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President James Alix Michel and the First Lady Mrs. Natalie Michel have started divorce proceedings by mutual consent.

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October 22, 2013 -- The Office of the President has announced that President James Alix Michel and the First Lady Mrs. Natalie Michel have started divorce proceedings by mutual consent.


President Michel and Mrs. Michel have asked the public to respect their privacy.

Source - Le Seychellois Hebdo

The First Lady of the Republic of Seychelles

(The Pothin Family Genealogy on Praslin and Mahe)

Up Close … with Seychelles 'First Lady Natalie Michel

Note - Miss Natali Pothin was  married 16th of July 2005,  then Minister J A Michel responsible for Finance - the historic catastroph which had devastated the Indian Ocean, the earthquake and tsunami of 2004/5, over 280, 000 lives had perished ( large number of prettry young female) over $100 billion in economic devastation and Sechelles Seychelles Devastation amounted to $30 millions,   the very amount  which had gone missing in the Loan from Japan we had been involved that Seychelles government acquired. . 

The real issue and the so call experts - that Earth quake and Tsunami came about after we hade visited Sechelles Seychelles in 2004 and contacted President FA Rene lawyer, Another prominent laywer in Premier  Building to work out the payment FA Rene, Sepec and others owned my person /company - Mondo Trading Ltd registered at Harley Str, London.  Come December President FA Rene and Sepec among others went back on their words - I/we decided to address certain high ranking illuminati in London and what was undertaken - next we had that mega earthquake and Tsunami. 

Part of the mechanism /workings was the Gulf Jumeriah mega reclamation project on the back of that SIROP/heraldric production  - Merchandising, we had set up in Headcorn. We had invoiced them and the construction company $2 million.  We had raise Invoice amounting to some $15 million total. (the details at Mondo shop/La Maison de Seychelles site) Very many of President FA Rene Associates had benifited. (The British, French, Italian and Mauritius Illuminati were resonably informed/in the know and the big construction companied like Beatty Balfour, Richard Costain and Mc Alpine - the Jumeriah Contracts. )

Since President JA Michel coming to Office the many aspect and specific projects of that SIROP program his government/Office have implimented and taken credits for and the Seychelles exile/refugee totaly marginalized

I/we had  discussion with my sibling Mr Horry Edmond and Mr Ti Marc Didon beside Mahe - he had agreed that they could produce and supply blank wood shield for the Merchandising business for export from Praslin - why he lost his life in the end. 

Mondo Line Merchandising page


Since President JA Michel taking Office have had a great deal of "Rags" thrown at our person - the intensity on occasion - When we were young and indeed youth all those who took to stealing our girlfriend the constant battle/fight. As if we had no rights to have a skirty friend. When we got married again how we were careful never discussing with her whiles we were courting at the SDA pastor's House Bel Air what we/I thought of my many boys/male friends - they would steal/nick and abscond with her, it was a game/very crazy and those adults and very serious individuals who instigated such approach and demarche - she was too daft as they say for me to explain all these crap - so we kept quiet  and What took place - events.

Radio Seychelles would then wind us with "Quelle malheur si papa savait sa " or John Whirtz many crazy songs and others - the workers and the Nans use to sing along. The feeling were not funny - with my very special Salzburg/Austria  University Consultant related/discuses the many complex psychological disadvantage and advantage. Hence we use to run/chase every skirt we fancied in Vienna and Salaburg after wards. Dr Maxime Ferrari and others knew and were aware.

