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The EU signed a historic deal to integrate 23 armies to shake off its US dependence

Posted by sirop14 on November 13, 2017 at 6:05 PM

The EU signed a “historic” deal to integrate 23 armies to shake off its US dependence

The EU signed a “historic” deal to integrate 23 armies to shake off its US dependence

15/11/17 (After Prince charles Birthday)


This morning we wake up to the furor of who knew and did not about the setting up of Euro Corps in 1987, then Lady Thatcher and her Cabinet in Britain, the British Commonwealth Masonic /Arcadian workings. Then Cold War, Europe, Indian Ocean, Gulf Region and Africa. Asia, Latin America.


We stress we had battled/fought for 25 years that the UN or EU or eventually African Union given the significance of that SIROP program impacts and workings somebody would have got either very angry or fed up and say to shut them lot let us write a report given their resources and capacity - they have all refused, not done this to this Day. What responsibility, had they do they hope it will just go away and be forgotten and whole string of inventions of events, sequences and history put in place. *(Events between the West and current Russia much talk cold war and Military thematic - China today and the West /Europe do not even know how their new Army/Defense Force got Started - the Russian and Chinese will have a good laugh at their expense - the European media will then join and make utter fools of themselves - the recipe for another third world war conflict. )


The reason at the time we did not go public - it is the norm, was the norm workings those very highly sensitive international specially when it related to military to maintain silence, the media what they published and the gutter press workings and many others. Then those person or high personalities who were had been involved their benchmark and regulatory associations, bodies, institutions and politic.


President FA Rene is still alive and then 1987 South Africa, their politics, President Mandela still in Prison and most of the others in exile. We had had contact with the Pan African Congress people /rep in London for sometime. The West/NATO camp and the East USSR/Warsaw Pact/ Yugoslavia/ Gulf Region one party System, Latin america, China and those of Asia, In the Indian Ocean and Africa. We shared and had to share a good deal of our Seychelles exile workings with those from South Africa, their Capacity and resources then - irrelevant what the media thinks and those good Samaritan - this was Cold War workings. Here we are being very polite, civil and reserved with the issues. The excesses and atrocities and ruthlessness from/in both camps then. Among those alive then and still alive today is President Robert Mugabe and he knew a great deal about our Seychelles exile and national politic. "We would like to expand this sentence - the function of the Wikipedia and other such projects - this does not stop prevent those writing history from their own prospective and false and distorted information - President Mugabe is much indebted to our Seychelles exile /refugees workings and others, President Mandela knew and Mrs Winnie Mandela since she was responsible for many of the issues and learnt a great deal more later, FA Rene also and the issues President Nyerere have never shared hence the manner we have presented out topic about OAU and African Union which have vexed many - those poor modern British politicians because of what they are learning of history the terrible nature of their knowledge and politic - part of those who know the CERN project WWW was to help avoid situation with online information about President Mugabe they are very distorted." One feel the need to lower the current MNA and politicians in an old fashion Seychellois toilet let them wallow in it, let the creepy crawlers educate them a bit them raise them up to the surface, they would have to be properly cleaned let them go back to the National Assembly with their new learning/knowledge (unlike the crap and lies being spread by those from SNP and LDS) He had to make it his business - because their were a great deal of very grey issues being worked/managed and at work then the media and the politicians dared and never mentioned them. How they impacted and were impacting Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola and South West Africa and Central Africa.


Mr Gerard Hoareau had been assassinated and those from the exiles looking for solution - we had come forward in 1986 and presented our option one of them, we did not want the excessive USA influence or USSR in Seychelles future instead the presence and workings of then Europe future and its institutions. Then South African President, ministers, military and intelligence supported this decision and it became foundation stone of that SIROP program and other negotiation and developments. President FA Rene knew about it - President Castro Knew about it, President Qaddafi, Saddam Hussian, the Chinese and USSR Leaders then - President Nyerere and the others. Including the Vatican since we had been in contact with then for a few years. Nothing escaped British, Israeli , USA, Ireland Republic and Northern Ireland, India, Chinese And USSR and those North African Countries Intelligence Service they had to know. ( Much later when President Mandela came to office and the rewriting of South Africa History and the Indian Ocean how they omitted and manipulated and lies about much that had taken place those who said they were irrelevant) Hence we have those super learned MNA form LDS the shame they are bringing on this nation, their mothers, fathers and ancestors. Their callousness and utter dishonesty just to grab power and money like all little dirty politicians. ( Rhodesian Government in Exile - Rhodesia and South Africa:  -  Rhodesian Government in Exile ;)


As those would have put it - Mr Ralph Volcer in particular ex SNM/MPR leading activist, Editor and former SDP Leader, Mr Terry Sandapin and then Brother of SNM/MPR Leader - the magic wand at work. It took them many years, there was more to it. The situation in Zimbabwe and events. President Mugabe knew a very great deal about that SIROP program. It had contributed and been responsible for some of the events and changes in his country and politic too briefly said. Our call for several years to revamp, then President Obama position and role. Instead the mega exile/refugees exodus to Europe two years ago. Those from the African Union their respective positions. Those in today's South Africa.


In Madagascar how the African Union reacted, Seychelles and Mauritius got involved they why and that SIROP program working/impacting, dynamic, synergy and leverage mechanism - then President Mancham alive his role and function with the Elders of Africa, South West Africa Corporation, their double standard. It remain to be seen who will be calling the shots in the fast developing events in Zimbabwe. To remind Hon Wavel Wankalawan his utter dishonesty and lies under other circumstance - he would/could have been brought before Military Tribunal/Court - the conclusion. In Africa his Fate.


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