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CARTE. Législatives : découvrez les résultats du second tour dans votre circonscription

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CARTE. Législatives : découvrez les résultats du second tour dans votre circonscription



Législatives : la carte de France des résultats, circonscription par circonscription


Législatives 2017 : découvrez les résultats du second tour dans votre circonscription et dans votre commune


Comment 19/6/2017

That SIROP program is bade in Europe with the Seychelles component worth $4.5 billion - Monday - 19/6/17, the first Britext discussion in Bruxelles. The French Parliamentary election results and media/political comments.


We/I am under terrible pressure those applying this pressure and we still to write a or some kind of comment

Meanwhile in Seychelles and Mauritius or for that matter and the Gulf Region the utter corruptions associated with that SIROP program and complete political and media distortions. ( A sample of the corruption compare the builders and contractors involved in that Ladbrook inferno in Kensington until it happened everybody the so call officials , the police and the media were all saying everything is rosy, nothing is wrong if you do not such up we will shut you up and silence you or you will lend before the court and imprisonment) They used the Anti Terror legislation to muzzle/shut everybody up those who protested.


That was the state of things in 2007/8 when those who gathered at Davos had forcasted the world economy and finance was in the best of health and performing fantastically well and what ensued. Some 59 biggest bank went bust in the USA, Japan oldest Bank, across Europe the Baking carnage and the repercussion still being felt today.


At European Union level the fallout, the austerity and their explanations, the European parliament and the many new measures, cuts and sufferings Trillions of Euro to help find solutions and mechanism they put into place/Laws and legislations. A great portion and percentage of the mess had been related to the mismanagement of that SIROP program, the media, the political elite, the institutions, the Justices and the policing authorities. The European component worth/Value, the USA component, the Russian, the Chinese, the African, the Latin American, the Asian component, the Gulf Region component, the North America component. The modest sum of money instead to help manage this program.


Last week saw the death of Dr Alois Mock of Austria the person how fought for Austria to join the EU, Austria history and baggage the two wars. the death of Mr Adna Khashoggi at one time one of the world most powerful business man and involved in previous attempts to change Seychelles, Cold War West Verses East - Sir James Mancham and the later SIROP program. We ought to have mentioned Sir James Mancham first. His powerful and many world connections, the world Peace body officials, Africa Elder Statesman and the many other notable world platform for peace and poverty and economic issues. His approach to that program from conception in 1986/87 to events of 1991/92 the return of the exile and events the past 25 years in Seychelles, the Region and world and his many books. The way his life ended - Sir James was very aware of the unpublished issues we have addressed several times leading to the global meltdown of 2007/8 and he used those knowledge to serve and consult a number of important parties and their big business. Sir James Mancham was not political naive and the Seychelles media and Mauritius media would like the natives and world to believe. Those who termed the utter corruption ongoing as best diplomacy and our lack of it or uneducated untrained. Yet for the past 7 years how those used that SIROP program to drive their respective Economy, extracting information and leverage mechanism and dynamic components. What we wrote from the early days of President Sarkosy and Cameron the statement of small green shoot were appearing in Europe supported by that SIROP program and other issues we manage.


Please refer to the many issues we have addressed at out SIROP portal - that Britexit linked to that SIROP program and yet the current politicians in Britain, the court cases, the Lords debate, the terrible media. ( The incident of Ladbrook inferno forget the mega Bank scandals and the grand theft just a sample of the massive corruption associated with this program from Britain and the Gulf Region scandal, the mega investment of the Gulf Region in Britain and the politic) The current European Union officials aware of some of the linking issues. How they handle the Europe component working/Management and those for the Indian ocean, Africa, Gulf region and Asia.


We have addressed the why we went to Berlin in 2015 for that Seychelles presidential - the plea for Europe to intervene in Seychelles the mega abuse and corruption and the involvement of Europe Tax payers hard earn money. The many in Germany who knew of the Seychelles issues, the COMECON, Communist links and the USSR links and the OAU links and the Gulf/North Africa Communist links. Sir James Mancham was still alive then and his respective private views.


