our capacity that SIROP program and the Chanel Tunnel, Pas de Calais economic development, the Disney Project near Paris, Lille mega developments and the British involvements and those who migrated went on to settle in France and other Economic issues and the recent opening in the Pas de Calais of the Louvre.


Whatever and however our National politic has disintegrated/degenerated into - our greater Community working in Europe and across the world our french and other European ancestral workings those who manage then and help manage them their respective impacts and functionality.

Louvre Abu Dhabi - Wikipedia

Louvre Abu Dhabi – See Humanity in a new light

Louvre Abu Dhabi: first look inside the £1 billion art museum in the ...

What to expect at Louvre Abu Dhabi's gala opening |

Louvre Abu Dhabi to open a new era for the UAE

We noted former EU Commissioner - SDP Leader, Mr Martin Shultz Facebook upon the 28th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall - the posting on Facebook of this event at the Grand Louvre Paris - President F Mitterrand the decision to build this Monument, that SIROP program dynamic, synergy driving and influencing major aspect of this decision - the Europe and world Illuminati and over the years the many issues and they chose to forget.

Louvre Pyramid - Wikipedia

Talks in first royal visit to the country by a sitting Saudi monarch expected to focus on oil prices and the wars in Syria and Yemen

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Saudi king makes historic visit to Russia

Talks in first royal visit to the country by a sitting Saudi monarch expected to focus on oil prices and the wars in Syria and Yemen

We thank that former Mauritius female leading athlete for her special chocolate cake post this morning and our comment about SIROP - CACTUS


Given this eventful happening/development scan the TV for media development - the capacity of those two Projects to influence the media, public events and society over the past 10 years and beyond listened to a couple of program on RT TV and the news that he King of Saudi Arabia is making a historic visit to Russia and the Protocol special


We have this much to say - Sir James Mancham from the Indian Ocean belonged to those very few/rare personalities who understood those two projects and our efforts. What he would have said had he been alive - former Cold War and Seychelles, his being deposed by then Soviet Powers or those who represented them in the Indian ocean and Africa.


Time have stated for the past 25 years that had President Gorbachev had an alternative Economic model for then Russia - the putsch would not have taken place, the world EU very different instead that SIROP program - we have maintained this view after the global crash of 2007/8 what we wrote and visit to Seychelles the first gathering of BRICS Foreign Ministers and events.


The Saudi Arabia Kings is not visiting Russia for what it used to be - he and his delegation is visiting Russia for the new challenge that BRICS is presenting to the world.


This said in Sechelles Seychelles those who know our Russian relation very well - their respective reaction and attitude towards that SIROP program, daily we read and pick up form the TV of the many aspects of national Education, and the amount of Resources and efforts yet the very program that made this possible in the National Assembly the attitude and the Opposition LDS attitude, the public and the government and the very person of President FA Rene.


The officials of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Region Nations read what we write about/over that SIROP program


Saudi Arabia’s King to make first ever official trip to Russia


Talks in first royal visit to the country by a sitting Saudi monarch expected to focus on oil prices and the wars in Syria and Yemen" target="_blank">Saudi king's visit to Russia heralds shift in global power structures ...



Saudi's king in Moscow: An unexpected rapprochement

Old foes Saudi and Russia disagree on Syria, but a historic visit by the Gulf monarch may reset relations." target="_blank">Why Washington will be watching the Saudi king's visit to Moscow ...

Spanish royals on state visit to UK, with Brexit issues unavoidable -SIROP linkage

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When we wrote that SIROP program 1986/87 at 87a Victoria Rd Kilburn - Brent using a make shift table of the flat door and wood pallet, on the wall above that table Living room, all the drug syringe in the garden, the beer cans and and the Durex at times and the two witches among the Royal pictures above that desk was a picture of then young Prince Philippe of Spain and his Father -what we have termed our Arcadian and Illuminati workings -whilst we worked among other issues the CERN, the ECU/Euro, the French connectivity and later the WWW then President Ronald Reagan at the White House. In Paris President F Mitterrand and that SIROP program and in Italy Pope John Paul ll and the Italian government and those from P ll Lodge

Given the stance. position of the British government Lady Thatcher they made life sheer hell, build and developed a special relation with the Spanish embassy in London and would visit them and explain our woes.

