It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 


when we address the issues of Resources given the complexities, mega challenges, the world then in 1980's - the available Resorces in Europe particularly at the time - those of our respective Exile/refugee communities in the countries they had found exile - their national Resourses. Beside that of the International communities, the Interfaith - church, the very many exile/refugee, Grass Root, Ethnic, NGO's Voluntary bodies, Business Networks - the Francophone, the Commonwealth, the None Aligned, Regional Indian Ocean Networks, NGO's and that of then OAU - today African Union, that of the Gulf Region and many Networks - just to mention a few that enable - made it possible to put together this SIROP program  and make it implimentable and work.

We have stated this is not the web site/portal we had in mind, for lack of finance, means in spite of the size of that Historic Program, the massive economic, social -political and financial benefits  it brought with it - we who created, made the due input and manage the issues on a daily basis over the past 25 years have never been compensated, given any donation or gift.