As if this was not bad enough what led to the mega exile/refugee exodus - throwing Europe politic and into near meltdown and breakup and the amount of money they have thrown in to patch up and create patch up and messy Exile/Refugee supporting projects and program which is failing and still the flood - the recent Austrian warning up to 100 millions of African refugee to invade Europe over the next several years. ( By the way we are aware as we are typing this draft in real-time those in USA, Britain and Europe or Russia who can read and watch us)


This comment is about France politic and economy this morning - because of the very important mechanism of our French ancestors use to build/apply in that SIROP program those who knew and were involved - benefited, the politic - our lobby to the government of Francois Holland as against Sarkozy to help us rebuild and restructure that SIROP program the French Industries, Finance and Economy instead. Those from the Gulf Region and Africa aware given the dynamic of communication, their reaction - yet what the officials version have been of the Terror activities across Europe and in France in particular. The abuse of Power in France and the constellation of President F Holland government- the person of Madam Selogen Royal, PM Valls and Minister Macron - they all /each knew of the capacity of that program and yet their respective approach - the information we have made available. Our request to them in person to help us and that program.


Sir James Mancham was not alive to watch events in France, his many powerful friends and acquaintances with vast resources and wealth - the many scandal of those employing all their relatives and many fictions/none existence work to extract and get money form the EU and the French tax payers. Yet the very same politicians and personalities getting vexed and threatening use with that SIROP program if we protested and published what they did not like. That program save Europe from a very dangerous and grave situation of Breakup and those who know/informed and yet their respective attitude - they expect things to go on as usual - their mind must be warp or very distorted. Really when you have a program that can help revive the European economy from the abyss it had landed in and then the mega Breakup debacle public opposite to Europe politic and policies - Europe resources and expertise and the media. May be that was the reason Sir Jams Mancham life was cut short the contents of his books as again that of former President JA Michel and President F A Rene the world want then to tell lies/crap/garbage their people and nation and term this our history. The world corrupt workings between the Developed and under develop nations.


Sir James Manchm was not alive to witness events in France and my unofficial plea that he could have done something to help us rebuild/rework that program in Europe and his position - again how his life ended. The French media and the many commentators are refusing to take note of the Macron link with that SIROP program - We are equally surprise at the many older and more mature politician in France their position and attitude - this Monday as the media announce the result of the French Parliament election. Life has its ways the media circus in Bruxelle surrounding the first Britexit meeting and the death of Chancellor Helmut Khol having stated the many important impute and role impute in that SIROP program , the many components.


The question we ask this morning without for the Senate to reconvened - the politic that is being sold to the French people, the world - how will the Majority of the Enmarche politicians react and respond - this program have dynamic which can lend to regulatory issues presenting itself and what and hoe they will react and respond. The person of the French PM his former connections. It is well over 27 years since that SIROP program was initiated and put into place the role and function of French media - they are not going to change overnight, if anything it will get worse , the sleaze and distortion the promote and discuss by the hours and daily and when regulatory mechanism is apply, the loss of lives and properties what they say their logic and our efforts to help develop very many social platform so that other who understand, know aware who we are and that SIROP and attempt to work our issues can communicate and let the world know their views/knowledge.


Unlike past events of Europe were we did not have dynamic and active media possibilities and communication the time and era we live in - this program is not/cannot be terminated just like that to do this required the destruction and disconnection of very many important world institutions, political and church and Illuminati workings. When this happens nobody can predict what kind of world we will have and live in. Many of those individuals who were alive at the conception that program have died and those alive, would not the sane approach to help - lend a hand that a serious debate./discussion can take place.




Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles

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Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles

We would like to remind Europe of event last Monday when the builders in the yard informed us we had two weeks to vacate the Yard where we have been working and our Seychelles EU Community Heraldic and the Sechelles Heritage Trust Project.


We had not check the French media his morning - via France the debacle of President Vladimir Putin at Versailles upon the occasion of 300 year Anniversary of Peter the Great to Versailles.


Way back when President F Mitterrand was alive and Lady Thatcher just as we encountered many challenges with the British government and its institutions concerning/over our greater Europe and ancestral French Heritage in Europe, the world and the Indian Ocean the mega debacle of the Treaty of Rome and Maastricht Treaty where the/these Rights were given, bequeath to the respective Ethnic communities in Europe - meaning before that Treaty France and its institution had primary high responsibility and Britain .