Sechelles Seychelles have always had a special relation with Spain given their French and Austrian Royal connections as such the King of Spain important help in writing that program from Spain - Europe and Seychelles relation.Along with other then European royal support for that Program.

It has not been a one way street the many impacting issues of that Program on Spain Socio Economy issues and Europe its entry

From Britain we played an important role that Santandar purchased the old Building society we had account Alliance and Leicester and the one with the umbrella.

Much more important the issue of Spain Morocco Tunnel like the Channel tunnel project - we have contributed in Driving this topics - the very terrible issues of those who had linked Princess Diana and the Al Fayad to this project.

Spanish royals on state visit to UK, with Brexit issues unavoidable

CARTE. Législatives : découvrez les résultats du second tour dans votre circonscription

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CARTE. Législatives : découvrez les résultats du second tour dans votre circonscription



Législatives : la carte de France des résultats, circonscription par circonscription


Législatives 2017 : découvrez les résultats du second tour dans votre circonscription et dans votre commune


Comment 19/6/2017

That SIROP program is bade in Europe with the Seychelles component worth $4.5 billion - Monday - 19/6/17, the first Britext discussion in Bruxelles. The French Parliamentary election results and media/political comments.


We/I am under terrible pressure those applying this pressure and we still to write a or some kind of comment

Meanwhile in Seychelles and Mauritius or for that matter and the Gulf Region the utter corruptions associated with that SIROP program and complete political and media distortions. ( A sample of the corruption compare the builders and contractors involved in that Ladbrook inferno in Kensington until it happened everybody the so call officials , the police and the media were all saying everything is rosy, nothing is wrong if you do not such up we will shut you up and silence you or you will lend before the court and imprisonment) They used the Anti Terror legislation to muzzle/shut everybody up those who protested.


That was the state of things in 2007/8 when those who gathered at Davos had forcasted the world economy and finance was in the best of health and performing fantastically well and what ensued. Some 59 biggest bank went bust in the USA, Japan oldest Bank, across Europe the Baking carnage and the repercussion still being felt today.


At European Union level the fallout, the austerity and their explanations, the European parliament and the many new measures, cuts and sufferings Trillions of Euro to help find solutions and mechanism they put into place/Laws and legislations. A great portion and percentage of the mess had been related to the mismanagement of that SIROP program, the media, the political elite, the institutions, the Justices and the policing authorities. The European component worth/Value, the USA component, the Russian, the Chinese, the African, the Latin American, the Asian component, the Gulf Region component, the North America component. The modest sum of money instead to help manage this program.


Last week saw the death of Dr Alois Mock of Austria the person how fought for Austria to join the EU, Austria history and baggage the two wars. the death of Mr Adna Khashoggi at one time one of the world most powerful business man and involved in previous attempts to change Seychelles, Cold War West Verses East - Sir James Mancham and the later SIROP program. We ought to have mentioned Sir James Mancham first. His powerful and many world connections, the world Peace body officials, Africa Elder Statesman and the many other notable world platform for peace and poverty and economic issues. His approach to that program from conception in 1986/87 to events of 1991/92 the return of the exile and events the past 25 years in Seychelles, the Region and world and his many books. The way his life ended - Sir James was very aware of the unpublished issues we have addressed several times leading to the global meltdown of 2007/8 and he used those knowledge to serve and consult a number of important parties and their big business. Sir James Mancham was not political naive and the Seychelles media and Mauritius media would like the natives and world to believe. Those who termed the utter corruption ongoing as best diplomacy and our lack of it or uneducated untrained. Yet for the past 7 years how those used that SIROP program to drive their respective Economy, extracting information and leverage mechanism and dynamic components. What we wrote from the early days of President Sarkosy and Cameron the statement of small green shoot were appearing in Europe supported by that SIROP program and other issues we manage.


