It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

The alternative story of the ECU/EURO. 

The Wikipedia version who ever wrote it - their explanation. those who hated/loath  both the ECU and the EURO as EU currency 


We are adding a Wikipedia history of the European Central Bank - all those who choose to forget the issues of where this important Institutions should be sited - that SIROP program important contributions/linking synergy and dynamics and the appointment of it first Head. 

 For the past 25 years have been lobbying to get a UN, EU and the past 5 years AU review of that SIROP program - in 2014 the important efforts made to get the European Parliament, Council of Europe engaged and the support of Pan European Union. It would not be abnormal/illogical to address the first BRICS Parliament Forum on this topic/issue.                  
Commission unveils first EU Anti-Corruption Report - the dimension of corruption for those who monitor and work the issues, is double the figures - what with the BRICS coming into place and the Digital Single Market - the Criminalization of both of those mega developments. 

How many remembers the issues of the resignation of all the Commissioners - the untold and unwritten issues leading to this among then the important /role of that SIROP program in such issue as the very decision and building of the EU Institutions buildings.  Like the Strasbourg parliament building and President F Mitterrand, the Central Bank, the European court  and the Bruxelles main buildings.
Then we had the global melt down 2008/9 those who had been pressing the EU high officials to do something about the corruption and benchmark nothing was done and the 2014  European election out come and the current Team. 

Extract Facebook 31/8/2015
We have decided to come back to the topic of Judge/Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey - née Butler Payette, the place we have lived as children, young adults how they affect, impact and hunt our lives - our destiny. As children staying at St Louis we had know the grand parents of the Souyave, beside the SDA School issues of the Head of Police, Chief Justice  right beneath our school property and then Governors Residence. Walking and cycling to the respective great Aunt, Uncle Grand parents from Cascade onward what we knew as children of the old Families in that Sechelles Seychelles. Specially the Nageon Family at Point Larue, Mr Tieno, Mr Raoul  and Sir Clement Nageon. Oh Beside the Mother the old lady as they called her. The property of Sir Clement Nageon was called "Mogador" have addressed several threads, all the Old families who lived at the part/ stretch, the D'Offay Family South East and our extended Families at Point Larue. The Fishing Village, The old cinnamon distillery, The Hoareau Family - much later 1960's then EJ Stiven ex Zanzibar acquisition of that Property, the very rich Saga, events and history including the near drowning of Lady Oxford trying to get there by boat/sailing. (The Zanzibar Revolution, the Rhodesia independence, all the preparation to build a one master yacht out of Takamaka in case of another coup d'etat in Seychelles, the massive building, red bricks from Mr Paul d'Offay) The decision to build an Airport there and the failed attempt to change Seychelles by Unilateral independence - the humble beginning of then SPUP giving Dances to raise money for the Party, the very many many others who have become rich  and  powerful today and the Party today, the SDF today and many others. How over the years related issue shave influence and impacted our politic and nation - the world. We are addressing this topic for Chief Justice Matilda Twomey - searching for some issues  we came across the French series of "Mogador" 1X6 1972 - it is a must to watch - learn the great lessons of life and our world and respective lives. Mr Toby Murrey involvement and the Jivan Family. {" The Lord/the God of our ancestors is Great - those sisters of mine I have not seen for 37 years, their get together this year 2015 and their comportment - people/friends insist they watch the video after they have finished reading their Bibles - beside those Mauritian extended families and ex's "}

Rue de Mogador, Paris, Île-de-France. We know the place very well over the many years, the years we worked and visited Paris walking that Street the 9th district we had/shared an Office there, the Turtle ranching Project, Grand Moulin de Paris/Corail, Cayman Island/the Rothchild Family, the group Credit Lyonais,  Judge Walters and his Pig Farm in Mauritius then, some of the then France prominent General/specialist for the Cold War and Gulf. All those from Monaco/Nabila - our Italian illuminati connections. With the Ibos/Larousse family children. The many important and famous buildings/land mark - the memories of Sechelles Seychelles/Point Larue. We used to stuff ourself with Mosse aux chocolat. Those in Vienna/from Vienna Family and corporate high connections. Our negotiation to take France Minitel to Seychelles. Then Coco de mer, Blvd St Marcel.   

