Seychelles International Refugee Onward Program

Founded 1987

"100th Anniversary of the 1st World War 4 August, 1914 mankind - humanity would have been destroyed and few alive to mark this historic Day"

Had our Person not undertaken what we did in the first place events leading to the brief "interregna" of Andropov and Chernenko, Gorbachev was elected General Secretary by the Politburo in 1985. {Given our then high responsibility selected him and saw to it he was appointed what this takes} Before he reached the post, he had occasionally been mentioned in Western newspapers as a likely next leader and a man of the younger generation at the top level.

He was the seventh and last leader of the Soviet Union, having served as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1985 until 1991, and as the country's head of state from 1988 until its dissolution in 1991 (titled as Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet from 1988 to 1989, as Chairman of the Supreme Soviet from 1989 to 1990, and as President of the Soviet Union from 1990 to 1991). He was the only general secretary in the history of the Soviet Union to have been born after the October Revolution.

{The mega global media lies this 4.8.2014, including the USA and Europe and even former President Gorbachev do not refute them - including the KGB its new institutions today.}

"We have been searching for this Historic image for some 21 years after we left the original in Angers - Loire, SVP for safe keeping and the rest in Kilburn - Brent. The SIROP program had been quasi taken from our person - hijacked, involving USA and Britain they believed, held the view that former President J R Mancham, (after 1991 -3rd Republic his attempt to have me kill, those who know/knew in Seychelles and Europe) the Treuhand, Russia Privatisation was a better candidate after the alliance of Seychelles Exile/refugees under the leadership of Dr Maxime Ferrari and Minister David Joubert, Mr Christoph Savy had met in Munich. My UKSCA Executive Committe had also voted me out as Chairperson and those involved - in desperation went to Berlin and Nuremberg, Mr Walter Westerholt place and travelled to Vienna to stay there. We had to return to London - Kilburn, in our rage what we decided to do to prove to the world, FA Rene, the British, the USA that we had concepted that Program and controlled it - the real dynamic and synergy that brought the Wall down and the media lies and politicians, the real dynamic and synergy for CERN, the illuminati, Masonic/fraternal and Intelligence Service - the real reason to connect hidden/control information to a public system - those involved, including John Paul ll, Mitterrand, Helmut Kohl, Giulio Andreotti - the WWW announcement from CERN." Beside the Place in 87a Victoria Rd - Kilburn where the most important work was done, we rented a property in Mortlake by the Brewery 1990 with basement to rebuild this Program - Beside a large Majority of SNM/MPR Executive, Mr Ralph Volcer ex Treasurer and Mr Savy from the Alliance Party - Mr L Betsey, gave us their support.

In exile and Sechelles Seychelles then Mr Phillippe Boulle - his SNP. Mr/ former Minister Andre Uzice and his Party still in exile. ( The involvement of then Seychelles Oppositions, Partie Seychellois - fragmented - Seychelles Movement for Democracy) The extended Seychelles old Community in Kingston Upon Thames - its rebuilding and Sir James Goldsmith Family in Richmond beside other individuals. An important percentage of those Seychellois, In Canada, USA, Australia, South Africa, France making up the Families of Planters Association and former expat communities who had initially ask we take this responsibility, still convinced of our ability, the very positive and uniqueness of this Program in Europe and across the world supported us then . We have been calling and demanding a national and international review of this exile/refugees Repatriation program, as is the norm and all those who oppose this - their special reasons.

SIROPSeychelles International Refugee Onward Program -

Founded 1987

SIROP - properly address, written

Seychelles International Refugee - Repatriation Onward Program.

Over the past 25 years we have stated/addressed that it was after the assassination of the then Main Opposition Leader SNM/MPR Mr Gerard Hoarau, we had been Chairing as registered Grass Root/Community body UKSCA, then Executives of UKSCA, policy formulation and community short and long term strategy. Those exile factions,

those families, those individuals in Britain, Colonial Seychelles and East Africa, who helped, advice and guided us - Seychellois and none Seychellois, France, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius and Kenya who asked/requested we take this responsibility to find a solution, avenge and continue the fight and struggle to change Seychelles then political, economic, social system - return the/those exile refugees back home and help them regain their properties - eventually form a government.

