It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

We took this picture 2/1/2014 Vienna -What/those, who had inspired us to write that original COI concept. The Important motivation to put together that SIROP Program 1987 - (we had been given four posters one of the Musikverein,  note the difference between the Vienna Opera and Insbruck, Schonbrunn palace by Austrian tourist Office London and was on the wall of our place until 1991 - note Herbert Von Karajan conducted the 1987 New year' s concert - that SIROP program impact) - Pan-European Picnic 1989,   the Berlin Wall still stood, the USSR, COMECON - Warsaw Pact,  24 years ago. The suitcases  in Angers-Loire/Vienna Illuminati high connections.

  • My family spend first night in Austria in exile from seychelles 17/6/76
    My family spend first night in Austria in exile from seychelles 17/6/76

The president of the Republic must stop taking credits for others hard work - the decision for President FA Rene to build that Bus Station and the many input of that SIROP program and our greater Seychelles EU Community workings - the very many then alive in Seychelles. 




(proto/mockup site

We have waited some 7 years since the 3rd Republic beside the exile, the many who have re-discovered their wealth and affluence, the very important role a bicameral Parliament will play/be and contribute in Seychelles democracy and the region - yet the lack of progress and drive. We have initiated this site to drive, educate and encourage this important next step in our democratic and social progress,

Musiques pour célébrer Octobre 2012 -We had not been in Angers - Loire for 21 years, this Historic visit. The person born there music preference is Heavy metal and hard rock - we do listen to them. However to support and keep peace in our self - these are the music that inspired us in the process of setting, editing and rebuilding the SIROP issues on the web. 10/02/13
One of the most important  working dynamic of/with that SIROP program in the face of then Global Communist 1976/1991 - then Sechelles Seychelles to be able to draw upon the rich heritage and history, culture of the 21,000 exile/refugees - their ancestors of French, Mauritius, Reunion, French India Union, South Africa, French  Indo China - Quebec,  New France, French America and their entity in Australia - including the core workings of then Europe and the Christian faith - hence the heraldic images here. 

Having added the picture of the young seminarian/priest Mr Gerard Hoareau - had wanted to add a picture of Bishop Felix Paul and his role/contributions, instead the Caritas Sechelles Seychelles which he founded with others. (The photos is property of Regina Mundi/seychelles college Facebook)

We had/experienced a very bitter statement in Vienna - 7/1/14, Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann  tragedy, fate and treatment. We had not wish to address the important role/issues Bishop Felix Paul had/have played in that SIROP program conception, we had been in contact, what the media and public do not know, what President FA Rene/SPPF knew and kept quiet, his appointment in the first place - we are human.

It would seem this is question - be it a military option, we all knew it required the participation of the Churches, Catholic, Church of England, Adventist, Jehovah Witness, other small Christian group. In Seychelles we all know how the Churches functioned/worked. Before agreeing to support this Program Bishop Felix Paul must have referred with Vatican, Regional Catholic workings, the many Catholic priests and Officials, our Exile/Refugee Catholic communities across the world including the USA, the inhabitants and underground Oppositions factions. The Cabinet Officials, SPPF, Police and Army. Then NGO's and Diplomatic Corp. Beside Vatican many important institutions and excellent Intelligence Service. The Catholic Diocese of Victoria records. (For the record - we had made it a point to refer them the issues, enlist  the support of the Swiss Capuchine Order, the former White/Canadian Brothers and the former Clunny Nuns of  Regina Mundi Convent for this Program)

Bishop Félix Paul

Letter by Bishop F Paul

Seychelles Nation 11th February, 1982

December 02, 1986 - Pope John Paul ll visit

Pope John Paul ll - NYT article

The Church-State Co-ordination Committee

Island bishop slams marxists

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada


The first and only Seychellois 

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (Indian Ocean Chapter) 

Bishop, Felix Paul

The History of “Regina Mundi” by Julien Durup

Launching of SIFCO (Seychelles Inter-Faith Council)

Apostolic Nunciature to Great Britain

Vatican Embassy in United Kingdom

The Forum - BBC World Service  - President FA Rene

February 22, 2012 at 12:19pm

(Former Priest - incorrect Wikipedia info)

Seychelles Since 1770 

This SIROP was refereedsupported by them - correspondence. Sechelles Seychelles, France, Britain and others workings. There were five major orders formed in the Holy Land and in the middle east between the late 11th century and the early 12th century: the Knights of the  Holy Sepulcher (circa 1099), Knights Templar (circa 1118), Knights Hospitaller (circa 1099) (St John), Knights of the Hospital of St Mary of Jerusalem (Teutonic Knights) and Knights of St Lazarus.

1994 John Smith then Leader of the Labour party lost his life over that SIROP program - associated issues

Given the mega public outrage of the last EU Election 2014 and the Global economic meltdown have added the picture and issues of then King Boudouin of Belgium after 1991 and that SIROP program he was killed over it. 