Rue de Mogador, Paris  - Wikipedia

Place de Mogador

Massy, France

Rue de Mogador,

 Calais, France

Rue de Mogador

62940 Bruay-la-Buissière 


Rue de Mogador, 


Rue de Mogador 

Le Harvre

Rue Mogador

55100 Verdun

Mogador - Moroccan - Montpellier, France 

MOGADOR (NIMES) Chiffre d'affaires

Le Mogador in Nimes, France 

MOGADOR (CANNES) Chiffre d'affaires

Mogador - Nice, France - Moroccan Restaurant 

Foundation Stone laid for Anse aux Pins Police Station


1 Reef Hotel Guy Pool Trial

2 Reef Hotel Guy Pool Trial 

From 1976 - 2015, one third of the Nation original population, the founding families, nation builder politically, ethnically and economic cleansed, sent/forced  in exile, their Lands and estates robbed, stolen and nationalized to be replaced by 27,000 -30,000 new migrants and exiles from across the world who support the government, Regime - Ruling party politic, economy and politic of forced exile - supported by the UN, EU, African Union , the Commonwealth and Francophone and global media. 

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This page is Temporary - a great number of people have given their lives over the past 26 years in the course of implementing that SIROP program. We owe it to them to address the issues of corruptions, scandals, abuses associated for the past 26 years and ongoing scandal every day, week new one surface - involving those countries, the governments and Institutions - their supposed world benchmark in combating corruptions and yet. Events in Mauritius have been the prime cause that we create this page. The information we trust it will contain. 

The first major scandal associated with the historic program was in 1988/9 - the involvement of former President J R Mancham, political faction, Dr Maxime Ferrari and Minister Uzice political faction, Minister David Joubert political faction DP, Mr L Betsey and C Savy Alliance  and those Executives from SNM/MPR - the conference in Munich and the decision to hijack that SIROP program. 

All of these factions until 1987 had been for an outright military intervention, coup  or assassination  of leading government Ministers or Army rebellion. Please refer to Forums and site posting, blogs. My person had had a number of  very important meetings with the USA embassy officials in London, the Australian, India, French, Vatican London Office, South Africa, the Foreign Office, Russia embassy officials - a large of NGO's - Voluntary sectors support, three of the leading big five Chartered Accountants, other Finance specialist, leading Banks Standard charter, Barclays, BCCI - discuss either in whole or relevant aspects of that Program - beside some of London Leading News Paper. By then we had three Firms of Solicitors, Lawyers advising us on the legal challenges. Beside those leading British past important personalities and politicians. among Sir James Goldsmith - his French connections who knew our person and abilities. Beside those from the Illuminati and Masonic entities. That program core concept was not to change Seychelles system to change the whole of then USSR, East Europe, China, Africa, Gulf region, Asia and Latin America Communist system from Economy to politic. President Ronald Reagan was very very aware of. Then IMF/World Bank high Officials and then UN. 


Only a handful of those Seychelles exile/refugee had been convinced this Program was possible. Given what they were told/informed about the Seychelles part  - by 1989 some two years or one and a half after the very important Round of diplomatic meeting with the above mentioned - having been involved and held important responsibilities in an eventual government change from a Military prospective - past history of East Africa, our Region, those who were guiding and advising us, knew that none could be trusted with all the more important information about that program, given not just the complexities and the money involved, beside the high mechanism put into place - hence even when pressed by those officials we mentioned provided limited or scant information - the practice in Britain the past 50 years we had been educated and briefed, , gather our information, then get us killed, removed and place with someone in the position they can control and do a deal with. There had been the issue of taking then information available and lodging it with a Bank for safe keeping and we did not Trust this either, some of the elite Intelligence personalities involved and their respective views - finally the move to France - Angers. .  We had meeting with Scotland Yard officials to this effect and  the Israeli and the French. The view of the French Embassy in London and then South Africa who knew all the details and private information about each and every leading exile in London and their activities, capabilities, knowledge. By the way we had refused to meet with some of the Cabinet Ministers - because of what we knew - Britain politic and diplomacy - real politic. 

We also took sound bites and discussed with one or two confidential we trusted. Today having presented some of the complex political linking issues on a global scale including the USA, south Africa. Then USSR, then East Europe and in particularly East Germany. 

The USA, British and Germany had been convinced of the capacity and uniqueness of the Program and its impacts on development in USSR, East Europe and East Germany - Looking back at history, former President Mancham was not so keen at become President of Seychelles in as much as getting his hand and control of that Program  and there by enable him to portray to those high parties in USSR, East Europe, East and West Germany that he had been the Leader and plan the SIROP program and those individuals/Associated he brought onboard from USA, Europe. That was the first step leading to the mega global corruption which followed and super con. The untold story of BCCI in Luxembourg. 