It was there after that we concepted/put the SIROP program together. {"We took part in several of those protest and demonstration - the many witness yet all those who make it, would have others believe we were never there or involved"} We have added a picture below, then events and we were there/present.

{The flag we have added was put/thought of long before then Nelson Mandela left prison. Then Minister, Mr Andre Uzice flag for his party in exile - had we been allowed to return - insisted this became our national flag - less certain addition}

Leave aside the important impacts, interlinking issues of that SIROP program with the mega COMECON, the USSR, Warsaw Pact, Germany reunification - those who have choosen to discredit this historic program. Then Illuminati, Templar, heraldic, Fraternal and Masonic entities. Their politicians.

There are very many from South Africa then Arpatheid System, Government, Intelligence and the above still alive. Not what the British, Western media have written - that Place 87a Viactoria Rd, Kilburn on the streets the buzz and the talk, those from Pan African Congress in London, then Oliver Tombo and then Bishop Desmond Tutu, then Mrs Winie Mandela, then Seychelles exile and other wise important mercenary, French and South African they knew and monitored events and developments - it was very important aspect of that SIROP program which synergise/dynamise some of the most important political development of then South Africa - events and decision not the other way round, then OAU and everybody re-inventing to suit and praise their special interests. Including the many Black Movements in the USA and their personalities involved.

{("In 1988 Nelson Mandela was transferred from Pollsmoor to Victor Verstn near Franschhoek. The move was the first inkling of reconciliation. Here the government began to treat him as the leader of the ANC, while it got used to the idea he was the leader of a government in waiting.")}

Whatever became of that young boy of Anse aux Pins village who played on the big white Cross steps in front of St Michel Church by the sea side and the pine/casurena trees in the back ground and the gentle sea and wind. (Everybody leading any project of any seriousness will have their pictures plastered all over the project not our person hence this article )

How many of you remember the white Cross at Belle Air near the Wadia and Thomas House.

In the course of that SIROP project we got tangled in one of the biggest Cross issue at the time - in Poland then Pope John Paul ll - after his death the plane crash 2010 - killing the majority of Solidarnos Executives, as if that was not enough. The issues of the big Cross at Westminister Chathedral and the helicoptor that was required to move it - We had hoped under the John Major government those who know to mark events and issue with that SIROP program, the Channel Tunnel construction they would build a big Cross in South East England instead that "Man and Wing" monument those who know and recall. ( After this monument construction we go involved in the Trilogy of the Lords of the Ring - very unlike the German Ring, Scandinavia and the Jewish issues.) Read more ....

Everybody took to forgetting - those who wanted to build the biggest Cross in Isreal it is still a project, Because of the events, the death of most of the Solidarnos Executives and high officials in that plane crash, the national ceremony in Poland and the double Cross the same size and everybody plainly ignored - other greater and complexor issues.

In Ireland upon Pope John Paul ll visit the giant Cross they errected/build - that SIROP project was put together in Kilburn - Brent, a very strong Irish bastion in Britain- the Irish Center in Kilburn turned in a theme Pub. (Beside the quality time we spend in Hampstead and the Pub then FA Rene, J R Mancham and other young Seychellois student visited - close by the House were Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island - our Pirate/Corsair ancestory) The very large Hugenot burial place and the Convent, where President Charle de Gaulle stayed for a while. (The mega redevelopment of those very larges Houses on the back of that SIROP program) Within walking distance the Monument to Karl Marx and Highate Forset. Sigmund Freud Musuem and opposite Herbert Asquith former PM of Britian House, the composer Edward Elger house. Tonight upon this 4th Advent 2012, - the Maya Calender issues and we will have retiering age so to say, our last Advent before that monumental age - we are adding this Irish Cross here and it will stay until we hand over the responsibility to a younger generation.