In view of fast Historic Europe development have added a picture of General Franco of Spain - important aspects of the core issues of that SIROP program - commitments of those in Spain - in the face Europe and International community corrupted benchmark pretended those highly important issues never existed - what we have addressed of the mechanism build in that SIROP program and High  accountability - had there been a court case or Review it would have been addressed - what the media and public misunderstood about Spain Royal Family and friendship to Prince Charles and his then Family - that SIROP Program. . 

Upon the Historic occasion of Poland General Jaruzelski death and burial 30/5/14, adding a link to SRN4 Hovercraft Princess Margaret Departing Dover -Calais, the journey we took in 1990 to Paris onto  Angers - Loire that Historic December - with the view of not returning to Britain, with a mother awaiting of Mauritius origin and those three infamous suitcases and its contents that SIROP program - including Lord Beloff sister's old suitcase which must have come from the continent - two others, we had purchased at Selfridges Red and Grey. 

25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall - Strasbourg, Human Rights Court garden. .

Many will ask why/what for, His famous speech those who accused us of Nazi from the exile/refugee leadership, events the SNM/MPR Assassination, In 1986 Dr Kurt Waldheim was elected President of Austria - those who had asked/requested that December 1985 to do something/take up the cross of the Assassinated SNM/MPR Leader Mr Gerard Hoareau - events. The important role of both German President  Richard von Weizsäcker and Dr Kurt Waldheim in that SIROP program. (UN secretary General   Javier Pérez de Cuéllar ) knew, gave his consent  - was informed by Dr Kurt Waldheim. Later other important personalities 

How many remembers the year 1986, the option was still open to change Seychelles by Military force - then President Reagan - we came across this great picture of later General Colin Powell - the very important reason for his appointments - later issues and that SIROP program. 



 Le Mouvement Emmaüs est né en novembre 1949 par la rencontre d'hommes ayant pris conscience de leurs situations privilégiées et de leurs responsabilités sociales devant l'injustice, et d'hommes qui ne possédaient plus de raison de vivre. 16/2/2016

Seychelles College and Regina Mundi Monument 12/5/2016

Sir George Souyave played a key role, high responsibility in that SIROP program, upon his demise this responsibility befall Prof Dr Dentist Jose Souyave - we dedicate this Monument to him and his Service for his Country. 

A very distinguish former student of Seychelles College and SDA School Mr Gervais Appave in the global migration working. Another very interesting student is the current Earl  of Oxford and Asquith - his late father then Governor of Seychelles his love for that terrible nation and Family devotion - that SIROP program. 

We wish to dedicate this song to those out there who believe. The Irish instruments. 

Having address the topic of those high parties in Austria who knew our colonial and Cold War issues - after leaving Seychelles for exile 1976. The impact on my life. Most leading world university have a Department to support Student in Crises and our Privileged to have had the opportunity to work our Colonial past, Seychelles Franco/British culture and our so call political reality with one of Salzburg leading Professor  - this is a service they lack at the Seychelles University. Today's Europe 2015 major refugee/exile crises.  Those responsible, required to deal with the aftermath. 

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"The notion of exile/refugees is nothing new to us - our European ancestors civilization - who fled Europe, the Wars, Revolution and persecution, 450 years ago their rich History, values, their very rich heritage, belief, wisdom which was passed on and our generation. The institutions they develope and put into place. Those who seek such responsibility to lead their respective generation and rebuild their world"  -  The French Revolution: Ideas and Ideologies | History Today
American and French Revolutions: The Ideological Legacies                                                  edited 5/2/15
SIROP - Is a historic International voluntary repatriation  program initiated 1986,  started in 1987 for the exile/refugees from Sechelles Seychelles involving several then exile political factions. For the exiles/refugees to return  to Seychelles a very important economic Plan/package amounting to $500 - $800 millions, was required of them from the government of  President F A Rene  to  allow the return of Multi Party. This historic program is still being implemented today gross worth $4.5 billions. (The involvement of the UN, EU, BRICS, Gulf Region, the COI, RIM Associations,  SIF,  AU, USA, Francophone, Commonwealth, NATO, the Vatican,  Interfaith Networks and global NGO's, Scandinavia Nations, Asean Economic community)

"The difference between the net worth and gross . The many request/demand to the international community, be they the UN, EU, AU to carry an audit of that historic program.(We have added two links to Ethiopia Famine debacles) Twenty nine years on the important changes in world economy working  - the necessity to update the many aspects and components to today economic reality and next 10/15 years. To note the government Chartered Accountant and Auditor, the Firm KPMG had been involved -beside similar Firms in the original Planning and Engineering. It is highly relevant and necessary to address the facts that these firms had a very crucial role to play in the global economic and financial meltdown of 2007/8. Without that SIROP program there would be no Seychelles University - those who manage this Institutions - the important British and French Affiliations, compared to other nations, the involvement of their undergraduate in debating and researching, dissecting  such very important national topic, this is not the case in Seychelles  reflecting the utterly abnormal, corrupted and dishonest  global practice -standard." Seychelles government and the ruling Party taking all the credit and Inventing/fabricating Seychelles economic success - with the International community applauding it, supporting. 