On account of then Cold War, the standoff between USSR, the Warsaw Pact and the COMECON , Communist world - it was not France or the Francophone who had lead and spear headed the concept of that SIROP program - we/It was decided to review in depth our French and European ancestral workings then Cold War then 1986/87 to apply these mechanism and dynamic to find a solution to the Cold War, Communist stand off between the West and East. All those alive at the time who knew of the issues and yet then media and what have later been written as history - the Vatican and then Orthodox Church.


We had studied and had to study Russia ancestral/Arcadian workings heritage along with that of France and ancient Europe and how they can be applied and use to leverage the concept and implementation of that SIROP program . President Gorbachev and president Yeltsin knew of those issues and many other Russian high officials and the break up of USSR and the many governments and those who became their president and PM knew/knowledge of these topics. yet the so call global media and French media.


In case those in France the current government doubt of the capacity of the Indian Ocean and Europe french ancestral heritage and workings of those nations and their decedents - the history of pre colonization of the Indian Ocean region and India, the statement that in the Indian Ocean their were more powerful Royal workings as in France proper and later the Revolution, attempt to bring the King back on the throne of France and Bonaparte era. These values and heritage we alone have the Right to work and manage them - the French media views and arguments. The European agenda and the functioning of EU today and the super mess we have landed in and yet they are supposed to be very knowledgeable. The European and International court.


Given the Yard debacle in Kent - over the past 27 years the issue we have worked with the Russian Heraldry/Heraldic high workings and personalities, their royal families and everybody chose to forget - pretend they never occurred. This is the abnormal world and those who know the very unique role and function of that SIROP program , the national media and archive and film makers what they have written and presented as facts. Very important the thematic co the Assassination of the last Tsar Family and the discovery of their graves and the linking issue of the British Royal Families we worked then 1986/87 onward those who ought to know. Then contemporary European families of 1986/7 who knew and were involved in the process and yet the disgusting media their lies and sleazes.


Countless times over the 27 years have addressed the role and importance of that SIROP program in helping driving and synergying the topic of those 250,000 Russian Jews who were allowed to return to Israel and since then Israel media and the world Jewish media comportment -


There have been several major national renovation buildings project in Russia that SIROP program contributed to as such ongoing issues - our Seychelles Italian Arcadian, Illuminati and fraternal workings


In the opening of that 300 year anniversary exhibition/exposition of Peter the Great to Versailles ask if any of our community representative will be invited , the Russian embassy in Paris and the Russian Officials in Seychelles and Moscow. The need to say and state bluntly is it the mismanagement of such high issues and their working that conflicts get created and erupts and come about and yet those world experts and their medias.


By the way in Seychelles the like of President FA Rene and some of the younger Ministers who knew and we had shared some of these topic back then 1986/87. The dum ass Truth Commission and Reconciliation the half bake thinking intellectual approaches and the Seychellois Nation, the exile and the world taken for a very long ride. High personalities like President Nyerere, Mandela and other old Communist African head of State who knew of those issues , President Fidel Castro, those from South America and those form China. Specially Sir James Mancham knowledge in the books he wrote/legacy some of the issues and important thematic he has shared with the world and us. The issues of the alternative USSR and the COMECON alternative Economic concept then 1986/7 and the debacle of BRICS we have addressed

Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717 | Palace of Versailles - Forum discussion 


Withdrawal of Mr Alain St Ange for the position of Secretary General of UNWTO

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Withdrawal of Mr Alain St Ange for the position of Secretary General of UNWTO



Withdrawal of Mr Alain St Ange for the position of Secretary General of UNWTO


We have addressed/comparing Minister Alain St Ange bid for the WTO post as the effort of Seychelles to get a seat on the Security Council - what the reals issues, and the fake issues and what the government told the public and Seychelles media and those from the UN, USA, EU, Russia, china, India, the Gulf Region AU what the other agenda was all about that SIROP program,.


We would like to have the attention of all the Ministers of Tourism, the Director of Tourism and the Small Hotel Association of Seychelles, beside Mauritius and South Africa - when that SIROP program was announced in 1987. There are forums threads and emails and letters covering much of these events, politic and polices and development and redevelopment. The very Management of the Tourism Industry Sir James Mancham who had been the Pioneer of our Tourism Industry knew and perceive these facts very well and his endeavor to have the upper hands most of the time and then come the era of Minister St Anges his contributions and suddenly the World and region acclaim Seychelles as show case of Small country Tourism Development. We do not have the dozens of Staff and graduates to move papers around and think what to write to spend their day. That SIROP program have made a significant impact on Seychelles Tourism industry, that of Mauritius and Reunion.