The current white House occupant may not understand everything about this issue and certainly the vast majority from the African Union - because if they did they would have treated our person differently.(Even President F Mitterrand had promised our person in "gentleman agreement/arrangement" a small Chapel in France as the least acknowledgement of our work and contribuition to his monumental national work - what ever became of this) Least of all the Seventh Day Adventist. Former President Mancham is of the view that it is never too late to follow the path of the Cross - it is better to learn from young, childhood - much better to have been taught by your grand parents, they held your hand and ancestors.

For a very long time had wanted to stress in public the important relevancy of Pope John Paul ll coming to Office and that SIROP Program 1987, beside the debacle of the information/content of this program online 2012, also that same years visited his country. (The debacle of his Will/wish for his hand written notes to be destroyed/burnt - instead, contents) In/from Seychelles our exile community from 1979 to 1991 were still intent/bent of changing Seychelles by military option and Force, those from the West and NATO who supported them. The UN, the EU, the Commonwealth, the Francophone the AU and the majority of the world Bodies choose to forget this - bent upon inventing their own history and notion of thing. In Sechelles Seychelles those politician who used it for their personal and terrible politic and the poor people who did not know any better. Today we can rant, big mouth everything, spin everything what really happened, those to cover-up write their own version of History for Power and Control. In 1979 when he undertook his first visit to Poland, the politic of USSR, COMECON, Warsaw pact, those in Vienna then, UNIDO to stress the very grave and dangerous situation, those who had stated "Mr Edmond if the USA and Britain does not agree to the setting up of an Indian Ocean regional working there will be none" and what we faced in researching and discussing with those then in Vienna, the setting up of an Indian Ocean Industrial and Investment Promotion Center those who helped to edit and discuss formulate the concept, the copies we provided and made available including the UN, the world Bank, the IMF, the CIA, BOSS and others then and the Russian and the Chinese, those from OAU then, those from France, Britain and Italy - compelling the Communist/ extreme one party system to come to the table if they wanted to talk/dialogue about Economic development and progress - today we all take this for granted - ranting about the Blue Economy. That year we had been granted the charter for Indian Ocean Interdisciplinary Management by Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann. In Vienna, then those who monitored and followed us had we made the wrong move as they say we would have been killed for that research and the very ideas - today the big mouth of everybody. We have address many threads warning the use and abuse of excess spin or inventing for the sake of politic would lend the world and Europe to major situation - What the Conservative undertook after PM Brown defeat, in the process of formulating their own politic inspite of the Liberal party as coalition partner - their refusal those involved what really happen to change Europe, Russia, the COMECON, China, the OAU, Latin America, Asia and the Gulf Region. Unless one is unstable in the mind no same European politicians can/should endeavor to reinvent what really took place - upon this PM David Cameron gambled and took the British Nation to the Referendum - yet he had all the old Cabinet and former Ministers to seek advice and find out what really happened during the time of Mrs Thatcher in office then changing Europe - and now we have a second Female as PM of Britain what is about to take place and events. We listened to President Obama speech at Dallas last night the role of policing in USA. In Britain since the referendum the undercurrent and animosity against the polish people in Britain - the mass media what they have implanted in their mind what they have come to believe. Europe and the world is in very grave danger/humanity, the need to go back in time find out what really happenned in Vienna about the time of the Pope election and the real why Pope John Paul ll was elected not by the Cardinals directly - this is not blasphemy - they were inspired. The world will then grasp their were other powerful forces at work, it will serve heal the bitter and hateful rift between the Christian and the Muslims nation. That for have driven much of then early and later Europe rebuilding and then the politician invented and build their own argument and evidences. In adding that video slide of the Cross - those who will say it is not public friendly or spreading animosity - the vast global population who use and apply that infernal mechanism ought to go out of their way to understand the meaning and functioning of the Cross and at that Cross of that dimension. Because of the massive misinformation - the political situation in former East Europe today. The political situation in the Gulf Region and the refugees mass exodus to Europe. Had we the space would have covered this home page with the very important Cross.                                                                                                                    13/7/16