Between 1991 to 2012 only 300 exile/refugees have returned. In their place some 27,000 foreigners have gone to settle in Seychelles,  Taken over their Rights - none of the many political parties ever raised the massive disparity and massive corruption related safe Mr Christopher Gill's Party and Mr Ralph Volcer ex Party leader and Editor,  at just Seychelles level. The national media Blanket over this Historic Program. 

In 2012, there are some 21,000 - 25,000 exile, refugees  from Sechelles Seychelles across the world  since 1976, beginning with then President James  R Mancham government.

For the past 36 years the Political, ideological, Cultural  and Ethnic cleansing which took place in Sechelles Seychelles from 1977 - the International communities, UN Institutions in particular their role, because we have a small population 90,000 and do not have the political clout to address the issues to the world hence our fate.

Under UNHCR 2012 statistic there are only four refugees from Seychelles. 

In Mauritius December 2014 and the Francophone Election, there has been a real political Tsunami - linked to that program and Sir Anerood Jugnauth back as PM - he was the PM then 1987/88 SIROP issues - Mauritius, Reunion,  BIOT, South Africa, Comor, Madagascar, Zanzibar, (Sri Lanka, Maldive),  later his Officials even as President of Mauritius he denied everything the collateral fallout. We judge it important to add Pictures of Hall of Mirror, the garden & Louvre. 
  • The Hall of mirrors Verseilles 1985/86, then cold war, the Indian ocean French and Europe/world ancestral workings
    The Hall of mirrors Verseilles 1985/86, then cold war, the Indian ocean French and Europe/world ancestral workings
  • The associated archaic issue with Hampton Court 1985/86
    The associated archaic issue with Hampton Court 1985/86
  • schonbrunn palace our Austrian/French archaic workings in that SIROP 1986/7 program.
    schonbrunn palace our Austrian/French archaic workings in that SIROP 1986/7 program.
  • 1991, the years FA Rene announced return of Multiparty in Seychelles
    1991, the years FA Rene announced return of Multiparty in Seychelles
  • Very important archaic Russia/French working in the Perestroika and SIROP program.
    Very important archaic Russia/French working in the Perestroika and SIROP program.
  • Schloss Herrenchiemsee
    Schloss Herrenchiemsee
  • The constitutional debate and 3rd Republic of Seychelles - that SIROP Prog.
    The constitutional debate and 3rd Republic of Seychelles - that SIROP Prog.

We could get into big trouble - however, given that EU is standing on its Head 14/9/15,  have dug the archives and decided to add the historic pictures of Versailles 1st Francophone Conference (copy writes) and the Introduction of the SIROP program to FA Rene and his Communist/One party system, the USSR, China, the OAU 1986, the dynamic which that program provided to President F Mitterrand - his Officials to call that Conference, those in Britain - Lady Thatcher,those at the Vatican Pope John Paul ll Office and our Italian Illuminati /Masonic workings then those in USSR, Africa Francophone, the Indian Ocean - the Minister Jacques Hodoul and in 1987, Quebec, Canada attended by Minister Daniel De St Jorre - the mega work we had to undertake to convinced them and get them onboard. { Those who have gained some of France most important decoration, those Francophone African heads of States we had lobby for this Program attending, those who had wanted us to purchase a Castle in Paris/France at the Time} That Program was importantly powered/driven by our French ancestral/archaic/Illuminati workings.Along with very many important EU developments and my person was responsible for managing our part.  Those from Mauritius and Madagascar who attended and the utter liars they have turn. Their so call media and history experts. 

Important Court and Judiciary issues

After events in 1991, whereby our former place 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent was ransacked, everything stole/destroyed - we brought a Court case at the Royal Court of Justice, later Judicial Review -  for damages and compensation amounting to £21millions given the gravity, issues and importance of the program - the issues it had impacted. Involving some 6 leading law firms in Kent and London. Representation were made at the International Court of Justice,  the European Court of Justice and the UNHCR. Beside death threaths against our person. Several leading Human Rights Organizations were also involved.

A second case was started 1995 at Canterbury County Court for damages and theft and destroying of our Minuette 4 birth caravan renamed "Princess Diana"  - used as a place of prayer and the 1 bed mobile "Emperor" home/office, ex North West Holst construction/Societe General de Eaux of France, used in the construction of the Channel Tunnel after an earlier court case, against the owners of Caple Court Club in Caple le Fern for £79,000. The involvement of Kent Police - the threaths against our life. Again the European Court of Justice, the International Court of Justice, the UN,  UNHCR were involved, Seychelles, Mauritius, OAU and the Court and Human Rights in France and the French government. 

