It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

We began to acquire our education, experience and knowledge of Interdisciplinary High Management Science from 1978 in Vienna - then Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann one of then Europe Guru, personality - expert in Interdisciplinary High Management science. This discipline/science was very guarded and Practice by a handful, few around the world. Upon my/our being compelled to set up camp in London - developed our own hybrid of Interdisciplinary High Management, particular geared for the Indian ocean, Gulf region, Asia and Africa.  In Africa the very few Africans who understood this science until the end of the Cold War - it was  mostly left to so call "foreign experts" to come in and use/advice and apply the respective/required discipline - until the arrival of the WWW. 

We want to refer all our visitors, readers, officials to the last entry at our portal page on corruption - the "Mogador debacles" please note the cows Jersey, Frisian topic, the flying fox/bats, the fisher man then Africa, Indian Ocean Gulf Region, Asia 1960's." How though, in spite our French, British,  European  founding father knowledge, civilization, culture and education, values - they have had to adjust and adopt/come to term with their natural habitat, environment and functionality. The very deep implication. We had wanted to start the conversation/communication page of "Europe - Africa High Speed rail connections" by simply adding a large picture of bats/flying foxes in their natural habitats - many will judge it very silly - yet. As ask very simple person/child in Seychelles/Mauritius/Reunion, BIOT to the most educated they will have their respective views and knowledge.This is not derogatory language we are in 2015 and yet the state of things in Africa, Gulf region, the Indian Ocean - this Program was primarily concept-ed, written and put together.  Instead will add pictures on books, publication by leading Africa experts on Corruptions and bureaucracy in Africa.  We came across this "futuristic and optimistic vision" of Africa Railway and High speed Trains map - you the readers can study the website, obviously to emphasis the importance. 

Some parties in the surrounding of Chancellor Merkle may have noted the new page we have address at our SIROP portal and "Europe- Africa high speed rail connection". The economic woes of Europe and those 10,000 new refugees in Germany recently arrived - Austria, France and the others. We wrote to the chancellor explaining that under the Labour Government how we had been involved in that St Pancreas International Station, the issues we had worked which led to the German   Deutsche Bundesbahn

stating they wanted to come to London - actually we actively drove/synergize the topic and they did come. One of my concern when an eventual conservative government came to Power what would happen - they were supposed to be in London since 2014. The unwelcome approach to Germany politic/business related by those in London and the lie of the British media - what really caused them to stay away. Yet they would have done a very great deal of good to the British economy, Europe and other International related issues - we have addressed this before. If this is the German DB - what about the Europe - Africa High speed link, the Suez Link - the contempt those who hold/have for these projects,- yet their refuge/exile politic and stance in Europe. Somebody ought to point this article to the German politicians and Institutions. I/we could have made a bigger efforts and in facts had we been allowed to go back to Strasbourg this topic would have made important progress - we have been stopped. The methods being used. (" Refugee crisis: EU plans new internment camps – live updates") 14/9/15

We had wanted to stay away from this portal for a while after this morning 23/9/15 events. Way back in 1997, there had just been another major economic crises and those with due reasons coming to my person to do something that the European community/business entities take on board the Europe Africa HS Tunnel Project ( Part of the major economic crash the mismanagement and abuse of the dynamic and associated workings of that SIROP program, its impact on any major world project then in particular that Europe Africa HS Link ) - we say those who used then Princess Diana and Mr Al Fayad son and our warning. Our experience becoming involved in High Interdisciplinary management  of such big/very important  global project require very special high Management mechanism and how they get set in place - what ever the 100 of experts write. There are those Trained out there and yet the can land in very big trouble - in the case of Princess Diana and Mr Al Fayad son. From such issues/experience  how even the Spanish and Morocco royal Family have been very cautious with this Project - their Government. Yet had this very important linked had more progress the Plight of those millions of Refugees and stability in the country would have been very different and the economic situation.  My person have been importantly involved in the Palm Jumeriah Development - I/we synergized/help put int place parameter that lent to its inception and decision ongoing management . Those aware in the know.. Whilst addressing the problematic of the Al Fayad and that Europe - Africa HS project, from an High Interdisciplinary Management prospective - it is the duty of the/a younger person to take this challenge and this is not just any challenge the many grave dangers in Management,  the vast complex dynamics/powers and forces associated. Many lives are at stake/depend on the reasonable effective Management. On Saturday 19/9/15 the Heart breaking news even for a personality with important experience in human loss and tragedy,   HR the Emir of Dubai,   UAE - the death of his first born  - That Saturday morning before Travelling we had been updating this page and some of the topics and the many from the African Union, Morocco, regional nations, Spain and other French leading Officials involved in the project visit to Morocco . We have adequate experience and knowledge is other much complicated project like the Sicily Italy Bridge we synergized and help develop that project concept then PM Berlosconi. That "North African Spring" is not what the media and vast many across the world have written there are much darker issues/links. It/they are sarrounded by very dark and powerful forces those who mange them. Those in the USA, Russia who ought to know and the role  of that SIROP program. Anybody lacking the due knowledge attempting to build together a set of parameter/synergy to propel in place this Europe - Africa HS link. Those at the European Union who have failed and the African Union their respective very impressive resources. (The need to remind all those involve one year before the European Election, we had been offered by a Seychellois Family in Spain their property for £30,000 the connection goes all the way to the top of Seychelles government and former president FA Rene and Law Firm Mr Philippe Boulle, Law Firm Pardiwalla and co, the manner those who fish big business deals and connections "they dangle a bait catch their fish" - my person is not overly concern their are regulatory mechanism which can be applied, much more important that terrible exile/refugees situation was  not there. We had set up a working connection in Vienna 2013, very serious and Seychelles know this.  In Mauritius the madness with Dr Ramgoolam and Rawat was  not there. Had we been able to purchase  Europe would not be in this supers mess with 100,000 Refugee/exile flooding Vienna, the logic of those with massive resource and wealth - the Spanish high Officials had to be in he know at least it was indicated to us. The money in question is not their  money it is money due/owned to my person and work.)        23/9/15

We have decided to add this video of President  Félix HouphouëtBoigny,  one of those great African Head of state we lent our knowledge and abilities. One of those leading African  Individual who supported strongly a Europe - Africa high speed rail link. Other much more important topics.

These Francophone heads of state who were in favour of a Trans Europe  - Africa HS Link 1991 much more important all those who knew the unwritten version/concept for that SIROP program 1986, (Minister Jacques Hodoul attended) - the dynamic used to get this conference in place, ask of Lady Thatcher and her Government and the Illuminati. Verify  the Ml5, CIA, KGB, Mossad, China  and the Warsaw Pact

Intelligence records/Wikileaks. What they write as facts and history

  • Versailles - Paris (1986)
  • Quebec City, Quebec (Canada) (2–4 September 1987)
  • Dakar, Senegal  (24–26 May 1989)
  • Paris, France (19–21 November 1991)
  • Port Louis, Mauritius  (16–18 October 1993)

Africa - Southwest Asia Rail Routes -  The Schiller Institute document 

Given the announcement of the NEOM $500 billions mega city Project/Development by Saudi Arabia ,  the Arabs - Gulf Nations page we have created - Africa Economic situation, the mega exile and Refugee exodus - many of these Projects initiated/concepted under the - about the time of PM Blair Africa Commission - that SIROP program role and functions.