There are topic during the Obama US Presidency we did not wish to write. President Donald Trump Business empire. One of the major mistake Minister Alain St Ange made and this we say in public was to undermine that program at the same extract maximum benefits form is may linkage, dynamics and leverage capacity. Not just him most of Seychelles Ministers and leading politicians.


Part of the approach/challenges of writing that program - beside the requirement to have sufficient experience and knowledge of work economic workings and several industries. One of the challenges was the Tourist Industry -forget little Seychelles. That when we presented the concept to then President Gorbachev and later Yeltsin - the need to put in place a complete innovative industry for those Nations of the former COMECON, Soviet Union - those Communist Blocks as a major Industry and in term of National earning, infrastructure and requirements, employment and economic driving force/Wealth. The impacts of other world Tourist destinations.


The construction industry of Hotel and their finances, expertise and the Stock Markets and we have participated is very many aspect of these from 1987 to date - may be we ought to have applied for the Job of WTO.


One of the biggest factor we had to cope and help managed the move away from Military/armament as major world economic drive to one industry, the Travel Industry the development of new Planes be they Boeing, Airbus and others - they/those planner and politicians and big financiers we informed /shared the issues 25 years we have a vastly sophisticated World Tourist industry and Place construction industry and holiday resorts and it vast financial complexities we have been involved and participated/help drive and build. The many instance we have addressed the debacle of the two major Plane construction company and the capacity to impute and help a major Nation acquire a complete fleet of new Plane and the many complex details of the finances and refinances.


African did not know anything as such about Global Tourism industry from this prospective - those from the OAU who did even understand what this SIROP program was all about in the first place all they thought was politic as most of the African Nations do. The skepticism of their politicians and here is where President Obama will get unhappy we had to take the Bull by the Horne meaning help work out unorthodox and draconian politic and policies over the heads of the African Union and this Little Seychelles Nation.


When we talk of Minister Alain St Ange undermining that program to his own detriment - our call and request very many time to get the UN, the EU, the African Union to help report on that program functionality form 1976 to date they would have encountered many highly economic phenomena and how this would have contributed to make a better world and economic working for the many nations depending on Tourism.


We are not going to beat about the bush - President Francois Holland got into/Landed into mega trouble over this Program and the state of emergency in France. The Presidential election and outcome. Every entity and company know you build on foundation that exist and have existed and that SIROP program have a very important foundation in the global Tourism Industry sector -we do not have the time and the staff to dictate and write beautiful article.


We have written to President Danny Faure about the buzz of taking that ex Mahe Beach Hotel building and housing that SIROP program in Seychelles beside other projects and usage and his reaction - this is the fundamental approach attitude of the vast major of Seychellois and had we to be PM or Minister would have to cope with this attitude and mentality/thinking. We have some 40 years experience and knowledge now. Meaning we do not have to put up with the negative aspects of such thinking.


We addressed a thread a few days before the French presidential election on the possibility of Mr Emmanuel Marcon becoming President - we have worked and impute with all the President of France since the conception of that SIROP program and each of then their individual politic and aspiration for the world and the region. That SIROP program is very much alive and dynamic driving important aspect of EU Economy and other world economy.


In Seychelles from 2014 the debacle of finding solution for the national and government workings the abuse and corruptions - Now should Minister Alain St Ange be interested having stated the above briefly - along the line of the formation of the LDS what really took place behind close doors and under the beds in the cupboards. Given that we played a role that he parted form SPPF/PL and his Journey to SNM - We need/require serious individual who can help/contribute to assessing the current of a given Industry or major economic situation in all its complexities/problematic and help formulate innovative and working approach/plan over the next 5 years. The EU Support this SIROP program some of the BRICS Nations and so do the African Union and the Gulf Region Nation and Asia and Latin America. Britain Tourism Industry landscape for the past 30 years and the related issues to that SIROP program. Before in Seychelles we had only a few who grasped and understood what it was all about we now have a modes group of young graduate who can think and look at the world differently - Seychelles is indeed small, yet we have great potential in the form of that SIROP program.