COMECON  and USSR changes,  the global economic meltdown 1995/96, reasons -

Everything which have been written about the core workings and founding of the greater Indian Ocean or RIM Association workings is not correct. It was after the Global meltdown in 1995/6 inspite of the COMECON and USSR change.Then President Bill Clinton - USA. we decided with certain principal parties in France and President F Mitterrand himself- then Seychelles of President FA Rene, his Officials, who had ask/wanted our Head on a tray given that that SIROP program had failed to deliver, to go ahead having put together that SIROP program as explained - to put the workings of the French East India in modern/currrent day workings - hence the birth of the RIM Association - we had used the same dynamics to research what became the COI. This Program had been betrayed - undermine by the Exile  political factions in Seychelles along with a very great numbers of leading international politicians, the media, institutions and highly corrupted multinational business interests - the big banks, the big five firm of chartered accountants involved. It was that same year, then French government to drive/buldoze  three very important Market issues from  the Indian Ocean prospective, the Mauritius, Seychelles and Palestine Stock Exchange, beside major  issues related , EU, the USA, South Africa and Asia. Ex President Mancham had just submited plan for his new residence  at Glacis sur Mer.

We have addressed the importance had we written, put in place that SIROP program in France how the COMECON, USSR and indeed many great recent world Historic events would have developed otherwise - very differently. Then President Francois Mitterrand - government and Officials, France Institutions - then France position in Europe, its Economy and the world before Germany Reunification. On the Occasion of the Consécration  of St Michel church - Anse aux Pins 29.9.13, we had attended Mass at the  Eglise Notre-Dame de Calais  and  église Saint-Pierre de Calais - we also gave the Priest the details of our EU Community portal and that SIROP program portal. Faith played a very important part, aspect, role  in  that exile/refugee historic return program. Given the very rich history of Calais - the wars, indeed its own population who fled, migrated - forced in exile - its notion of Faith  and belief. Under those two Historic church we have choose to add the link of  "the Channel Tunnel Project announced June 1987" - that SIROP program had been activated/initiated, then President F Mitterrand Government, high officials and France /Europe then Institutions.  The Transmanche region between Kent and Nord-Pas de Calais Economic Development. Those European Royal Family Heads - including Monaco, Austria and France, we had acquired their support for this program - we had shared the issues before the decision was taken - the due process. That SIROP program drove, synergize and impulsed those decisions and others. As such known disciplines use to verify this. Britain, France, Germany - Austria and Swiss leading construction companies with such expertise we had shared the issues/info. President FA Rene and his International and European Associates knew - were very aware of each of these issues and developments. Including a number of leading personalities and Officials of Vatican. We had shared - reviewed those information with them. There are those who take/believe this historic project was dreamt under the bed/table - we had shared the issues/options - reasons with then White House occupant, World Bank - then Dr Henry Kissinger role - 1987, many others, including then UN Secretary General

2014 - having written a great deal of those who played a very crucial role from Austria in putting together that SIROP program  - be they Dr Von Hapsburg associates, those from the Chancellor Kreisky government, those from the High Management Academy of Vienna University and then UNIDO 1987/88. When the Austrian government of Chancellor Kreisky debated and build that International Conference Center - they did so taking good note of Austria past role in Europe, the Warsaw Pact, the Middle East and Africa then Cold War. Historical economic development of the world the past 25 years. We believe Europe and the world is at an Economic juncture - the decision for the Austrian government to build that very unique and modern University of Vienna Campus - the very nature and complexities of its architecture - implying that Europe will have to redefine it Economic, Social  and Corporate workings if it is to survive, along with the rest of the world - addressing all the political parties in the Seychelles, regional COI and RIM Association, as well as our African Union workings - the requirement to fundamentally rethink current and future Economic, Corporate and Social development. In our important contribution to synergize, put in place that RIM Association 1995 onward,  the massive oppositions we have encountered particularly Britain and the USA - the future workings of the Indian Ocean Region. Important argument to rebuild - turn the OAU into African Union, those country future economic, corporate and Social development - including that Spain - Morocco African Railway associated Economic project.  

Ealing Town Hall - where in Summer 1987 Refugee Forum - AHRAG organized that Conference - the Venue, the lights. {We are going to add a link to the statement made by the African Union 31/1/14}

At three of four of our past and existing Community Forums addressed the issues of that historic conference of the Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee in Munich - organized by then Dr Maxime Ferrari - his political party/faction, then former Minister David Joubert DP faction, delegation from the SNM/delegation's, Executives, those from Australia led by Mr Robert Frichot and Seychelles - and I/my person had been elected to represent South East Mahe constituent. ( What we had not known the role of Mr/former Minister Andre Uzice and his relation with Dr Maxime Ferrari's  party.) Refer - Virtual Seychelles history it state's  1991, under Second Republic info,  this incident took place before Mr Philippe Boulle return to Sechelles Seychelles. Can others help. Quote -" The more prosperity the Seychelles government brought to the country the more vociferous its opponents overseas became. In 1991 opposition groups such as the ‘Seychelles Democratic Party’, the ‘Seychelles National Movement’, the ‘Seychelles Freedom Organisation’, the Rally of the People of Seychelles for Democracy”(RPSD)… and the ‘Crusade for Democracy” formed the “United Democratic Movement” in Munich. The “united” movement was divided from the start over the leadership issue and it was reported that some delegates walked out in protest."

Also involved were Executives of then UKSCA of which I had been the Chair Person and Founder. 

