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CARTE. Législatives : découvrez les résultats du second tour dans votre circonscription

Posted by sirop14 on June 19, 2017 at 8:55 AM


CARTE. Législatives : découvrez les résultats du second tour dans votre circonscription



Législatives : la carte de France des résultats, circonscription par circonscription


Législatives 2017 : découvrez les résultats du second tour dans votre circonscription et dans votre commune


Comment 19/6/2017

That SIROP program is bade in Europe with the Seychelles component worth $4.5 billion - Monday - 19/6/17, the first Britext discussion in Bruxelles. The French Parliamentary election results and media/political comments.


We/I am under terrible pressure those applying this pressure and we still to write a or some kind of comment

Meanwhile in Seychelles and Mauritius or for that matter and the Gulf Region the utter corruptions associated with that SIROP program and complete political and media distortions. ( A sample of the corruption compare the builders and contractors involved in that Ladbrook inferno in Kensington until it happened everybody the so call officials , the police and the media were all saying everything is rosy, nothing is wrong if you do not such up we will shut you up and silence you or you will lend before the court and imprisonment) They used the Anti Terror legislation to muzzle/shut everybody up those who protested.


That was the state of things in 2007/8 when those who gathered at Davos had forcasted the world economy and finance was in the best of health and performing fantastically well and what ensued. Some 59 biggest bank went bust in the USA, Japan oldest Bank, across Europe the Baking carnage and the repercussion still being felt today.


At European Union level the fallout, the austerity and their explanations, the European parliament and the many new measures, cuts and sufferings Trillions of Euro to help find solutions and mechanism they put into place/Laws and legislations. A great portion and percentage of the mess had been related to the mismanagement of that SIROP program, the media, the political elite, the institutions, the Justices and the policing authorities. The European component worth/Value, the USA component, the Russian, the Chinese, the African, the Latin American, the Asian component, the Gulf Region component, the North America component. The modest sum of money instead to help manage this program.


Last week saw the death of Dr Alois Mock of Austria the person how fought for Austria to join the EU, Austria history and baggage the two wars. the death of Mr Adna Khashoggi at one time one of the world most powerful business man and involved in previous attempts to change Seychelles, Cold War West Verses East - Sir James Mancham and the later SIROP program. We ought to have mentioned Sir James Mancham first. His powerful and many world connections, the world Peace body officials, Africa Elder Statesman and the many other notable world platform for peace and poverty and economic issues. His approach to that program from conception in 1986/87 to events of 1991/92 the return of the exile and events the past 25 years in Seychelles, the Region and world and his many books. The way his life ended - Sir James was very aware of the unpublished issues we have addressed several times leading to the global meltdown of 2007/8 and he used those knowledge to serve and consult a number of important parties and their big business. Sir James Mancham was not political naive and the Seychelles media and Mauritius media would like the natives and world to believe. Those who termed the utter corruption ongoing as best diplomacy and our lack of it or uneducated untrained. Yet for the past 7 years how those used that SIROP program to drive their respective Economy, extracting information and leverage mechanism and dynamic components. What we wrote from the early days of President Sarkosy and Cameron the statement of small green shoot were appearing in Europe supported by that SIROP program and other issues we manage.


Please refer to the many issues we have addressed at out SIROP portal - that Britexit linked to that SIROP program and yet the current politicians in Britain, the court cases, the Lords debate, the terrible media. ( The incident of Ladbrook inferno forget the mega Bank scandals and the grand theft just a sample of the massive corruption associated with this program from Britain and the Gulf Region scandal, the mega investment of the Gulf Region in Britain and the politic) The current European Union officials aware of some of the linking issues. How they handle the Europe component working/Management and those for the Indian ocean, Africa, Gulf region and Asia.


We have addressed the why we went to Berlin in 2015 for that Seychelles presidential - the plea for Europe to intervene in Seychelles the mega abuse and corruption and the involvement of Europe Tax payers hard earn money. The many in Germany who knew of the Seychelles issues, the COMECON, Communist links and the USSR links and the OAU links and the Gulf/North Africa Communist links. Sir James Mancham was still alive then and his respective private views.


As if this was not bad enough what led to the mega exile/refugee exodus - throwing Europe politic and into near meltdown and breakup and the amount of money they have thrown in to patch up and create patch up and messy Exile/Refugee supporting projects and program which is failing and still the flood - the recent Austrian warning up to 100 millions of African refugee to invade Europe over the next several years. ( By the way we are aware as we are typing this draft in real-time those in USA, Britain and Europe or Russia who can read and watch us)


This comment is about France politic and economy this morning - because of the very important mechanism of our French ancestors use to build/apply in that SIROP program those who knew and were involved - benefited, the politic - our lobby to the government of Francois Holland as against Sarkozy to help us rebuild and restructure that SIROP program the French Industries, Finance and Economy instead. Those from the Gulf Region and Africa aware given the dynamic of communication, their reaction - yet what the officials version have been of the Terror activities across Europe and in France in particular. The abuse of Power in France and the constellation of President F Holland government- the person of Madam Selogen Royal, PM Valls and Minister Macron - they all /each knew of the capacity of that program and yet their respective approach - the information we have made available. Our request to them in person to help us and that program.


Sir James Mancham was not alive to watch events in France, his many powerful friends and acquaintances with vast resources and wealth - the many scandal of those employing all their relatives and many fictions/none existence work to extract and get money form the EU and the French tax payers. Yet the very same politicians and personalities getting vexed and threatening use with that SIROP program if we protested and published what they did not like. That program save Europe from a very dangerous and grave situation of Breakup and those who know/informed and yet their respective attitude - they expect things to go on as usual - their mind must be warp or very distorted. Really when you have a program that can help revive the European economy from the abyss it had landed in and then the mega Breakup debacle public opposite to Europe politic and policies - Europe resources and expertise and the media. May be that was the reason Sir Jams Mancham life was cut short the contents of his books as again that of former President JA Michel and President F A Rene the world want then to tell lies/crap/garbage their people and nation and term this our history. The world corrupt workings between the Developed and under develop nations.


Sir James Manchm was not alive to witness events in France and my unofficial plea that he could have done something to help us rebuild/rework that program in Europe and his position - again how his life ended. The French media and the many commentators are refusing to take note of the Macron link with that SIROP program - We are equally surprise at the many older and more mature politician in France their position and attitude - this Monday as the media announce the result of the French Parliament election. Life has its ways the media circus in Bruxelle surrounding the first Britexit meeting and the death of Chancellor Helmut Khol having stated the many important impute and role impute in that SIROP program , the many components.


The question we ask this morning without for the Senate to reconvened - the politic that is being sold to the French people, the world - how will the Majority of the Enmarche politicians react and respond - this program have dynamic which can lend to regulatory issues presenting itself and what and hoe they will react and respond. The person of the French PM his former connections. It is well over 27 years since that SIROP program was initiated and put into place the role and function of French media - they are not going to change overnight, if anything it will get worse , the sleaze and distortion the promote and discuss by the hours and daily and when regulatory mechanism is apply, the loss of lives and properties what they say their logic and our efforts to help develop very many social platform so that other who understand, know aware who we are and that SIROP and attempt to work our issues can communicate and let the world know their views/knowledge.


Unlike past events of Europe were we did not have dynamic and active media possibilities and communication the time and era we live in - this program is not/cannot be terminated just like that to do this required the destruction and disconnection of very many important world institutions, political and church and Illuminati workings. When this happens nobody can predict what kind of world we will have and live in. Many of those individuals who were alive at the conception that program have died and those alive, would not the sane approach to help - lend a hand that a serious debate./discussion can take place.




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