Please refer to the many issues we have addressed at out SIROP portal - that Britexit linked to that SIROP program and yet the current politicians in Britain, the court cases, the Lords debate, the terrible media. ( The incident of Ladbrook inferno forget the mega Bank scandals and the grand theft just a sample of the massive corruption associated with this program from Britain and the Gulf Region scandal, the mega investment of the Gulf Region in Britain and the politic) The current European Union officials aware of some of the linking issues. How they handle the Europe component working/Management and those for the Indian ocean, Africa, Gulf region and Asia.


We have addressed the why we went to Berlin in 2015 for that Seychelles presidential - the plea for Europe to intervene in Seychelles the mega abuse and corruption and the involvement of Europe Tax payers hard earn money. The many in Germany who knew of the Seychelles issues, the COMECON, Communist links and the USSR links and the OAU links and the Gulf/North Africa Communist links. Sir James Mancham was still alive then and his respective private views.


As if this was not bad enough what led to the mega exile/refugee exodus - throwing Europe politic and into near meltdown and breakup and the amount of money they have thrown in to patch up and create patch up and messy Exile/Refugee supporting projects and program which is failing and still the flood - the recent Austrian warning up to 100 millions of African refugee to invade Europe over the next several years. ( By the way we are aware as we are typing this draft in real-time those in USA, Britain and Europe or Russia who can read and watch us)


This comment is about France politic and economy this morning - because of the very important mechanism of our French ancestors use to build/apply in that SIROP program those who knew and were involved - benefited, the politic - our lobby to the government of Francois Holland as against Sarkozy to help us rebuild and restructure that SIROP program the French Industries, Finance and Economy instead. Those from the Gulf Region and Africa aware given the dynamic of communication, their reaction - yet what the officials version have been of the Terror activities across Europe and in France in particular. The abuse of Power in France and the constellation of President F Holland government- the person of Madam Selogen Royal, PM Valls and Minister Macron - they all /each knew of the capacity of that program and yet their respective approach - the information we have made available. Our request to them in person to help us and that program.


Sir James Mancham was not alive to watch events in France, his many powerful friends and acquaintances with vast resources and wealth - the many scandal of those employing all their relatives and many fictions/none existence work to extract and get money form the EU and the French tax payers. Yet the very same politicians and personalities getting vexed and threatening use with that SIROP program if we protested and published what they did not like. That program save Europe from a very dangerous and grave situation of Breakup and those who know/informed and yet their respective attitude - they expect things to go on as usual - their mind must be warp or very distorted. Really when you have a program that can help revive the European economy from the abyss it had landed in and then the mega Breakup debacle public opposite to Europe politic and policies - Europe resources and expertise and the media. May be that was the reason Sir Jams Mancham life was cut short the contents of his books as again that of former President JA Michel and President F A Rene the world want then to tell lies/crap/garbage their people and nation and term this our history. The world corrupt workings between the Developed and under develop nations.


Sir James Manchm was not alive to witness events in France and my unofficial plea that he could have done something to help us rebuild/rework that program in Europe and his position - again how his life ended. The French media and the many commentators are refusing to take note of the Macron link with that SIROP program - We are equally surprise at the many older and more mature politician in France their position and attitude - this Monday as the media announce the result of the French Parliament election. Life has its ways the media circus in Bruxelle surrounding the first Britexit meeting and the death of Chancellor Helmut Khol having stated the many important impute and role impute in that SIROP program , the many components.