The person of former President James R Mancham and supporters  leading his Movement pour La Democracy

Leadership of the Alliance Movement/Party Mr Christopher Savy and Mr Lewis Betsey - what about the Conference of the Alliance in Hounslow - the old Porto Cabin, where the Punjab Mosque is today, what really took place at that conference those present - it was after the German Conference. {Had it been held at night  a fight would have broken out even beaten or worse, the anger raging then among our respective exile communities - those who had been completely unable to come up with an alternative after Mr Gerrard Hoareau the SNM/MPR Assassination- when we/I did - events. Those who had demanded I take very strong action. }

The more affluent Seychellois exile, they would meet at Cumberland Hotel - by Marble Arch - the great Bar atmosphere, the Intercontinental, the Hilton, St James Hotel, the Meridian Hotel one of our favorite,  with their European and other counterparts. We had a number of special places, including Harrods restaurant,  we would go/meet acquaintance and others over that SIROP program - depending the issues and personalities.  In Paris, it was the Coco de Mer, the Frichot Family on Bouleverd St Marcel. 

The factions of DP - former Minister David Joubert, SNM/MPR and Minister/Mr Uzice had their place of meeting and "watering hole" the DP use to meet at the Hounlow Central station Pub Lord something, the SNM/MPR met at the Half Way House and some of  Mr/Minister Uzice at the Pub junction by Hounslow East/Bus Terminal. Depending whom you knew - those who took too discussing all our political issues and the community. Beside  North London - the Queen Pub,  Mr Brian Lebon Community - they also talked a great deal about our greater political affairs and that Munich Conference. Beside other quieter Pub/places of meetings. Mr Peter Payet - his father Mr Dan Payet MP,  also had their place of meeting. Mr Ben Choppy own place for a while, North London the nice Restaurant the Community had for  a while. Over a meal and drink what would be discussed, argued and debated. 

What about the Dances - social Evenings and Disco's Events - those who took to organizing then, their respective political factions, Families and Supporters - what we/was discussed and fought over including the Ladies who took to fighting over political issues - divergences.That Munich comference. 

The greater objective to take over - bluntly put hijack that Program from my person with the support of USA, and others - what everybody choose to forget, it had been my person who had fought/argued with Mr Gerrard Hoareau Leader of SNM/MPR. that we ought not to hold any major conference in London but  Germany,  because of the political situation in London/Britain - British politic towards the exile/refugee {Many knew we are being used and abused, events in then former COMECON, the USSR - the Cold War and the Indian ocean BIOT - Diego Garcia debacles,  for their politic and ends and the British media, the exile/underground Movements of several of those former East Europe in London, Paris and Vienna - the Germans had been more supportive - understanding, I had traveled to Germany and had had meting with NGO's and their support for this Program. Those German Politicians we/I had been in indirect contact form the Austria/Vienna days/debacles.} 

I decided to go on the offensive, requested meeting with the Canadian, South African, Australian, French,  USA, Russian, Italian, Indian. German and Austrian  and Vatican Office, Embassy in London to protest. 

I/we held a number of small meetings with Refugee Forum - AHRAG (Pan African congress Representatives in London) British Refugee Council, NCVO, a number of Ethnic and Refugees Group in London including the faction led by Dr  Graft Johnson former vice president of Ghana - his view - advice and those from the Tamil exile in London. Including Solidnarnos. 

It was then that Mr Ronny Moodley - parents of South African, decided to organize a very historic and large conference in Ealing Town Hall - for the first time we were given the opportunity to use their largest conference and debating Room - the list and names of all those who attended and the respective agenda. Then ANC and its Leadership - it was not Madiba Nelson Mandela and the Pan African congress underground in London. 

Individual like Robert Maxwell knew/were aware, the Earl of Oxford, the Scott MP Sir Fairbain, then Mr Niel Kinnock, then Ken Livingstone and GLC debacles, some of the Liberal leading politicians then. Beside then Mrs Thatcher and her Cabinet. The Intelligence Service and Met Police. 

That SIROP Program had been the major cause of talk, beside many other important refugee , ethnic, Grass roots and legislation issues. 

I had extended the invitation to Mrs kathleen Pillay, Mr Phillippe Boulle and a few from the UKSCA executive including Mr and Mrs Paul and Mary Stravens, Mr Paul Chow himself, Mr Terry Sandapin, then Mr Ralph Hoareau, Mr Alan Hoareau, Mr Ralph Volcer and Mr Joe Horner.  supporter of Minister David Joubert Faction and Sir James Mancham. ( A very great deal the Seychellois did not know have been publish and debated on Facebook - those who attended/took part in the Historic German conference - your duty to explain  and post some pictures - tell the world what happened as you demand accountability from FA Rene and JA Michel.) 