Mr Gerard Hoareau Vatican priest Education - Academic study

Would he have dream, envisage our nation and a Seychellois would contribute to the building of St Peter Basilica replica in Africa. The new Opus Dei HQ in - USA, the rebuilding of one of the most famous Cathedral in Germany, the return Christianity and Orthodox religion back in former East Europe and Soviet Union, enable 250,000 East Europe Jews to Migrate and very many other important Interfaith global issues. In Sechelles Seychelles the rebuilding of many Old Churches and new ones. That SIROP Program 

Above is a picture of one of those many political protest/demonstration outside our old High Commission Conduit Str-London 1980's - Against Communist, Tyrannical, One Party system - Regime . They fought the West War, they led and fought one of the most fiercest battle in the Indian Ocean - Africa, their unique - historic contribution to changing the Communist system and Regional Indian Ocean Standoff between the East/Communist and the West, their Military, economic, politic - ideology. Today those 21,000 Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugees have completely lost the country they had call and known as Home, what they fought for, the very great number of Human lives lost/sacrificed, Blood shed across the world in the process, those involved - Today other Nations have taken over their Home and Country and their belief - faith, Culture - social values. Seychelles is moving in the direction of former Yugoslavia, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia. The regional and outside Powers involved - the United Nation, African Union, the European Union, Arab League, Commonwealth and Francophone. The International Communities, Institutions, media and Judiciary call this Democracy, Justice, Freedom, Equality and Progress. ( This video was posted Facebook 28.2.15 and we kindly re -posting it here)

We have been trying to add a picture of Angers - Loire, the Austrian/Vienna and France llluminati, archaic ancestral links, where in 1990 we took those three suitcase for safe keeping, one - the very old suitcase of the Epstine/Beloff family containing the SIROP program, documents, photos - not intending to return to England, to work the issues of that SIROP program from/in France. "The involvement use and abuse of that infernal antisocial mechanism, then satanic rage/rave today, criminal practice. Those who knowingly abuse it even if the police have been informed and will not stop until some thing terrible happen. The objective to be nasty, destabilize our person and environment- those who use such nerds/criminal in England". In the process they think they are super clever. Those same mad/crazy mentality which led to the Gulf War, 1991. In 1989 the issues which led to Depardieu buying the Château de Tigné in Angers. Our Gerard Hoareau monastic education and archaic workings. l'Association des amis Mahé de La Bourdonnais in Angers - Loire.