Until now the many insulting and negative remarks about Minister St Ange bid for the WTO and those From Africa - we have address the brief issues here had we a small Team as African Union had promised we could have written a proper dossier on World Tourism working and its potential for the next 5/10 years. Minister St Ange can go back to the African Union and tell them bluntly this is our view and position, they have worked with is the past 30 years, if they do not like it we will look for other possibility do not after come and publicize that they invented this and that economic unique concept in Tourism. It does not hold water and those who work the World Tourism Industry will just smile. Beside it requires special/unique mechanism dynamic and management capacities and this we have in that SIROP program - Including Space Tourism and sophisticated advance/future Transportation methodology. Had Minister Alain St Ange been wise he would have spared his person a great deal of grief and stress and humiliation - He was misguided and misinformed. We know and have been very aware of the politic of Seychelles government for Tourism because we have helped managed this for the past near 40 years.


A word of advice to President Danny Faure - he ought to remember very well the first six month of President JA Michel his promise to be a facilitator of what, that SIROP program and later he discovered and those helped him invent the Blue economy.



National Symposium on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity ??? at ICCS,Victoria.

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National Symposium on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity — at ICCS, 7/05/17 - Victoria.

The Seychelles National Assembly organised a symposium at the ICCS on Sunday 7th May to learn through different presentations among other things, international best practices towards achieving reconciliation, unity through closure to bad experiences and events, share the findings and work the committee is doing with the public, get their inputs and suggestions in order to help the committee in drafting its recommendations to be submitted to the Assembly and subsequently to the President before National Day on 29th June 2017.

Those who believe in a united Europe must stand up and be counted The Guardian

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Those who believe in a united Europe must stand up and be counted The Guardian

Those who have hacked our portal so we cannot add images instead the link here" target="_blank">

Post Sirop14 Today at 12:59 am


Little wonder our Ambassador get away with everything - EU workings, and the Council of Europe - one moment they know and the next they do not - yet the real resources of the EU high Institutions.


We have tried/politely en-devoured to share including the EU high officials the crises - linkage with Northern Ireland vast strand we do not mention and write in public, the large crowd who attend that historic Church Service for Mr Martin Mc Guinness they know of the capacity, power and core issues of that SIROP program, they did not have to yell and shout in their eyes - Mr Martin Mc Guinness role and many in Ireland their part. President Bill Clinton and many at that historic function who know aware.


When such is the case and you research and study the way EU and Council of Europe resources are impute you ask yourself and others ask them self including Mr Nigel Farge are these people and official normal, Serious. Because if you do not know how to look after and manage what is very precious and important to your system and overall function you will get mega crap/problematic - yet. That SIROP program was not for them 95,000 little people/inhabitant of the Indian ocean only - precisely we had studied and review the workings and history of East Africa and the Indian Ocean, the let down and the betrayal and the dishonesty in putting together that program how we went about it -


To all the European media crapping and conning - the Spanish Royal Family where that portal is hosted their royal resources and capacity beside all the EU Royal workings - had that program not existed/been put into place there would not be the Europe we have today, the Europe they are going to Rome to celebrate its 60 year anniversary - ask all the Masonic, Illuminati, Templar and Church Fraternal bodies and personalities - yet this morning as they gather that program very special connections and relation to Vatican and the Italian nation their workings -do they want us/my person to break the rules and publish what ought not to be. The affront and insult to the former Russian Nation and the people of the former COMECON


The EU have had several years, data and harvesting of information from the Nations of the Indian Oceanus, Regional Africa - that program was not written by the OAU or the Commonwealth as many would like others to believe -


Divisions on the road to Rome


After a terror attack on London, the mood will be sombre in Rome tomorrow when EU leaders gather for a special summit to mark the 60th anniversary of the bloc's founding treaty." target="_blank">


Those who believe in a united Europe must stand up and be counted The Guardian" target="_blank">


Gentiloni says no to divided EU before anniversary ANSA med

With the approaching of the 60 anniversary of the Treaty of Rome our Seychelles high Italian Illuminati, Arcadian, fraternal workings posted these ;pictures and convey our sympathy and wished to the people of Ireland and the Family of Mr Martin Mc Guinness and the Irish communities in Britain, the Canada, Europe, Australia and the USA.