We had build in counter and defensive mechanism and the many terrible incidents and can list them, the situation of USSR in Afghanistan and some of the killings, the Irish involvement, south  Africa and the very policy of British, France and the USA were being affected and impacted. Yet what the corrupted and dreaded media were writing. Their utter lies - distortions. 

From 1987 the President Gorbachev and by 1990 President Yeltsin they had both known all the details of that SIROP program, we passed and shared what information was required and relevant and they knew,  we informed them who was/were manipulating who be it from London, USA.,Paris, Rome or Bonn - the knew of the important effects and impacts of that program on their politic, government, diplomacy and military issues - including nuclear and Space issues and economy. 

The same apply to those in then East Europe be they your Lech Walesa  and his group, the Havel and the others. They were being controlled  manipulated no two ways about it, their many actions - that program could have removed any of them and replaced by somebody else of its choosing - they were collaborating.  All there of then knew it. 

Most important events in East Germany - 1987/8 - Honecker and other how know, his replacement  - it was that SIROP program who/which influenced and decided his fate - what was to be.   they all knew who we were and that SIROP program and the issues of Communist Seychelles and Africa, South African Issues.  All these three high parties mentioned knew of our exiles and who was who, their Intelligence and secret Service in Europe or London, they had important and strong presence and yet what the media have written . The Italian because of the important linking issues between Seychelles and their officials were very well informed. 

Most important then Cabinet of Mrs Thatcher, the British Intelligence Service, then Masonic entities in London/Britain, Paris, Rome and the USA  - they wanted people who can and would do business with them as they do in Africa utterly corrupted their own politic - time and time had opposed and resisted their approach and benchmark - for instance involving other high parties had shared the issue of all three major economy and the finance how we could rework their debts and privatization - the Central Bank of London, the USA Central Bank and their Officials Knew all of those issues what was shared, what aspect of that SIROP program mechanism  was/were used to manipulate their daily national issues and cause a situation or bring then to the table or worse. . . Hence they banded together after they had acquired enough /sufficient information - the way,  they would gather information and help Thrust former President Mancham forward - in London and the Illuminati and masonic entities those who discussed and weighed the options - those political exiles.Given the workings of the Illuminati and Masonic Fraternity those in Seychelles Mauritius, South Africa who go to know and knew a very great deal more.  

In as much as everybody seek and ask for the Trial for president FA Rene - the people of Seychelles ought to demand/insist the Trial of former president Mancham after they had researched and amassed all the required information of what really took and was taking place then. We cannot  and do not know how to stress enough that the hijacking of that Program by those involved lay the foundation stone of the mega global corruption scandal which followed. We had hope that Wikileak or the Wikipedia or somebody else would have done some research into what really was going and took place - we do know and very aware of the many books  written they are incomplete.  Today the man many great positions that former president Mancham holds and supposed to represent - the real whys.. In the many letter to the International Court of Justice, the UN, the European Court and the Royal court of Justice have addressed some

 of the issues and beside all three leading Law firms we were working at the time with,  knew a very great deal as lawyers not allowed to share in public what we had discussed and the conclusion and line of action - they all knew what President Mancham was up to and had that case gone to Trial in London all of these would have have had to come out and a very great deal more. 

We address our former exile/refugees, individuals and Families, Executives who have known and experienced exile life and endeavoring  to do any thing to change our politic, country workings  and other issues. Our Community have shed bitter tears since the Assassination of Mr Gerard Hoareau - the SNM/MPR Leader, his then Executives in exile. One of the important reason he was killed - the facts that we had informed and shared a very great deal of information and he had refused to use/think and readjust then exile/refugee politic - in the approach,  our nation have lost a person who could have been a good President or PM. {" Until 1997, Princess Diana and Mr Al Fayad death had argued that infernal Satanic rage/vibe, mad, CJD phenomena was may be responsible in the distortion and inability for our leadership to address the issue properly adequately, affecting Justice and Policing benchmark, media function, communication - as did/many countries small and great, struggling with this phenomena and respective impacts - blurring their minds and infringing  their capacity to think adequately. "}


