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Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the Constitution of Seychelles

Posted by sirop14 on June 16, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the Constitution of Seychelles

The judiciary celebrates the Constitution


Seychelles’ Constitution is 25 years old


The Constitutional years


‘It still feels like a new song whenever we hear the national anthem’


The man behind the Seychelles flag



The story of our Constitution


Une vue sur la Constitution de la 3ème République


Lenterpretasyon Konstitisyon par manm piblik


Comment - we have read the Story of our constitutions by Mr Paul Chow and the Constitutional years - to those highly learned individuals in Seychelles take a few moments and work out the role of those young person interpreting our Nations Constitutions issues - those who found it proper, right and legal they can do this


It is not adequate or good enough to say politic is very dirty if you do not like it do not join or do politic the important political implications and influences in any constitution process


Those who have gone and are going that very extra length to write their version of how our constitution came about, Mr Solfus Larsen was a great Banker they fucked up his head properly, because what he knew and had done with others and the need to silence him yet those who say it was medical development and he became a vegetable and those that did this to him their motives -


Those from the SDP, their political vendetta again the Truth Commission will have to read/hear them even the many person are dead and later the OU in n Seychelles who did their dirty politic and use and abused that SIROP program and like drug dealers and drug barons what they wrote and promoted as history. Those who promoted the benchmark you write what we deem is history and we will allow, let your leave a few more years otherwise we will kill you take your life, our experience the many death attempts, the methods , terror , intimidation and brutal manipulations , use criminal method and demoniac method to inflict ills, pain and suffering on one person/my person to prevent and hinder, they when we protest they say you are inventing, fabricating. - Their utter dishonesty and criminal approach - the path this nation have set the example and they ask why we have this mega drug epidemic, if I can could have read and when confronted with other version of events in that country I would have to seek the help of good psychiatric or medial support or the such.


Mr Paul Chow writing the version of history to suit his political interests and the SPPF who wrote what they did to suit their political interests what about that SIROP program the mathematics do not stack up -at the Truth Commission they will have to state how my person was forcibly left out from returning to Seychelles and other events yet they went on to use and abuse that SIROP program and the methodology and mechanism - to deny me the very rights to put the issue in writing is gross breach of any constitutions workings and functionality - to do this we need help this help is being deny to us.


There are greater implication the Masonic establishment interests and the US government, in that SIROP program the Commonwealth vested interests. Having address this currently the many threats on of death and that we will be killed shortly and the threats really exist, they do not give a half pin to the European court or the international court or or any other court.

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