We convey our excuse we were not able to travel to Ireland and pay our respect - we have listened to President Bill Clinton speech - in adding this picture we request very sincerely those who do not understand and know the issues keep your silence - this Saturday the Advent Church/close by the US Embassy in Vienna, the church service the pastor relating his visit to the Music Verein and the Russian young choirs who sang and ended the Service, my sign Russian Bible from the Russian London church - the news of Mr Martin Mc Guinness passing away .


Government facing Brexit defeat in Lords over EU nationals

Posted by sirop14 on March 1, 2017 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)" target="_blank">Government facing Brexit defeat in Lords over EU nationals

Labour and Lib Dem peers backing an amendment protecting EU citizens in the UK


Brexit: Government faces defeat in Lords over EU nationals

Mar 1, 2017

Peers expected to back amendment as change to residency rules provokes a 'wave of panic'

Ministers are braced for DEFEAT over Brexit Bill in House of Lords as peers line up to demand rights guarantee for EU nationals already in the UK

Comment - we are having great dificulty jn uploading images 

Nicola Sturgeon to thwart Brexit with 50 amendments as SNP pushes for new Scottish independence referendum

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Nicola Sturgeon to thwart Brexit with 50 amendments as SNP pushes for new Scottish independence referendum


Nicola Sturgeon rallies towards second Scottish indyref after Supreme Court's Brexit ruling ITV News


The Supreme Court ruling means the Government will probably publish a Brexit bill tomorrow – and it's Labour's problem The Independent


Brexit : le Parlement britannique devra être consulté


Brexit : Theresa May devra obtenir l'aval du Parlement


Urteil: Parlament muss über Brexit abstimmen


Brexit: Supreme Court entscheidet gegen Theresa May - Fragen und Antworten SPIEGEL ONLINE


Niederlage für May Britisches Parlament muss Brexit-Verfahren zustimmen FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Seychelles mourns the passing of founding President Mancham

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Seychelles mourns the passing of founding President Mancham

As a sign of respect to the late Sir James R. Mancham – Seychelles’ Founding President – the national flag will fly at half-mast until his funeral. This comes in a statement from President..

Seychelles mourns the passing of founding President Mancham

Former President James A. Michel has expressed his deepest sorrow and regret on the passing away of the Founding President of the Republic of Seychelles, Sir James R. Mancham.

In a letter to his wife, Lady Catherine Olsen Mancham, Mr Michel said that he was shocked by the loss of his friend, saying that while words alone will not assuage the grief and sense of loss felt by Lady Mancham and her family, Mr Michel and his family are united with the Mancham family in their great bereavement, where they may find comfort and solace in the memories that they all have of ‘Jimmy’.

Death of Seychelles’ Founding President James Mancham

Obituary: Sir James Richard Marie Mancham (August 11, 1939 – January 8, 2017)

We cannot load any image currently 

Death of Seychelles’ founding President Sir James Richard Marie Mancham KBE


Thursday January 12 a day of national mourning, but not a public holiday

In pictures: Momentous moments in the life of the late Sir James Mancham

Former President Rene expresses ‘sorrow and shock’ over Sir James’ death

Former President France Albert Rene has expressed “deep sorrow and shock” at the sudden and untimely passing of Former President James Mancham.

Remembering the late Sir James Mancham

Death of Seychelles’ founding President Sir James Mancham

Mayor of Victoria condoles with Mancham family

Tribute to the singing Sir James

A few countries have their singing politicians and Seychelles can join that club. Sir James Mancham was never without a melody at the tip of his tongue and in his heart. We Seychellois will never forget Sir James, the son of Chinese immigrants, like myself, whose forefathers made Seychelles our home as we continue to co-exist and scratch a living from these old peaks of the Gondwana/Pangaea continent in relative peace and harmony. Even when the worst aspects of human nature take us towards the abyss we somehow find a way to regain our common sense and start to respect each other once again and life goes on as we move from one generation of Seychellois to another. We are all passing ships in the night with a “leaving this port” date and an “arrival” date in the next world. Unfortunately, we, the passengers, have no idea of either the departure or arrival dates. This is totally outside our control whether we try our best to prepare for it or not, it happens, Lord have mercy on us.


