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Sechelles - Seychelles first AU resident ambassador accredited

Posted by sirop14 on December 17, 2012 at 9:30 AM


Joseph Nourrice has been accredited as Seychelles’ first African Union (AU) resident ambassador.



Ambassador Nourrice


Mr Nourrice presented his credentials earlier this month to Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the chairperson of the AU Commission, at the AU headquarters Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


The ceremony took place in the presence of members of the bureau of the chairperson including the chief of staff of the bureau and secretary general of the AU Commission.


Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma welcomed ambassador Nourrice as the first permanent representative to the AU based in the capital, and congratulated Seychelles for this important step in establishing a mission in Addis Ababa.


Ambassador Nourrice, on his part, conveyed the message of congratulations and best wishes from President James Michel to the chairperson on her election at the head of the Pan African organisation.


The ambassador then expressed his appreciation for the privilege and confidence bestowed on him to start the mission in the capital of Africa.


He noted that this was an historic occasion, and that he would endeavour to live up to the trust placed in him.


The accreditation will allow Seychelles to play a more dynamic role on matters affecting the continent and beyond.


It will also bring Seychelles nearer to the member states and reinforce the country’s working relationship with the AU, other missions and international organisations based in Addis Ababa, remarked ambassador Nourrice.


Maritime security is a major concern for Seychelles as piracy affects the two principal pillars of our economy, namely tourism and fisheries.


 While commending the good work being done by the commission, we would definitely like to see more of the maritime component injected in the peace and security architecture of the African Union, noted ambassador Nourrice.


During the discussions, ambassador Nourrice pointed out that the issue of small island states and the need to address their specificities within the broader continental agenda was of paramount importance in this globalised environment.


Climate change, peace and security, infrastructural development, tourism are some of the issues which Seychelles would bring to the table and make valuable contributions.


On her part, chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said she would do her best to provide Seychelles with all the support to ensure that the mission has a successful operation in Addis.


Mr Nourrice thanked the chairperson and her team and expressed the sentiment that this promises to be a new beginning for a fruitful collaboration between Seychelles and the AU.

Comment: It is Monday morning and events of the weekend took a great deal of energy - following, monitoring and keeping pace.

Given what - for all the bitterness we have written about the Chagossian, Illois in Seychelles - those 800 - 1,000. Our great grand parents workings, their values and culture, we the Seychellois nation.

This morning as the news sinks about Mrs Alexis death/departure as founding Member of the Chagossain Association - their respective values and workings among the Illois. We had wanted, wish to write a half decent article instead of a comment - the need to refrain given the Coalition government position and attitude towards the whole issues. There is a great deal of information on the web about the Chagossian issues for the past 30 years British and London prospective - yet some of the core challenges have not been address. Equally important the attitude of the Mauritian people, politicians and institutions. Look they could not function until they became a Republic those who know the details we pushed them/catapulted them into a Republic, their Stock Exchange and many other issues and look at their attitude. Their media, beside we gave then the Secretary of COI and the IOR Association and the attitude. Beside the undercurrent and racist/ethnic overtone - the new Mauritius populace. Where as we are more a black creole mix - they are more Tamil, South Indian creole mix and in many instance the very strong position by those who refuse to budge for their respective Ethnic position.

Another influencing factor it the attitude of African Union - its institutions just look at the way they deal with Kenya, Somali, Congo, North Africa situation, Madagascar, Nigeria as well as a great deal of UN, EU and such international issues/workings - their/its Benchmark is very poor - it cannot be trusted. When we will be attack by hornet and mad bees they will just standby, in such a situation one is lucky to come out alive/intact. Yet they insist and are spending a great deal of efforts, manpower that they have a great deal to educate and teach the Seychellois Nation. We will not address the corruption issues - not here.

We have addressed about our Seychelles exile/refugee working across the world some 21,000 and in Seychelles some 150/200, because we do not support the Communist and former communist system - the SPPF/PL how our issues get treated and have been treated the past 35 years, the use of the national media, resources and money. Most important sine the return of multi party the exclusion which the Seychelles government put in place and practice, the supporters and members of the Ruling party SPPF/PL today.

In comparison to those 500/1,000 Illois/Chagossian exile/refugee as an ethnic community in Seychelles before Multi party return - how they worked with then Communist Regime/system, how they have integrated/process of integration until 1991 and the 3rd Republic, their fate and well being as compared to the fate and well being, workings of those, their respective community in Mauritius, being the core of their Nation and people the 3,500/3,800.

Again the comparison to other ethnic communities like the Old Chinese and new Chinese community, the Old Indian and new Indian community, the Malagasy and the Philippine community, Cuban community, new African community, new Sir Lanka community in Seychelles sine 1991 and the 3rd Republic. ( We will not address the Russian, former East European and South African)

How they work with SPPF/PL and what they have achieved as Minority and exile/refugee community - beside Indian, Muslim, Pakistan, Chinese etc in comparison to us. They, their roots are not just from Anse aux Pins, Cascade, Point Larue, Anse Royal, Montfluri/Plaisence, St Louis and Bisnack region some on the other side of the island. ( The Old Colonial Seychelles economic workings, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and Seychelles - land sharing/distributions and housing French and British era.)