Why are we saying these - when we were going through our ordeal - landed several time at Mr Micheal Green Office and we shared the crap, the SPUP office those who knew us then Mr Philibert Louseau, Mr Peter Gill, Mr Puren, Mr Jumeau from East Africa, The Adam Moosa Family - crazy Sechelles Seychelles. Including then FA Rene personally and President Mancham Supermarket and all the Family Member, Mr Dawson Horeau. All the Hair dresser Saloon would spread their version, all the Court and Judiciary, the Central police station and other small police stations, the Post Office, the schooners owners, the so call many school friends, the pubs, hotel owners and the Central Hospital and the Senior Nurse/matrons, Expat communities, the Italian, French, British, Jews, Mauritian, German and Austrian, South African - Then we would do a round of the Garage, the Ernestine, Mr Gilbert Palmir, the Lefevere, Roch and others they would crap the hell out of our person and it /they were not funny. Our person had already bee tried - what about Families like Sir Geroge Souyave and the Sauziers and the Bontard and the Bossy and who else. What about those who betted the outcome - what about those from PWD. The Central Market, the fisherman we knew and the Linbald family, and the Corrias Family - the booz up would finish at Pirate Arms or a few other places. The Agriculture Departments and the Vet Station. The several Big Planters Acquaintances - the Planning Department - the very Mr Gerrard Hoareau and his respective Family - it was crazy and the person of former first lady Mancham and her Mother, the Camps they build and the Families their Camps. We should have" married the Jersey or Frisian cow we had, they were super milkers" - that would have been better then, they would all have screamed " leve laque bouef" or tete avec bouef We also had many acquaintance from the USAF Tracking Station and they were really wild - their respective views and remarks and their wives were friend of my ex wife. What about the Nuns and the Catholic Priests and the Adventists and the Bahai, the Jehova Witness and others. What about those who practice with craft ant the Voodoos their respective comments and the many Bus owners/drivers and Taxi Drivers.

It is a good thing we are not writing this in French what we would have said. Specially the Mancham Boys and they were married - they were foul with some of their poking and winding up - Mr Billy Mancham use to teas my person we needed a lesson in how to make love in a very crazy way in-front of all the staff. As bad were the Temoojlee Associate and staff. At the Custom and Dock they were no better - everybody talked about everybody affairs and ongoings.

Twenty five years ago when Mr Phillippe Boulle, Mr Gerrard Houreau and other we were working on our options to change Seychelles - the options/list of ladies or first ladies we had drawn up - on my/our personal list is the current Miss Jemaima Goldsmith Jewish/French/British - your respective views. We also buzz and covered the issue what these ladies would be up to and those involved. Because you are the Head of State or PM that does not will not allow you to take you wife/better half or First nation lady and put her in a big pot and cook her and stoke the fire. Had we originated from a Black/African Seychellois Family - the rule are simpler she behave or else we mean just that.

The Seychelles people, nations and greater workings have right to know how first lady Natalie Michel have suffered and been pained because of that SIROP program - our archaic, fraternal, illuminati, masonic involvements. Just as we lost our cool over the ICC approach at handling the African Head of state major crime and mass killings - their refusal to look at the greater issues and picture. The deployment of that SIROP portal have exasperated the situation. The/This news coming just when we had deploy that website of the Seyafrique.Org and the impacts, synergy and buzz. The Seychelles media written and the gutter media equally - for this/these reasons we have taken to addressing our Family situations on the forums.

This Morning upon reading the issues and news - we convey our sympathy, concern and understanding to President J A Michel, even if he does not deserve them, his daughter, first lady Natali Michel and the intermediate close associate, friends, workers, the people of Sechelles Seycheles - our Nation, the role we played that they/this couple came together in term of our great ancestral workings and high responsibilities,( there were no herds of goats and cow that they can/could fight over) - it is not a funny time -

We have been embroiled given our high Interdisciplinary responsibilities, in countless leading personalities bust up across the world - President Clinton, some the Kennedy, the Presidential Families of France, in Monaco, son of the Royal families of Europe and elsewhere, so call Super Stars and the very rich and powerful, check Mr Adna Kashogi out- the need for those seriously concern to sit down , pull back research and understand. The scientific human process if one can call it that is not funny. The requirement and need to understand the many complex issue and mechanism which brought them together in the first place and those who manage and work such problematic. In addressing the issues here on Facebook and there was/were not Facebook then - all those who knew of the issues and our important involvements and connections. We are open to question. { Only before this news broke cooking some porridge - President JA Michel buzz that he would send us/our person first lady Natalie in a Registered Envelop - we always took very seriously such buzz and issues}

Note: There were others involve, because we were Farmers - all the cows, the dogs their barking, the ducks, cockerels and hens and pigs and the Martin, the bats, the lizards and other birds. It saps you energy. 

What about the Trade Unions and their Political Parties those involved.  The Families, Friends and acquaintances in Mauritius had no clue of what was really going on. 

Le Seychellois -  First couple divorce in Chambers