Talking about accountability, President FA Rene, close associates, former President Mancham and former Ministers had been well aware we had done our research and sum up, had the ability - the USA, NATO, Allies combined Budget to fight Communist. Including Space Defense Program. The Trade of then Communist Countries, multinational  big business, like wise finance - not just the Indian Ocean, then COMECON, Russia its satellite countries, the mega privatization agenda in planning - who were those who would gain and loose importantly, the workings of the UN, the World bank and IMF  and other smaller institutions should that Program work - That SIROP budget $500 - $800 millions, was a micro do yet all those who opened their very very big eyes. Grabbing and taking over Communist Economic Territory, including Africa and the Gulf Region, the mega leverage/gearing Fiscal/Financial, market, Economic which had been put forward to make it possible - friends and people of Seychelles, suddenly it  was not about the fate and sufferings of the Small Seychellois nation. It was about very very big money and those who stood to make even much more. The details ought not to be difficult to find given the availability of today's information. All of the Oppositions in Seychelles who never quite understood and grasp the implications. (Wikipedia explanation on Political and Government corruption - we contributed to wikipedia project, beside other NGO's who monitor - work in these fields/science - including the Corruption Perceptions Index which is very one sided, inaccurate - leading and the cause of three major global meltdown the last in 2007/8. In spite of today's communication possibilities including in the Arab world, where in 1987 - they were extremely suppressed, censored along the same degree/level as in the Communist and One Party, Dictatorial Regime - Political and Government highly corrupted  system. This SIROP had impacted, synergy/dynamized changes in North Africa, Arab world, Gulf Region, Asia  repercussions. -  The paramount reasons for the "North Africa Spring" with only percentage of the real issues addressed - the utterly corrupted media and System/benchmark of the Western World)  2012 Symposium on the North Africa Spring -   The Arab Spring in North Africa .

We/I had taken pictures and the list of the participants, meetings - beside the police and British government would have pictures and notes,British Refugee Council NCVO and Refugee Forum other government Intelligence Services including Seychelles - then FA Rene.  These were some of the documentations we took to Angers - Loire for safe Keeping as backup and what were stolen /destroyed in the Flat 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn Brent. 

 We have/did address this platform is not the best - functionality. We have added a few pictures of the early days of Multiparty return in Sechelles Seychelles, those involved - the politicians. You all know there are many great historic pictures available - this is all we have for the moment. We would appreciate help from those of you who were there - thank you. 

We have addressed the issues of British High Commission decision to start a Business Incubator at SCCI and the important concern of the 21,000 exile/refugee and our diaspora treatment past 25 years in Britain, the massive manipulation. Two days later Nation publish a coverage of President JA Michel visit to all our Army Headquarter - images. From 1960's the relation between the Opposition Party - SPUP/later SPPF and today PL, the Cold War, War and struggle of/for  independence across the world - the OAU,  against Britain. In Cold War era - Sechelles Seychelles, was the Bastion/most important Indian Ocean partner for the USSR, Warsaw Pact, COMECON, China - Communist/Marxist Socialist workings . Then None Aligned Nation/Movement -  What it took to change this - not the USA and Britain. 

We are back in a Cold War - NATO decision to exclude Russia Federation from all Military and Civilian  workings/Corporation. Those who battled/fought to bring about this important change in COMECON and USSR - Berlin Wall and Germany Reunification events in China, Asia and Gulf Region and Latin America.  Seychelles have an important relation with the Russian Federation among other nations. It was  not NATO or the USA who changed the COMECON or the USSR or made it possible for Germany to reunify, certainly not Britain. The abolition of the Warsaw Pact. The highly important role played by Pope John Paull ll and the Vatican. (The want us to write we will do it) The new Europe and European Union and Enlargement. 