Former Ministers, 1st President of Sechelles Seychelles, Officials, Executives from the Seychelles Democratic party, former SNM/MPR activist and Executive addressing rally after political change and return from exile 1991/92. (19/9/2014) We cannot afford the person /wife like President F Hollande or former President JR Mancham wife - media abilities - his recent book, have edited and added some of the prominent personalities involved slide - we cleared that SIROP program with before presenting it to the world. We would have like a half decent picture of the SNM/MPR Executives - those who supported that Program. We have also misplaced the historic picture of President F Mitterrand and his Wife to Seychelles to coincide with the acceptance of that SIROP program by Seychelles High Parties and the important support of the French Government, Institutions and very many leading personalities in France. The need to mention we also shared the contents and working of the SIROP program with some of the leading Merchants Families - We appreciate and understand clearly the issues of exclusion and omitting individual and personalities when they have played crucial and important part/role, < perhaps we are not being plain- we knew of the Illuminati and Masonic, Fraternal, Templar and Heraldic workings of Seychelles/Mauritius/Reunion - the Indian Ocean - Franco Communities, the way they work, communicate and manage issues over the past 250/300 years in/during wars and conflicts, you do not need a Telephone, psychical person or letter to communicate > - the British Merchants/Business in then Seychelles - The Moulinier family, the Daddy Michel Family, The Parcou Family, the Richard Mancham Family Merchants, Harry Savy Merchant Business/Family, Jumeau Family, Mr Dawson Hoareau family, the Temoolji/Wadia, Pardiwalla, the Adam Moosa family, Chaka Brothers/Merchants, Mr Abey Valabjhi, Mr.K.D.Pillay Chez Deenu , Mr Kankilal Jivan, the Chetty/Gros Sammy Family merchants, the Dhanjee Family, the Mejhjee family, the Kim Koon Merchants, the Li Lam other Chinese Merchant Family Family (With due notice of Sir James Mancham many acquired decorations, honors and accolades - he was friend of the Shah or Iran and knows the Family reasonably well, their property in Seychelles then - for all of the world, his own and those who write History intellectualism - all the great Illuminati workings and International workings - everybody failed or chose, refuse to note/notice on top of that workings table we made 1986 in Kilburn- Brent, 87a Victoria Rd there is the picture of the young Shah, wife and Empress consort of Iran on their wedding day - why we had that picture there among other Royal of Europe - events, the offspring and this Royal Family today - the world just gap back at us- those who study and monitor certain high workings/discipline, she was/her their picture was present/witnessed as for weeks and months fought with the many ideas, possibilities, draft and propositions for that SIROP historic Program and many important events - very many in Britain, Europe and USA knew what the issues were. We want to ask Sir James why does he choose to ignore this important issues along with many of his associates - the diplomatic world workings. {Mr Billy Mancham, his Brother's wife is Iranian and the children} We monitored the issues and the tragic events and what the world refused to write - they were associated with that SIROP program - why in any science and high discipline when you become involved and they fail or choose to ignore - there is a price to pay one must pay- accidents and death - had their been a UN, EU or National review of that Program - these are issues which would have had to be included and reported - on the other wall in the Living Room also had a picture of the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran - the issues of Satanic Verses by the author Salman Rushdie. President FA Rene and his government knew was aware of many of the associated issues and President J A Michel chose to ignore and forget them)

For a very long time we had been asking how best to address/present these issues 1991, the issues of our greater EU and global exile/refugee, EU Community Heritage, Heraldic, coat of Arms - the better educated in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Holland who understand this approach - mannerism of working thing out and we the Old Seychellois , younger generation who have been brought by to work - working things out based upon such working - yet in the USA, from the White House occupants, those who pretend they are utterly blind, ignorant and completely unaware of such working. We will add the Wikipedia link of a Bridge too Far the Book and the Movie - the Press, importantly related with/to that SIROP Program.

Every Nation they, have associated science which serve to guide and indicate a great moment past, present or future to come - in the case of that SIROP program there were several. We had linked our exile/refugee program to some highly important issues of South Tirol separatist - North Italy on account of our not just ancient French but Sechelles Seychelles Illuminati workings, Individual like/such as Mr Silvio Manaigo using a crutch to get about and handicapped brought important changes to South Tirol - those who knew and remembers the issues. Events, most important the discovery, of Ötzi the Ice Man. Paleontology working, his knowledge, belief and existence - Our returning exile Executives efforts to change Seychelles, the first moment - euphoria, political party setup/mergers, the Constitutional referendum, changes and Presidential elections - results, subsequent Presidential election J A Michel, and national elections the outcome and the Presidential election in 2016.

Those who represent, manage, work and study the issues of Cross - the question why an Irish Cross on our Sechelles Seychelles Exile portal. Why in the first place the British Establishment, Intelligence, politicians landed us in Kilburn - Brent 1985 a very Irish Bastion where we wrote that SIROP program. (There was a special reason we had landed there)

We had been working several years in the Alsace Region, further south Lyon, our then Seychellois Friends and further south Monaco and the rest.

Our person had departed from changing our nation/country by Military force. We add this Cross here to remind everybody what it entails and the consequences.

The Malgrés-Nous Monument/Cross (French for 'against our will'). The important reason we got involved in the deciding issues of/for the European Parliament being in Strasbourg - Alsace and the Human Rights Court/Institutions. Those in Seychelles who hold no respect for such high workings - safe their own interests. . Many Franco Seychellois Families originated from Alsace Region.

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