By the same argument, if one may use such terminology - the large percentage of those exile/refugee faction leadership in 1988/9 who went to Munich, events in London, Europe and the world and the announcement by FA Rene December 1990. They knew deep down, it had been the issues of Angers - Loire which had precipitated FA Rene to announced Multiparty return. Yet how they turn round and comported like dumbs, excuse the word. The involvement of our greater Illuminati, Templar, Masonic, Fraternal involvement - time and time again this have repeated itself. All those who were involved in the return of 1992/3 and the first meeting of the Oppositions, the former underground Oppositions Hon Wavel, the High officials of the church of England, the Adventist high officials,  the Jehovah witness high officials, the Bahia church high officials,  the Catholic church, Senior Police officials, the Seychelles Defense Force high officers, some of the Judiciary High Officials,  the Civil Service high officials, then LUNGOS/NGO officials  and the Business community, the Diplomatic Service in then Seychelles, most important the USAF Officials, those from Cable and Wireless, BBC officials in then Seychelles,the French Embassy officials,  the Russians and the Chinese, beside Cuban  and Libya officials, Madagascar, the Ilois/Chagossain  Community heads/officials in Seychelles,  then Muslim Community Heads, the Chinese Business Community, then Seychelles Freemason Community/officials    were very informed about that SIROP program - yet when they came to face the nation and the people,  how they reverted to distortions and complete inventions. Nobody came forward and tried to explain the involvement and impacts of that SIROP program. They use then media garbage/super con and crap, propaganda being spread by USA, British, French  and others. Just as they had accused FA Rene and his SPPF/SPUP/PL. For several years when Sir James Mancham was leader of the Opposition we wrote asking for them to intervene on this subject nobody dared say anything because they would be falling on their own sword,  the - utter dishonesty they had gone to the people, Nation and public in their first free meetings and demonstration and since,  they have all been sacred, apprehensive  to even debate and discuss this in greater public. Should we be 60 percents wrong we ask all those who have legal training and office why don't they/you take hold of the Court/Justice  and challenge the many issues we have addressed - better still get the UN involved. This position and it is your good Rights, have lost the Nation and people of Sechelles Seychelles the serious opportunity to being changed be it back in 1992 and today. From that day/date began the mega abnormal corrupted practice, the super rot just as those in Europe, Africa, USA, Russia, China, Australia and across the world  were doing. Those who dare to call this real politic/democracy in process and practice/working. 

We had not realized we would have to make a Mauritius entry this Easter here had wanted to address International /global issues related  to that program and the fact that this platform do not provide for a system where you can write a long article and then hide it and the reader /visitor can clink on the link we had been fighting with this - the situation in Mauritius. We have been involved in at least a dozen of major corporate and Financial scandal in Mauritius linked to the SIROP program - This relate to the Bramer Bank  and  BAI we have posted some issues at our Community forum and will linked the article here. Sechelles Seychelles experience a near bankrupt in 2008 linked in part to that SIROP program - the manner in Mauritius those have managed their economy and large companies being aware of the real impacts. The refusal of then PM Jugnauth 1987/8 to acknowledged the many important impacting issues what we have addressed and had we had a review what would have come out. Today back in government as PM  - had we not publish a good measure of those issues  online the impact on USA, Europe< Asia, The Gulf Region, South Africa, Russia, China, Latin America and North America. 

We have written a great deal about that SIROP program and corruption - it is now the second time Dr Navin Rangoolam is taken in police custody - In Seychelles from time long our respect for Mauritius Justice system - particularly during the one Party System/Era - over the past 25 years have addressed the respective PM of Mauritius and President's for help and support in solving and finding a Solution. Over 50% of the mega scandals and Corruptions in Mauritius is/have  linked to the SIROP program,triggered them. The banks setup, mergers and acquisitions. Over the past 25 years the $ trillions which have passed over/via Mauritius Offshore has been due to the <SIROP program leverage/dynamic and synergy> - the many we had addressed, The UN in many instance, the International Court, the European Court, African Union, the Vatican, The USA High Institutions, In Mauritius  - the Bar Association, the Court, the Parliament, the Police, Regulatory Bodies, the media, the NGO, the Masonic Fraternity, the Chamber of Commerce, the Church - everybody choose to ignore our concern and they just go on robbing, taking those 21,000/25,000 Seychelles exile/refugees to the laundry as they say in Italian. Former Dr Ramgoolam, may not/never have the courage  and strength to do anything to help us - PM Jugnauth and former President of Mauritius,  has stated he want to clean the system once and for all, beside the important leverage upon hi election as President of Mauritius - "the dishonesty started with the election of His party and his coming to office in 1987 on the back of that SIROP program 1987, the many high personalities in Europe, Africa, across the world we have mentioned involved and the Illuminati/Templar and Masonic entities and the church - we are going to link the Wikipedia article here." 

