It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

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10th October, 2012

Their  Contacts address and information  in  EU, Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa and Seychelles - we currently cannot add other pages - need to upgrade had wanted to add a temporary Info page. Will add the information as we develop the site.

Original Address: 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent, Flat No, Post Code

                            The Weight Bridge House, Hounslow,  Middlesex c/o Hounslow Voluntary Action


                            Paris 1987 address - we had three options - Cadoro Arcade Champ Elysee,  FB France Business Office/Cote Ivoire gold mine share/Finance project ,  close to Gare St Lazzard, Boulevard Hussmann,  Galeries Lafayette,   near Austrian Trade Commission Paris and Mogador theater, Opera and the Grand synagogue Paris - Galerie St Honore - Rue St Honore. With the St Lazzard Office. ( Mr Paul Chow exile project of St Lazzard,) nobody including president FA Rene refuse to remember, that SIROP program $500/$800 million was about building a new city and Infrastructures, in Libya President Qaddafi project my person had done some contribution work and Ivory Coast  President - Félix Houphouët-Boigny  had a project on the table for a new city Yamoussoukro and so too President Mobutu - In Ivory Coat the new City,  in building their Senate Project like Seychelles even if they do not have the Constitution requirement  and other major building that Basilica of St Peter Yamoussoukro which we contributed to and drove/Synergized with that SIROP program. In Monaco Prince Rainier own Project to rebuild /extend Monaco - we had associated working. Much later the Jumeriah development project. {When the Conservative Mrs Thatcher lot got particularly brutal nasty we challenged them go to Paris and destroy/sabotage our workings as they did in London -Sir James Goldsmith knew of these debacles}

Charter and Constitution - 1987/lost and destroy at the Kilburn place and lost in Angers - France

Corporate and Business address - Regus office facilities in UK and International

                                                   - Private and Charity address

                                                   - Sechelles Seychelles address etc., 1987-(Seychelles                                                                        government  President FA Rene agreement) 


                                                     SIROP (Seychelles)

                                                     C/O Premier Services Pty Ltd

                                                     2 Floor

                                                     Premier Building 



                                                     CEO - Mr Lewis N Didon,  Agent/Representation, 1987 - 2000

                                                     Tel - 

( We had been offered a proper office space within Premier Services  Pty Ltd) today Lawyers Pardiwalla, Towmey, Lablache occupy that Office. Pardiwalla, Towmey, Lablache occupy that Office. 

{Since 1986/87, the year of its conception SIROP has not had a fix Office/building in Seychelles, those former exile private home address, their business, the church, Lawyers, business Agents, LUNGOS, NGO's, Charity body and political Parties office, Premier Building several parties, Maison du Peuple, Education places, Public library and museum - archive. On Praslin, La Digue, Silhoutte, St Anne, Cerf Island, Embassy, Clubs, the new Prison at Montagne Posee and Local District Offices - the important efforts and need for it to have its own place. The situation was not helped by the Government position towards this Historic exile/refugee Body,  Idea,  Program. Yet the mega Privatization it contributed to, Private properties return, countless new construction and office development and business Unit - part of the Phase lll Reclamation project. In 2000 former Minister/Lawyer/Judge Jacques Hodoul had indicated we could have his old Office near Dr Michel D'Offay surgery and the Libyan Embassy.}

Lawyers - London, two of the Original law firms








                 South Africa

                 Sechelles  Seychelles

Chartered Accountants - London



                                       Seychelles, Ernst and Young, De Chazel du Mee -(DCDM) 

Consultants - London







                       AU - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Bank Account - French Bank - France

                         British Bank


                         Seychelles - ex BCCI/Standard Charter NOVO Bank

                                            - Indo Suez/MBC


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                        Charity status

Royal Patronage - Europe

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Ombudsman        -

Representation    - Vienna, Austria


                                Addis Ababa, Ethopia

                                Moscow - Russia




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