It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

Many of our young acquaintance statement - hints,  "out of chaos comes something positive". It is very tragic that Lady Thatcher is not around to experience this  great Global change - then 1989,  two years after formulating that SIROP program our strong view and conviction, writing and protesting  - had we been allowed to work this program in France, Belgium, Germany or Austria how the Economic and Political changes in COMECON, USSR, China, Latin America, Africa and the Indian Ocean would have been very different - with a complete different Social/Economic order  and the very European Union as we know it today. Those who opposed this, their manipulation of our person and that Historic exile/refugee program -  Then restructuring of Russia debts and ex COMECON countries - putting in place new Institutions, Russia and former East Europe Privatization. The Reunification of Germany and privatization of East German Economy/Industries. The IMF/World Bank benefited - West many important financial Institutions, the new political, fiscal and global arguments. The Financial workings of the world would have been very different. 

We have stated there have been three very important global economic and financial - market crash associated with this program. Those from the WEF the very year the historic global crash took place - their statements we are referring and statements  of the leading world experts and specialist. media coverage  "everything was great and would be better" what ensued,  this highly distorted world financial system - the political benchmark, Institutional benchmark,  political ethic  and the media. (This is the kind of world/situation mankind lives in,  those West media, their controller,  who want the world to believe they control everything,  such as the very name of BRICS and instead of stating it was  The foreign ministers of the initial four BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) met in New York City in September 2006 conference -  instead of the first Conference/Summit/Gathering    held in Yekaterinburg, Russia, on 16.6.2009.[11]  President  Dmitry Medvedev opening speech - due  the gravity and danger of the global Economic, Financial, Social situation and Europe meltdown - Wikipedia have left this Historic important date out and written about everything else that year, Wikipedia 2009, beside that UNIDO 2012 is very floored, the statistics in  particular, the arguments. Wonder what PM Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, then Chancellor would have to say) This is India version - The foreign ministers of the initial four BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) met in NewYork City in September 2006, beginning a series of high ­level meetings. A full ­scale diplomatic meeting was held in Yekaterinburg, Russia, on May 16, 2008.

The decision of those Nations to come together to find alternative Financial and Economic world solution in Summer 2009 was importantly influenced, driven and brought about because of the last major world economic meltdown 2008, as against the IMF/World Bank, the G7/G20 Summits, WEF, other leading Western Economic Institutions  and the formulation, outlying, debate  conception of BRICS. Beside Russia - the West nations, Europe studied alternative solutions the many major World conferences.  What if that global economic meltdown had not occurred - the agenda would have been stuck to alternative Global/world Currency project which, Russia, China, Latin America and the Arab League had been working on. The need to be very blunt Russia and its politicians had/have forgotten that - "under President Gorbachev - {Wikipedia}, the Solidarnosc/Solidarity Lech Walesa associates, current President Council of Europe Donald Tusk, then   Václav Havel , Then East German Leadership, those from Yugoslavia alive then,   there had been a greater/important Plan to formulate a very different outcome for the former East European nation, including Yugoslavia  and nations of the USSR.  {He made a speech in May 1985 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) advocating widespread reforms. The reforms began in personnel changes; the most notable change was the replacement of Andrei Gromyko as Minister of Foreign Affairs with Eduard Shevardnadze. Gromyko, disparaged as "Mr Nyet" in the West, had served for 28 years as Minister of Foreign Affairs and was considered an 'old thinker'. Robert D. English notes that, despite Shevardnadze's diplomatic inexperience, Gorbachev "shared with him an outlook" and experience in managing an agricultural region of the Soviet Union (Georgia), which meant that both had weak links to the powerful military-industrial complex.[19] Wikipedia source 1985/6} . We had known of those issues from both  Europe and Indian Ocean/Africa, Latin America prospective  and had contributed to certain degree. President F Mitterrand, in  particular who knew the vast complex issues of that SIROP program from a French/our French prospective high workings,  his views and approach in particular,  the events which unfolded in then USSR and Boris  Yeltsin  and the London meeting with President Gorbachev going back empty hand - what it was all about., we had already taken the core of that SIROP program for storage in Angers France 1990/91, Lady Thatcher, later PM John Major,  Chancellor Helmut Koln, Italy PM Andreotti, then Austrian Chancellor Dr Kreisky- delegations to/from East Europe and USSR, the EU Institutions, NATO and then USA President Reagan/Bush/Carter". Including the Vatican, then South African high Officials