To point to the world, International Community - the terrible benchmark and very corrupted practice in place. it was that SIROP program and linking issues of changes in COMECON, USSR, the Berlin Wall, Germany Reunification and changes in Africa - Asia. The synergy/dynamic drove, catapulted that NCVO acquire the new building - venue they have as against the old place-office - we/the Sechelles - Seychelles community in Exile, Migrant and diaspora had worked importantly with them. The same apply to LVSC and the Resource center LVSC old Office. Most important Amnesty International in Islington - we worked with then and when I/we returned to Islington in 1997, started the many issues of our Seychelles Exile - that SIROP program, this dynamized/synergized the working of Amnesty International the decision to move to a modern and big office - across the Castle of Knight of St John and Jerusalem - Templar, one of the leading Law firm we have used for that SIROP program -  Kingsley Napley,  have their Office there - it use to be next to the US Embassy in London. The Law firm Binney and Binney recomanded by some Vienna/Austria business connection, Rifkin & Jenners merged and moved to Convent Garden not far from Africa Center - we had also consulted  Mishcon de Reya later Princess Diana divorce lawyers among other law firms. The vast majority in Seychelles, the Region, Africa, Europe, Australia and the USA, Canada just do not grasp the dimension of working such issues in then Cold War, the terrible constraints - one was being constantly followed and watched, death threats - one had to be very very careful whom and which law firms one used, their connections and expertise. In case they betrayed and grassed - we were dealing with issues which NATO, the USA and other European Military High command, their Intelligence Service and best experts would have had to deal, confront and find solution - we were working on Changing the USSR, China, the OAU, Latin america, North Africa and Gulf Region Military and important political partners of then Seychelles, the mega Corporate connections. This was an International Voluntary repatriation Program - the respective view of the UN, their High Officials, the IMF/World Bank, the Francophone, the Commonwealth as they would a Repatriation backed by them on paper and voted/approved. We had to battle with the Vatican, Church of England, whole list of respective interests, those of South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola in particular, the Libya, then Iraq, Syria  and partner of then Seychelles, China, Cuba and those from Latin America, their military and Intelligence networks. What about Seychelles then super Irish connections.  What about the Fraternal, Illuminati and Masonic Establishment involvements.  - Everybody take it for granted today. Later the many law firms we use in Kent for the £21 million damage Court case.The consistent statement/affidavit for their internal working, the Royal Court of Justice, the European Court of Justice and the International Court of Justice, the House of Commons and the House of Lords and the Area Brighton Legal Aid Funding.   - which we had advised - Beside when we were forced to return to London 1997 and get rehoused - we had to explain what had happened, the many law firms we went to see and Finally Hopkin, Murrey and Beskin took our case we had to explain and they were all noted. At the time the issues of that announcement and financing of the Morocco Spain Tunnel - the Al Fayad Family  among many who knew the issues - what was going on.   We are adding this issues to prove/tell the world how those in Britain works and their media and the lies and the super corruption - how things are done and how they take the credit - on the back of others hard work. Beside this three Voluntary and Leading NGO projects there are very many such building and other projects have benefited. The same applies to the process across Old Europe until 1991, the old NGO and Voluntary Networks and workings, Resources and Office, the emphasis of the European Union, Policy, Funding, debate at European Parliament working, World body like WANGO,  that of the United Nation, Vatican, other global Church denomination, the Commonwealth, the Francophone, OAU/AU, even the Arab League  {USA President Obama himself come from this Sector Workings - his very Presidential election} events and development in the NGO and voluntary sector in  former East Europe and COMECON  countries after enlargement, the new politic and policy of the big multinational for NGO and Voluntary Sector, Philanthropic, Benevolent  after 1991. The same process in Canada, Quebec, the USA, Latin america and Australia. This highly important world process influenced Bill Gate Window - philosophy, Computer Science, Communication, and Linux development, beside the Forest of Social Platforms and Networks - yet everybody stance and the highly corrupted media. This is the same benchmark they want to bring back to Seychelles via that Business Incubation -, the issues of Cable and Wireless,  for this reason we vetoed the purchase of St Anne Island by Virgin Group.  Their utter lies -  they changed Seychelles One party System. 

Unlike Mauritius today - old Sechelles Seychelles belief and education System - those  Franco Seychellois who entrusted the Church with the Education of their children as did their ancestors In Seychelles some 125 years ago  Order of Friars Minor Capuchin and later the Brothers of Christian Instruction Seychelles College. We had foreseen that just the Seychellois exile/refugees promoting the Repatriation program of SIROP would not be enough/adequate  and how we went about to acquire their support, advice, prayers  and help. Given they had been involved  and contributed to many aspects of our Colonial Development.  Their support and help were very important, how the Church work when they decided to help and become involved - those in Vatican how knew of the issues. They had also been aware of the cross linking issues. These are important fundamental part of the SIROP program - Sir James Mancham failed/refused to mention, address these  upon his and other exiles return. 

For the past 25/30 years have been writing, telling the world we have a very large Sechelles Seychelles exile, Diaspora, migrant Community, Communities in Australia some say they number 25,000 - 32,000 strong. The significant role, they played and contribution to development, conception, accepting and working out that historic $500 -$800 million repatriation Program today worth three time this amount and many highly important events, issues. It has not been a one way street our global and Europe exile/refugees workings, how we have helped, contributed and impute in Australia, national economy, society and development the past 25 years and the important impacts - what the media do not write. What we have addressed to the UN many Institutions, the EU, the Vatican, World Justice Institutions, very many European governments and Canada, the USA,  that we have had a very raw deal. In Seychelles over the past 20 years the many churches renovated and rebuild on the back of that Historic program. Had we not prayed there would not have been a multiparty Return - the Communist bastion would have still existed. As of 2014,on the super National Forum in Seychelles, instead of the Senate parliament project,  we have the Catholic Church as important participant. Between 2013 to December 2014, the many churches we visited in Europe and prayed - specially France. We also have a Presidential election in June - whatever the outcome we need to pray. We have as a results requested in writing that the Paneuropean Union re - engage in their commitment and support for our cause. The above Church is in Victoria, Australia, the important history associated with the Franco Seychellois families and interesting for those who do not know or should know better, the daughter of King Gustaf  of Sweden - Crown Princess Victoria's name - that historic SIROP Program. . 

Historic Sechelles Seychelles German speaking nations, economic, culture and geopolitical relation past 150 years. 

It is not possible to write a specific article here so we have written the article at our Seychelles Senate Forum and linked it here. 