Four former presidents died in four consecutive days: Britexit year 2017 they all knew and worked the issues of that SIROP program 


7. Jan: Mário Soares (Portugal)

8. Jan: James R. Mancham

9. Jan: Hashemi Rafsanjani (Iran)

10. Jan: Roman Herzog (Germany)


Is the run over now?

5th December, 2016 - High Court Britexit Case Constitutional "Royal Prerogative" call in question

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5th December, 2016 - High Court Britexit Case Constitutional "Royal Prerogative" call in question


After very many very important collateral fall out be they affecting this country directly, Europe, the USA, Russia, China, the Gulf region, Africa -rest of the world because that historic Program was office/house and based in London 1986/7 then Cold war - much of which we have refused to address in public what we have to the UN and by the Way the International Criminal Court and what we are about to write. The International Court of Justice and the European court and had we ever been allowed to address the Royal court of Justice the communication we presented to the Court then 1993/4. For the Judicial Review all the many leading Law firms and Chartered accountants involved and other personalities.


Time and time have stressed that within that SIROP program, build in are mechanism - in this case judicial, justice very complex mechanism, disciplines, to work and help manage, regulate, collaborate and implement that historic program - Given that we were dealing with USSR, COMECON, Warsaw Pact, the OAU, the Francophone, the Commonwealth, the USA, Europe - via those many high personalities and high parties involved, their parliament, National low and high Courts and justice system, Legal establishment, educational . This did not stop there, for a very long time those who have inquire what the EU Royal Families, their institutions and functionalities, Justice and legal position relating to that Program - the debacle of the Royal Prerogative to trigger the Article 50 for the Britexit.


Beside we have written, addressed very many topics on how that program influenced not just British system, functionality, management and other workings that of Europe, former East Europe, Russia and the above countries we have mentioned- Again stressing the call we have been making that UN or EU or African Union as is the International norm to help review and report on this Program - instead that modest portal.


Since and prior to the Britexit have thread to explained via social media that SIROP program had a fundamental impacts on British economic, social development - every body chose to ignore - the mountain of media impute, Justice, police , economic, scientific and the very long list over the past 27 years. Including the British Royal Family workings and functionality. Beside Britain Arcadian disciplines and their workings. Its Illuminati and Church/faith function.


PM Tony Blair, his Cabinet knew a very great deal about that program his government would not address in the Commons but linked and indirectly - not just London but Europe and its institutions. The same applied to PM Cameron, the coalition government and later PM Cameron himself - his government refusal to take note of the vast complexities of that SIROP program - at the same time manipulating much of it because it was still based in London, the Market, the economy, big finance and socio political issues, those in Europe, the Commission very aware and yet how the ,media function and worked. The debacle linked to European corruption and the last European election.


We have stated that had that program been based somewhere on the continent the British politic, economic and big finance would be very different - there are resources and capabilities to assess and study such workings and yet. Both UKIP leader have known about these and the former Mayor of London Mr Boris Johnson - the British police, how as Mayor he worked the associated issues - in Britain how the politicians choose to work this program - had we the resource, money would have long addressed the European court or the British High court and the scandal that would have caused- those who know we lack the resources hence they have ruthlessly abuse and undertaken their utter corrupted activities. The British people/nation would have been alerted what was going on and what were the issues. (Talking of Justice the news today that former Mayor Boris Johnson house would be flooded by the burst pipe in Islington today a the beginning of that Court case, 11 judges sitting and the context of the pipe being presented in the attorney General argument and the judge comments, )


Beside very significant Church/interfaith discipline - how time and time court/major justice have surface linked to that SIROP program address, confront and challenge the corruption and highly abnormal practices and workings. With the challenge in the Supreme court be they by the Scott Assembly, the Irish, the Welsh, and the Private case we have a unique opportunity, situation where we have eleven of the Supreme Court - all of the Judges sitting in the same instance - one judge may refuse to take note and understand the thematic and working of that SIROP program 3 and 5 but not all 11, the media and the many legal representations.