Since the return of Multi party and 3rd Republic they have enjoyed a very great deal of benefits - they have equally partaken in most of the process like/as the native Seychellois have. Nobody have highlighted this, none of the vast array of international visitors, inspectors - be they from UN, EU UNHCR, World Bank, African Union, Commonwealth and Francophone. There ought to have been a review/report and percentage of the money paid/contribute by the international communities accounted for - properly addressed.

We want to touch a very sensitive issues. Those near 21,000 Seychellois got expelled, kicked, forced out of Seychelles between 1976 for Ethnic, racist, political and cultural reason - meaning they were the white Planters those who had founded and build Seychelles and their children, the European, French, British culture, institutions, heritage, belief etc. Most important their politic belief they represented Western values, justice and democracy. There is the need to point out how those 500/1,000 illois/Chagossian exile/refugees, supported the Communist and One Party system, with all its racist, ethnic, cultural and political overtone and their respective enhance position in Seychelles today. They have interacted in the Sport, Music, Arts, Craft, Literature development of the nation, resources, legislation and advancement.

They have integrated in the Civil Service, Education, Medical, Police, Defense force, Marine/Navy - Coast Guard and Civil Aviation and Environment, Agriculture and Fishing Industry, Tourism sector/Industry - Ecological aspect of the nation workings. Beside politic and diplomacy.

Now we come to Lungos - this particular Ethnic community the 500/1,000 Illois/Chagossian exile/refugees have benefited to most of the development of LUNGOS, they have their own representation in Seychelles and Registered. Those 21,000 Seychelois exile and those 150/200 return exile/refugee do not have such a body let alone registered.

What about the Compensation for those 150/200 Seychellois exile of 1976/7 onward, support with housing and building an existence, education of their children. We have address the bitter exclusion and terrible battle those exile had to fight to gain any form of acceptance or compensation from 1991 to date. When we talk of exclusion we mean exclusion - how many Seychellois exile/refugee have been allocated a House or piece of ground from that Phase lll Reclamation Project - yet it was their very hard work, lobby and battle that enable the nation to acquire such wealth and development. Where as many of those 500/1,000 Illois/Chagossian exile/refugees, some have been rehoused sold properties on that new Reclamation on the new Reclamation and how many Seychellois exile/refugee have got/been given an house on the reclamation. Most ironic they have been sold land which belongs to former White Seychellois planters, the founding fathers of Seychelles, force in exile by the communist regime and one party system politic. A large percentage of them have intermarried too - making it easier to integrate and assimilate and acquire the many benefits/advantages.

There is the need to do a comparison study those 500/1,000 Illois/Chagossian exile/refugees in Seychelles their core Nation in Mauritius - the massive disparity in benefits and advantages. We will not address their ability to tackle and debate their respective causes political, international, displacement, compensation, returning issues, etc., from a Seychelles and Mauritius prospective. Their political and economic affiliation in comparison to Seychelles and integration - what they have achieved. Their future and our future and fate - those 21,000 exile/refugees. Hence those who have ask about our consistent call for a different form of Parliament as a against a Unicameral - a Senate our long Term reasons in view of the above topics presented.

We are very certain most of these issues are unknown entity to most USA, EU and UN or World bank, let alone the Commonwealth, African Union and Francophone officials safe what they have talked over a beer or meal whilst in Seychelles or visiting around but nothing official. We are yet supposed to take their findings, conclusion and working seriously - associated Benchmark. There is the important need/requirement to study, research the Opposition media, the NDP, the SNP, the Independent Movement, Seychelles Freedom Party, Current National Assembly Opposition voice and past Opposition parties their many statements and media issues. Beside/as well as the Blogs and forums.

Then the Illois community in Britain, Crawley, Redhill and sarrounding some 150/250. In comparison to the Seychelles exile in Britain the past 35 years, their workings ansd achievements, British, EU and International issues. We have addressed issues how our Seychelles exile/Indian Ocean community contributed importantly via the mechanism and program, development process of that SIROP program to the emancipation of the West Indian community in Britain/London and Europe, these Include the Illois/Chagossian exile/refugee community in Britain, Seychelles and Mauritius.

Long before the OAU became AU the very long list of highly important issues we those 21,000 Seychellois exile/refugees have worked with African continent Communist and none communist countries - those who supported the French and USA. In any normal country safe Seychelles such issues would be taken up by their media, debated and discussed, digested.

In Seychelles there is a Group they say/call themselves Freemason - where do they get their Benchmark from. As well as Church and other such Bodies.