The question we ask this morning without for the Senate to reconvened - the politic that is being sold to the French people, the world - how will the Majority of the Enmarche politicians react and respond - this program have dynamic which can lend to regulatory issues presenting itself and what and hoe they will react and respond. The person of the French PM his former connections. It is well over 27 years since that SIROP program was initiated and put into place the role and function of French media - they are not going to change overnight, if anything it will get worse , the sleaze and distortion the promote and discuss by the hours and daily and when regulatory mechanism is apply, the loss of lives and properties what they say their logic and our efforts to help develop very many social platform so that other who understand, know aware who we are and that SIROP and attempt to work our issues can communicate and let the world know their views/knowledge.


Unlike past events of Europe were we did not have dynamic and active media possibilities and communication the time and era we live in - this program is not/cannot be terminated just like that to do this required the destruction and disconnection of very many important world institutions, political and church and Illuminati workings. When this happens nobody can predict what kind of world we will have and live in. Many of those individuals who were alive at the conception that program have died and those alive, would not the sane approach to help - lend a hand that a serious debate./discussion can take place.




Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles

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Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles

We would like to remind Europe of event last Monday when the builders in the yard informed us we had two weeks to vacate the Yard where we have been working and our Seychelles EU Community Heraldic and the Sechelles Heritage Trust Project.


We had not check the French media his morning - via France the debacle of President Vladimir Putin at Versailles upon the occasion of 300 year Anniversary of Peter the Great to Versailles.


Way back when President F Mitterrand was alive and Lady Thatcher just as we encountered many challenges with the British government and its institutions concerning/over our greater Europe and ancestral French Heritage in Europe, the world and the Indian Ocean the mega debacle of the Treaty of Rome and Maastricht Treaty where the/these Rights were given, bequeath to the respective Ethnic communities in Europe - meaning before that Treaty France and its institution had primary high responsibility and Britain .


On account of then Cold War, the standoff between USSR, the Warsaw Pact and the COMECON , Communist world - it was not France or the Francophone who had lead and spear headed the concept of that SIROP program - we/It was decided to review in depth our French and European ancestral workings then Cold War then 1986/87 to apply these mechanism and dynamic to find a solution to the Cold War, Communist stand off between the West and East. All those alive at the time who knew of the issues and yet then media and what have later been written as history - the Vatican and then Orthodox Church.


We had studied and had to study Russia ancestral/Arcadian workings heritage along with that of France and ancient Europe and how they can be applied and use to leverage the concept and implementation of that SIROP program . President Gorbachev and president Yeltsin knew of those issues and many other Russian high officials and the break up of USSR and the many governments and those who became their president and PM knew/knowledge of these topics. yet the so call global media and French media.


In case those in France the current government doubt of the capacity of the Indian Ocean and Europe french ancestral heritage and workings of those nations and their decedents - the history of pre colonization of the Indian Ocean region and India, the statement that in the Indian Ocean their were more powerful Royal workings as in France proper and later the Revolution, attempt to bring the King back on the throne of France and Bonaparte era. These values and heritage we alone have the Right to work and manage them - the French media views and arguments. The European agenda and the functioning of EU today and the super mess we have landed in and yet they are supposed to be very knowledgeable. The European and International court.


Given the Yard debacle in Kent - over the past 27 years the issue we have worked with the Russian Heraldry/Heraldic high workings and personalities, their royal families and everybody chose to forget - pretend they never occurred. This is the abnormal world and those who know the very unique role and function of that SIROP program , the national media and archive and film makers what they have written and presented as facts. Very important the thematic co the Assassination of the last Tsar Family and the discovery of their graves and the linking issue of the British Royal Families we worked then 1986/87 onward those who ought to know. Then contemporary European families of 1986/7 who knew and were involved in the process and yet the disgusting media their lies and sleazes.


Countless times over the 27 years have addressed the role and importance of that SIROP program in helping driving and synergying the topic of those 250,000 Russian Jews who were allowed to return to Israel and since then Israel media and the world Jewish media comportment -


There have been several major national renovation buildings project in Russia that SIROP program contributed to as such ongoing issues - our Seychelles Italian Arcadian, Illuminati and fraternal workings


In the opening of that 300 year anniversary exhibition/exposition of Peter the Great to Versailles ask if any of our community representative will be invited , the Russian embassy in Paris and the Russian Officials in Seychelles and Moscow. The need to say and state bluntly is it the mismanagement of such high issues and their working that conflicts get created and erupts and come about and yet those world experts and their medias.