This take us back to France/Paris in an article, who murdered President F Holland in Elysee palace and the names given/personalities - President F Holland took much of President F Mitterrand baggage, thematic and connection and France masonic workings/Illuminati - he knew of that program workings and capacity - our efforts and offer to address the Justice of France many instance and they not taking us - with the Court challenge in Britain, once again the enormity of the events and process - those elite of France politic will have to take note including Marine Lepen and Mr Francois Fillon. In France those who have knowingly extracted massive amount of information, leverage/gearing for their respective politic and France workings and then tell some stories in their national Assembly and media. The capacity of that Program to regulate them and their corrupted workings/practices.


This does not stop in London of course Brussels and Strasbourg will have to take note - those who used aspects of that program to leverage EU politic, budget and economic workings then they also tell stories and what the media writes. The reason for the hellish situation European have landed in and spread beyond.


Equally important - how we worked with Italy politicians, Institutions, establishment and their communities in the USA with that program - how PM Berlosconi worked and knew all the workings of that program for his government and Italy economy and politic - how when PM Renzi came to office we wrote to him and took time to explain to him some of the issues and yet -his comportment and the current state of things in Italy, the past Commission well aware and the Vatican and many big business in Italy - this Court case sitting what this represent. London position all along towards Italy towards that SIROP program over the past 27 years.


Allowing PM to trigger Brexit was the 'universal expectation': Attorney General blasts High Court for dismissing EU referendum as 'legally irrelevant' as Battle of Britain begins


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Bratislava EU meeting: Merkel says bloc in 'critical situation'

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Bratislava EU meeting: Merkel says bloc in 'critical situation'

The European Union is in a "critical situation", the German chancellor has said, as leaders meet in Slovakia to discuss ways to regain trust after the UK's vote to leave the bloc.

Angela Merkel said they needed to show they could improve on security, defence co-operation and the economy.

But EU countries are deeply divided over how to bolster growth and respond to the influx of migrants.

Bratislava EU meeting: Merkel says bloc in 'critical situation'

EU leaders gather for summit to jumpstart stalling bloc

The EU is locked in a toxic crisisCNN

Bratislava EU summit copes with existential crisis

Bratislava-Gipfel soll Startschuss für EU-Reformprozess geben - 

A Bratislava, l'Europe veut montrer qu'elle sait se défendre toute seule

Bratislava : Hollande met en garde contre une «dislocation» de l'Europe

Au sommet de Bratislava, les 27 ne devraient pas regretter l'absence du Royaume-Uni pour parler sécurité européenne


Comment - Is it not strange that we had to renew that SIROP portal today hosted in Spain - the Spanish #Royal Family and their Official well aware. The summit in Bratislava to look/Study some of the fundamental problematic and thematic of EU after Britexit. Had I/my person been in Germany, Austria, Netherlands how this would have influenced their thematic and the many surrounding issue we have been writing about this for some 25 years those who choose to ignore it - the why's. In Britain the Illuminati know about it and this day's event. Those who used criminals and others to hack into our working with that infernal satanic mechanism and the outcome. Just because we are forced to live in England.




What we addressed the Adventist Family from Lausanne, the Christian monastery and those Priests who served in that Seychelles, their role and impute /in conjunction with Vatican then to develop and work that historic program out. Our extended comment.



High management interdisciplinary science/discipline have not changed much since the conception of that program and the then Czechoslovak component we have written about - from my ex wife Family Austrian, former politician elite pre Communist and those who helped and inspired us then Cold War Communist and Seychelles. Those in Russia and Vatican who knew and Paris, Rome.



We also had help from SGS Official in Geneva, their SGS Office in Czechoslovak Cold War/Bratislava - their important Israel connections.



In France my personal problem with the Immigration, the Lawyers involved, the Mayor of Rouen, the Prefecture/France service those who ought to know better what I have done for France the pat 35 years without putting everything on the big bell or writing a Book. How Presidet F Mitterrand and some of his Officials linked/liaised with my person on very many of those important EU topics - reworked them and outcome. somebody who have done this for France you do not treat him like some scavenger form Africa seeking Asylum.




We never need to set foot in France and the expertise and knowledge we have of France workings at EU and International level - the debacles of we supporting Germany and Russia - the Why's. The forthcoming Presidential election in France. In London currently all those well aware of our past important involvements in EU rope issue and that Program and the massive negative synergy/dynamic they have developed and build around my person to influence and negate the gathering in Bratislava and the dumb media of Europe the garage they write to/for the citizens of Europe/