When we state we were importantly involved in some of the most complex issues of the EU, embracing the former COMECON at that Communist those in Seychelles ought to have reacted. The creation of the ECU and EURO, a number of more modern EU workings it was at the high of situation in Europe those form then OAU being marginalize, in very many of the great exchanges between EU and then OAU how they were being treated and those/their call for some kind of level playing field, appropriate bench mark.

Given our knowledge of such workings with many important EU individuals what we developed together, acquired the ability to judge, weigh what would be good, appropriate for then OAU. It take a great deal of ability.

The issues took at least two years to sink in and efforts - look around how it could be remedy, study the many Camps in OAU who would be best suited to become involved and take responsibilities - their is/was very enormous corruption - particularly in taking responsibilities for Africa Masonic and such workings.

It was decided to use a combination of not christian, but Muslim - Francophone led Group because they proved more trustworthy then. Most of the African Heads of State including the great President Mandela was sacred of those/such mechanism. Coming/going anywhere near it.

We then put the Libyan President/government forward and the issues was circulated, debated by certain high parties - all their detail knowledge of President Ghadaffi and his people. We used his for two reason to drag him for the swamp of total violence to become more acceptable in line with the SIROP development. The second reason his tenacity as against those other African Heads of State.

What followed over three years and events most in Africa have forgotten and they choose to forget.

The most important statement we wanted to give Africa and its people the same suit as the European citizens.

President Gaddafi allowed this in instance to get to his Head - we monitored and followed events and certain regulative mechanism. The EU and international media about an African Union or a United State of Africa. This mechanism drove the issues it had preferred the African Union.

Those who opposed it in Europe, the USA and elsewhere.

For this article - the attitude and workings of the OAU and African Union today - their utter corrupted practice. We had played important role where the Head quarter of the AU would be which country - what the media wrote, their lies. Why Ethiopia.

There is the very important requirement to study PM Blair Africa Commission agenda and project. Had PM Gordon Brown stayed in office there would not have been An North Africa Spring - we know this for very certain. The coalition in Britain their workings over the past 45 years. The nature of their mechanism.

Equally important how when the issues started getting out of hands the many African heads of state how they reacted - in-spite of the great work that they acquire equally rights when debating global issues certainly pertaining Africa and then No fly Zone in Libya and Regime change.

Libya and the Ghadaffi government/regime had funded and supported vast number of programs under then OAU and later AU - those their corrupted politicians who pocketed and grafted a great deal of that money and wealth. They must have know if he fell and Libya changes/North Africa what would ensue.

They all watched the madness developed/roll out and the situation of Libya today, the many EU head of State utter made policy and diplomacy which have come to explode and hunt them - what really await EU over the next five years. Yet those EU head of state with all their education , intelligence and means failed to avert and see the disastrous road they were taking.

We tried to pres the Libya government that they too were on the wrong road the debacle of that Property at Hamstead they had offered for the IOIMF workings. Seychelles workings with that country for 36 years almost. Nobody saw beyond and any reality - events.

Now Mr Nourrice is supposed related to my half sisters and brothers - the corrupted practice in Seychelles as in Africa all those who have gained position, post and posting because of our person and responsibilities and then deny everything. What they tell the outside world, their media and the such.

The Seychelles exile/refugee has rights of their own to have due/adequate representation in AU. Mr Nourrice is not the voice of the Seychelles exile/refugee as the corrupted workings of President JA Michel and his diplomats have/try to spell and tell the Black African continent and the rest of the world, he is not the president of the Seychellois exile/refugee, we are a very independent entity and our workings.

President JA Michel government will not last forever, change will come and when they come what will take place if it is anything like Africa - events.

We personally ask Mr Nourrice to read our many articles and study them before addressing the exile/refugee issues to African Union relevant institutions and body. We have certain capacity which even the EU institutions is very surprise of. Yet we had been the one who pushed and demanded that OAU become the African Union. The aspiration for our people and Nations in the Indian Ocean, their understanding of Democracy, Justice and Religious values - Human values and culture. Not for the slightest reason you take a gun for justice and revenge, you rob, you burn and pillage and rape and kill children and elderly those who cannot defend themselves. Forget the Bribe, forget the media and Africa financial plight/workings,. the famine, starvation, ills/sickness and sufferings - exclusions. Those 500/1,000 Illois/Chagossian exile/refugees benefited importantly since return of multi party in 1991 and the 3rd Republic. Across Africa this would not have been at all possible and yet they want/wish to come to Seychelles and Europe and lecture our people and dictate how we ought to work what take place on the streets of London and Europe. In the Indian Ocean our politic and very many National and Regional workings.

We have done a great deal of work with Black communities across the world and their counter reaction. After the Ghadaffi incident we are very certain all those associated with our exile/refuge workings must be asking themselves - what madness prevails or how bad is the African Union benchmark and how corrupted it is for this to have happened and allowed to happen.

That was Libya and president Ghadaffi what about the Seychelles exile/refugee - how fast and with what manner of brutality will they betray us and whatever they will associate with Democratic workings of African Union and Africa


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