The Indian Ocean has long been a region of alternative solutions, the Indian Ocean Rim Association formulation after the first economic meltdown 1994/5, USA and West reactions, the floored system which had been put into place encompassing Russia, China and former East Europe economic and Financial system, the meltdown of again 1997, the millennium issues, concern, political, economic and financial  system put into place leading to a highly corrupted global functionality/benchmark at the core of it - the would have been alternative Plan for East European  and Russia economy Financial Structures and that SIROP program never taken into consideration adequately - the global crash of 2008, Nation/mankind on the brink of War.   - we believe we can very safely state the combination have contributed that those nations take this important global decision - . "For some 27 years have not lost sight of the alternative argument for an East European and Russian Economic model including working, supporting Institutions  - under then President Gorbachev {official site} ", what we have addressed very many time to  the Seychelles government from 1991 onward, President FA Rene, Seychelles Oppositions, Mauritius government /Oppositions - the COI, Indian Ocean Rim Association,  the African Union on this subject and the South African government, then  President Nelson Mandela given the relevancy to the Indian Ocean Region. Beside those high officials in the USA, those form the World Bank/IMF, the UN Institutions,  EU, the Vatican, Europe governments and NGO's we have written to on this subject/issue and former East Europe politicians and Heads of government.  We have created this special page and linked to the SIROP program. In Europe the Home of this Program, across the world those with the science, discipline and resource to study and understand the relevancy of we linking BRICS to our online Program. Those who have and understand the discipline of synergy mechanism and science. We intend to use this page to link the many BRICS Resource that will be developed and made available. It would be great if the University of Vienna - Department of High Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary, eventually L'ena,  could lend us a helping hand as they did in the formulation of the originals SIROP 1987 - then Professor Dr Michael Hofmann and Professor Von Hayak among many others. 

7/6/2016 - just as the vast majority in Britain were told/spin lies what helped rebuild the British economy then bankrupt 1981 to 1987, the lies the British public have been fed about that SIROP program importance and relevancy - much more important the complete wrong arguments for those advocating a Britexit, their utter lies and false facts - omitting the important impacts and working of that SIROP program. In Europe since the publication of that program 2012 those well aware  and the influence and impact on their economy and European politic. There after the manner and methods they endeavored to influence greater EU politic, policy and diplomacy. 

However debatable this report is judge in the interests of anybody keen to read the view of IMF/World Bank - UNIDO,  Structural Change, Poverty Reduction and Industrial Policy in the BRICS  (Having addressed on our forums the issues of Sechelles Seychelles - Mauritius Historic Protocol signed in June 2011, the dynamics/synergy - those who empowered, contributed that we deploy this online project for that SIROP program after 24 years, mentioned the person's name. We request the many officials, political persons, NGO, business entities and policing authorities to note - "the above report benefited considerably from discussions of the background papers at a workshop jointly organized by UNU-MERIT and UNIDO in Vienna on 16-17 August 2012". It was between June and September, 2012 we started work on this Online Project.) We also had the COI - RIM Association Network its synergy/dynamic impacts. Wikipedia 2012

Euro-BRICS is a project of LEAP (Laboratoire européen d’Anticipation Politique) initiated in 2010 in the context of the partnership with MGIMO University, with the objective to contribute to a rapprochement between Europe and the BRICS  countries.

As part of its reflective work on European governance and relations between Europe and Rest of World, in 2006 LEAP launched a monthly bulletin, the GEAB (Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin), which acquired international recognition due to its anticipation of the 2008 crisis as early as in the GEAB of February 2006 and from then on. Russia, China and India building new multipolar world order


The Euro-BRICS is a Russian project, the need to stress and underline among the notes hand written, we had made were those issues, that old suitcase in Angers - Loire, belonged to the Epstine/Beloff family - Mr Epstine had been a Russian/USSR migrant. Hinterbruhl/Austria where we had lived was a former elite Jewish residential. Then Austro-Plan, Inter-office, UNIDO 1978/9