By the way in Seychelles the like of President FA Rene and some of the younger Ministers who knew and we had shared some of these topic back then 1986/87. The dum ass Truth Commission and Reconciliation the half bake thinking intellectual approaches and the Seychellois Nation, the exile and the world taken for a very long ride. High personalities like President Nyerere, Mandela and other old Communist African head of State who knew of those issues , President Fidel Castro, those from South America and those form China. Specially Sir James Mancham knowledge in the books he wrote/legacy some of the issues and important thematic he has shared with the world and us. The issues of the alternative USSR and the COMECON alternative Economic concept then 1986/7 and the debacle of BRICS we have addressed

Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles - Forum discussion 


Withdrawal of Mr Alain St Ange for the position of Secretary General of UNWTO

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Withdrawal of Mr Alain St Ange for the position of Secretary General of UNWTO



Withdrawal of Mr Alain St Ange for the position of Secretary General of UNWTO


We have addressed/comparing Minister Alain St Ange bid for the WTO post as the effort of Seychelles to get a seat on the Security Council - what the reals issues, and the fake issues and what the government told the public and Seychelles media and those from the UN, USA, EU, Russia, china, India, the Gulf Region AU what the other agenda was all about that SIROP program,.


We would like to have the attention of all the Ministers of Tourism, the Director of Tourism and the Small Hotel Association of Seychelles, beside Mauritius and South Africa - when that SIROP program was announced in 1987. There are forums threads and emails and letters covering much of these events, politic and polices and development and redevelopment. The very Management of the Tourism Industry Sir James Mancham who had been the Pioneer of our Tourism Industry knew and perceive these facts very well and his endeavor to have the upper hands most of the time and then come the era of Minister St Anges his contributions and suddenly the World and region acclaim Seychelles as show case of Small country Tourism Development. We do not have the dozens of Staff and graduates to move papers around and think what to write to spend their day. That SIROP program have made a significant impact on Seychelles Tourism industry, that of Mauritius and Reunion.


There are topic during the Obama US Presidency we did not wish to write. President Donald Trump Business empire. One of the major mistake Minister Alain St Ange made and this we say in public was to undermine that program at the same extract maximum benefits form is may linkage, dynamics and leverage capacity. Not just him most of Seychelles Ministers and leading politicians.


Part of the approach/challenges of writing that program - beside the requirement to have sufficient experience and knowledge of work economic workings and several industries. One of the challenges was the Tourist Industry -forget little Seychelles. That when we presented the concept to then President Gorbachev and later Yeltsin - the need to put in place a complete innovative industry for those Nations of the former COMECON, Soviet Union - those Communist Blocks as a major Industry and in term of National earning, infrastructure and requirements, employment and economic driving force/Wealth. The impacts of other world Tourist destinations.


The construction industry of Hotel and their finances, expertise and the Stock Markets and we have participated is very many aspect of these from 1987 to date - may be we ought to have applied for the Job of WTO.


One of the biggest factor we had to cope and help managed the move away from Military/armament as major world economic drive to one industry, the Travel Industry the development of new Planes be they Boeing, Airbus and others - they/those planner and politicians and big financiers we informed /shared the issues 25 years we have a vastly sophisticated World Tourist industry and Place construction industry and holiday resorts and it vast financial complexities we have been involved and participated/help drive and build. The many instance we have addressed the debacle of the two major Plane construction company and the capacity to impute and help a major Nation acquire a complete fleet of new Plane and the many complex details of the finances and refinances.


African did not know anything as such about Global Tourism industry from this prospective - those from the OAU who did even understand what this SIROP program was all about in the first place all they thought was politic as most of the African Nations do. The skepticism of their politicians and here is where President Obama will get unhappy we had to take the Bull by the Horne meaning help work out unorthodox and draconian politic and policies over the heads of the African Union and this Little Seychelles Nation.