"The National Assembly together with the President of the Republic is a parliamentary institution which plays a critical role in ensuring democracy". Many Seychellois beside their ancient  roots/Relatives in Mauritius are married and have family - children and grand children as such their Rights. 

We have decided to add a few photos related with Point Larue and " Mogador" out there vast volumes of photos anybody care to share. Sir Colville Deverell was a personal Friend of Judge EJ Stiven (Wikipedia does not do justice)- "Seychelles constitution conference and debacle". Some of the highly important aspect of future Seychelles constitutions they conferred on/upon. Them SPUP/SPPF had their spies, they reported - my person knew about it. Trust the picture of the Jersey and Frisian is appreciated - the Jersey was named Dolly after Mr Duglas Bailey JP- she knew about it and so many others knew. The Frisian from the Boulle " Timoo" was her name - the great things about then Sechelles Seychelles, Mr Ian Frost who lived a couple houses down carried out the artificial insemination - "in Diplomatic jargon/political " not just cattle language. Those from the Vet division and Agriculture Dept - those who can think/have some grey matter in their heads. Then Sir James Mancham and FA Rene knew little, what they learnt later. 

Supergun Scandal

Supergun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia document.documentElement.className = 

A supergun is an extraordinarily large artillery piece. This size may be due to a large bore, barrel length, or a combination of the two. While early examples tended to have a fairly short range, more recent examples have sometimes had an extremely high muzzle velocity, resulting in a very long range.

Depending on the design, they may be used to destroy heavy fortifications or bombard an enemy from extremely long range.

Project Bayblon - Wikipedia

Arms -to - Iraq Wikipedia

We have been prompted to add this article after the Austrian paper announced that in Austria alone the bill for the exile/refugee will amount to Euro 6.5 billions and where will /did the money come from when six months ago nobody hand any money. During the days of Lady Thatcher and successive governments how it has been very lucrative to work the exile/refugee economy - meaning the economic assets of these exiles/refugees which get in some ghost form integrated in their national economy and managed and then they scream and yell about the exiles and refugees. The main stream Media and International Institutions they control notion of the Mafia/Criminal who then control and take over the management of exile/refugee communities and workings in Europe. This include this SIROP current role in the USA economic workings, Russia, China, EU and Africa. Again when those were considering that Europe Africa HS Link the cost would have been roughly Euro 8 -9 billions there was not money. When one total the money the EU and each countries implementing their respective Exile/refugees program this will amount well over Euro 100 billions over the next 5/10 years the so call official version. 

We woke up to the new that in Amsterdam the meeting of EU Interior  Ministers to debate the future of Schengen- This brought our thoughts  to the building of Europe back then 1987/88, all those in Berlin today Germany, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid  - Moscow refusing to note because they have been overfeed with Propaganda that the European Development was as the Propaganda have written. Just as this Al Jazzera document pointed out. 

It is strange that with the portal down which have played an important role/part in many of EU after 1991 development and the debate on the future of Schengen what we have written to the French Senate, Presidents, EU Leadership and the Court.  Those in Britain specially the Conservatives their many efforts to discredit, sleaze or have me kill. At the same time manipulating both of the portal to the maximum I manage - We really have been very compromising we ought to have written about those issues right from the beginning forget all the so call Illuminati/Masonic Benchmark. ( We have striven to build important working with the many Pied Noir Institutions of France for the past 36 years - their story/fate, their contributions and impute in both projects. )

This morning those in England raging about Schengen - the facts that we will not be able to travel and forced to stay in England, a controlled and manipulated life  and kill here. 

Our view this morning is the fate of our Indian Ocean Communities over the past 300 years, the first and second world war and eventual 3rd world war - what we have written our efforts and contributions to stave off a Nuclear war - today one of the biggest problem in that "infernal satanic rage/rave/mad cow associated"   the media and communication and what results and the outcome. The sheer hell they create with the mind and people thinking. How they get/become manipulate. However this is no excuse of the utterly backward approach/attitude of our brothers and sisters,  fellow citizens from the Indian Ocean region.  (To cite a historic example - the history written and spread of how OAU became AU involving President Ghadaffi - how then 1997/2000 the talk of the inequality between EU Institutions and the OAU, their helplessness  - given our Sechelles Seychelles/Indian Ocean important connection   to President Qaddafi  and the Francophone lobbied that he take up this crusade -those who knew the truth and never came forward - Instead. Today the African of France  and the world would not have such powerful voice - like the French nobody appreciated and ever bothered to say thank you.) What about that program historic involvement in the WWW  deployment  - under PM Blair government the project to link Africa to Super communication highway/undersea cables.  The Conservative propaganda and hate machine lies. They want to take the credit. 