Praslin Island component of that SIROP  Program 1986/87, This is the  second time we are reminded to write the Praslin aspect of that Program however those who opposed that we linked,  write about this topic. Those families, society,   their politic, economy and history prior to independence in fact issue impacting my going into exile 1976, the Police Training Academy on Praslin, Deputy Commissioner Jame Pillay    It would have been better to create a separate page - we may do this at a later stage. Like the main Island those who wanted a breakaway/ separation  and later in exile those who took up thiidea influenced by the colorful historic of ( the duc de Praslin ) - Again in exile individual like Minister David Joubert, Mr Dan Payet Family, the D'unienville family and others . How many remember Captain Hunter on Praslin,   In 1966 Captain Hunter who was a high official at the Port Authority,  Also the German Captain Jumpelt,   the Adventist Church on Praslin the Mauritian/Pastor  Family who build it, the Green Family, two son and daughter,  they were Teacher. The Adam Family, D'offay Family, Pera Family, the Choelo Family, the Lablache Family, the Straven Family, the Collie Family, Ferrari Family, Dyer Family, De Chermon family, Barallon Family, Albest Family, the Grandcourt Family,  We will come back and list - the couple who ran the Scout and Guide  in Seychelles Vel family. The Italian Community on Praslin, The Albert family, very many more. We are linking a brief Nation history of Praslin 

In as much it is a great historic moment to have the visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, political and economic situation development raise the question in the media none of the Opposition are visible or representation of the Seychelles Exile/refugees in the official s photos - not that we have seen or know of. . The History, development Regional  and National which have impacted our Nation  and the nation region under the past five UN Secretary General since the inception of that SIROP program. Not to forget the call of an International review/report. We have decided to add a picture of the serving UN  Secretary General U Thant, prior to Dr Kurt Waldheim, our political process, the political parties formation - those old political entities/colonial era - very important the model those in Seychelles were developing for a Unilateral Independence to avert the mega mess which ensued, the coup d'etat and 15 years one Party system - Communist Regime and Central government - the terrible oppression and sufferings, death. The formation of our exile/refugees politic and movements in exile/across the world - having stated this tragic life experience was not new to our founding fathers - some of them had been forced in exile from France or had gone into self exile, Reunion, Mauritius and Seychelles. ("Why in the first place we had received so much support from the Austrian in writing and researching the Project by UNIDO/World Bank Vienna, later the COI and their important contribution in that SIROP program then President Kurt Waldheim, Chancellor Dr Bruno Kreisky, the Austrian Cardinal beside UNIDO - WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Theresianum, Dr Otto Von Hapsburg - in London those who did not know and adopted a very negative attitude/position. ") Much more important what we have been stressing for the past 15 years those involved who had foreseen the changing role of world geopolitics when the Cold War would end, our nation unique role, much more unlike the USA, whereby the Caribbean nations get their dynamic/drive - the Indian Ocean nations have been driving Africa - unique role to change the OAU to AU and then choice and role of President Qaddafi. Again the Austrian Connection, beside France -Italy - Spain, South Africa, those German entities involvement .Those high officials of Russia, China and supporting high personalities from the EU.  The mega dishonesty by some. ( The very brief above addressed - on this historic occasion to say it very clear to President J A Michel and the SPPF/PL, the Seychellois Nation,  we the exile/refugees sacrificed a very great deal on the Alter for democracy - so that you could become the next Head of state - the resolve this requires,  no Illuminati, Masonic or Christian Institution will ever dare to challenge this statement. It is a prerequisite to enable us to know where we stand  and where we are going.) Talking of Coco de Mer, dear UN Secretary General - Ban Ki-Moon. 

Not just on account of that SIROP program, we have been involved and made impute in all three major Nuclear Treaty/Disarmament thematic - then we have UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Position upon that historic visit. 

Helmut Hohl, Chancellor who reunited a divided Germany dies at 87

This event is of paramount importance and those who have loaded a malware that we cannot use our News feed hence will try and post this here. 

Totenmesse für den Altkanzler

Hommage à Helmut Kohl : les moments forts des discours des chefs d'Etat au Parlement


We got to watch the first program from Strasbourg via RT TV  however cannot locate the thread it was posted on Facebook - we have listened to the many speeches and statements - at first got uptight meaning grave concern at the disparity, gaps of those who presented their views of former chancellor Kohl - this important event was played out in the building of the European parliament - not once was that SIROP program mentioned or hinted  and yet - what if we broke the rules and shock the world and publish other topic the world do not know - the importance and relevancy of that SIROP program it was  not Chancellor Kohl who concepted that program and managed it - it was my person and as such my responsibility in managing many events and aspect of then changing Europe, help advice those high personalities, their policies and politics  and help put in place individual who could managed these important development - yet what has been written as history - all of those present are accountable to the citizen of Europe and other institutions. We noted PM May and PM John Major, we did not see Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder 

LIVE - Trauerzeremonien für den ehemaligen Bundeskanzler Kohl in Speyer


Again we listened to the function and listened  to the Mass - it is disgusting that God's Servants comport this way they lied, what really took place when Pope John Paul ll was alive and later Pope Benedict , those just because they are the media taking upon themselves to garbage the world and garbage people. We could have said worse things - this is the utter dishonesty that will destroy Europe  and those who ought to know our contributions knowing what we know recently to help save the mega mess in Europe.