When we talk of Minister Alain St Ange undermining that program to his own detriment - our call and request very many time to get the UN, the EU, the African Union to help report on that program functionality form 1976 to date they would have encountered many highly economic phenomena and how this would have contributed to make a better world and economic working for the many nations depending on Tourism.


We are not going to beat about the bush - President Francois Holland got into/Landed into mega trouble over this Program and the state of emergency in France. The Presidential election and outcome. Every entity and company know you build on foundation that exist and have existed and that SIROP program have a very important foundation in the global Tourism Industry sector -we do not have the time and the staff to dictate and write beautiful article.


We have written to President Danny Faure about the buzz of taking that ex Mahe Beach Hotel building and housing that SIROP program in Seychelles beside other projects and usage and his reaction - this is the fundamental approach attitude of the vast major of Seychellois and had we to be PM or Minister would have to cope with this attitude and mentality/thinking. We have some 40 years experience and knowledge now. Meaning we do not have to put up with the negative aspects of such thinking.


We addressed a thread a few days before the French presidential election on the possibility of Mr Emmanuel Marcon becoming President - we have worked and impute with all the President of France since the conception of that SIROP program and each of then their individual politic and aspiration for the world and the region. That SIROP program is very much alive and dynamic driving important aspect of EU Economy and other world economy.


In Seychelles from 2014 the debacle of finding solution for the national and government workings the abuse and corruptions - Now should Minister Alain St Ange be interested having stated the above briefly - along the line of the formation of the LDS what really took place behind close doors and under the beds in the cupboards. Given that we played a role that he parted form SPPF/PL and his Journey to SNM - We need/require serious individual who can help/contribute to assessing the current of a given Industry or major economic situation in all its complexities/problematic and help formulate innovative and working approach/plan over the next 5 years. The EU Support this SIROP program some of the BRICS Nations and so do the African Union and the Gulf Region Nation and Asia and Latin America. Britain Tourism Industry landscape for the past 30 years and the related issues to that SIROP program. Before in Seychelles we had only a few who grasped and understood what it was all about we now have a modes group of young graduate who can think and look at the world differently - Seychelles is indeed small, yet we have great potential in the form of that SIROP program.


Until now the many insulting and negative remarks about Minister St Ange bid for the WTO and those From Africa - we have address the brief issues here had we a small Team as African Union had promised we could have written a proper dossier on World Tourism working and its potential for the next 5/10 years. Minister St Ange can go back to the African Union and tell them bluntly this is our view and position, they have worked with is the past 30 years, if they do not like it we will look for other possibility do not after come and publicize that they invented this and that economic unique concept in Tourism. It does not hold water and those who work the World Tourism Industry will just smile. Beside it requires special/unique mechanism dynamic and management capacities and this we have in that SIROP program - Including Space Tourism and sophisticated advance/future Transportation methodology. Had Minister Alain St Ange been wise he would have spared his person a great deal of grief and stress and humiliation - He was misguided and misinformed. We know and have been very aware of the politic of Seychelles government for Tourism because we have helped managed this for the past near 40 years.


A word of advice to President Danny Faure - he ought to remember very well the first six month of President JA Michel his promise to be a facilitator of what, that SIROP program and later he discovered and those helped him invent the Blue economy.



National Symposium on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity ??? at ICCS,Victoria.

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National Symposium on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity — at ICCS, 7/05/17 - Victoria.

The Seychelles National Assembly organised a symposium at the ICCS on Sunday 7th May to learn through different presentations among other things, international best practices towards achieving reconciliation, unity through closure to bad experiences and events, share the findings and work the committee is doing with the public, get their inputs and suggestions in order to help the committee in drafting its recommendations to be submitted to the Assembly and subsequently to the President before National Day on 29th June 2017.