We want/need to rehost that portal and the bitterness in our mind about how over the past 30 years involving President Mitterrand, Chirac, Sarkozy and Hollande we have helped that France, its economy,  and European, world politic and their reaction and thank you.   Today in  the era of mass communication what is happening. By the way my grand parents are from Alsace and Brittany/France - The politicians still think and function as they did before the first world war in spite of blatant History glaring in their faces. 

Bruxelles Airport bombing and the "Panama Paper" scandal 

We have studied, listen closely the Belgium government, France and British, the many TV station and media coverage - their assessment at the root cause of the Bruxelles Airport bombing and the EU main building /subway, that of Paris. Since the era of President Sarkozy France has been sliding in a state of desperation for the many ethnic communities, including the Seychelles exile/refugees workings interests.  The amount of time we have taken to explain our many issues, yet the so call experts and media writings. A cross EU, America, Asia, Africa and Latin america those who read what we write and explain. including the Arab world. Very important the co relation/impacting issues of that SIROP program on Arab world, Politic, Democracy, Religion, Science, role in the world and region and their communities in Europe. The massive disparity between the NGO reporting of event and developments in comparison to the Government media and international media.  The very many many times we have contributed and been actively involved in the many process they all make as if we just do not exist. ( Seychelles Cold War Relation with Belgium, the many linking issues with that program - after we had sketch that Community coat of arms, the announcement of Bill Gate Window OS 95, the announcement of the making of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy - we took that coat of arms project to Bruxelles University first in writing then in Person,  the announcement of Mauritius, Seychelles and Palestine Stock Market/Exchange) the very decision to have the Head Quarter of the EU Institutions in Bruxelles was linked with that SIROP program - initial decisions those who were there and made the decisions.  Everybody after 27 years of that program existence,  how they comport and what they write. Nobody is coming forward to address/communicate with us - the facts that for some three years those in Europe, African Union, the Arab world, China and Russia support for some kind of reworking of that Program  and hence the many complicated efforts, to get a gathering latest End of March 3016 Sir Richard Bronson view first get a few individuals together to sit and talk/discuss. - in Britain those who work the way they do undermine and abusing this program - the consequence and results the triggering of that Bruxelles Airport bombing. Beside the incident involving Seychelles diaspora Radio station in Canada. The unacceptable mechanism they /that was applied. Much more important the comportment of the opposition in Seychelles, the government and some of the parties in  Mauritius - all those who have benefited from that program over the past 27 years importantly then they turn round and lie. We went to the EU Institution, African Union, UN, the USA, several others,  because one need money/financial resource at the end of the day - we would have required  $5000 to put together a half decent gatherings to get other to come and participate. 

We decided to work at the cause of the money/core problematic, to do this we went back to the root of that program our French ancestral workings  - before the Hodoul Island Museum was announce and that Mauritian Minister Euro Loan.  We have know of the massive corruption associated, linked with that Program for a very long time from its inception and the many government across Europe and the World that have come and gone. On the back of that Minister Alan St Ange announced the setting up of a Maritime Museum on Hodoul Island - the History of the Hodoul Families, that was when we decided to research the history of the St Jorre Family  - we had know before leaving Seychelles - what we discovered and the next morning the announcement that the Panamanian  based company of Fonseka had been hacked and the massive amount of documents leak  - we also informed on our forums that we had gone to the EU high officials, Wikileaks and Mr Gill asking their help to leak document of that massive corruption and fraud regarding the SiROP program in 2004/6.  There are armies of great experts - they refuse to see/note the link between the mega global offshore boom and that SIROP program from inception, Russia privatization, Germany, China, former East Europe, Africa and Latin America. In spite of those two may major incidents nobody is coming forward to dialogue  and help work those issues out - what will be the next major associated incident. We have also addressed the many linking,  then Seychelles Cold War Communist working and then Panama - General Noriaga, the impact of that program on his government events and the USA Invasion yet what those from all the intelligence communities write and their experts.