It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

The story of schools in Seychelles  the poorly written history of the education under the one Party System ( Kings College and St Louis College prepared students for the Cambridge Certificate and the London University Matriculation examination. Since 1894, the St Louis College was affiliated with the Royal College of Mauritius) what become of those students over the years.
Impact Assessments in Europe - THE GUTENBERG PROJECT 2012

The European Union and the BRICs - DSEU
For the past 25 years have been  addressing the topic of Impact assessment related to that SIROP program, events in the former COMECON, USSR, Africa, Gulf Region, Asia those who have decided to put this project together - our workings in ~Europe  
Then UN/UNIDO/world Bank back in 1987 when we wrote that program the tools and capacity to study, monitor and report 

The IMF is one Body with a very impressive resource for Impact assessment
Impact Assessment - European Commission

Again the European Union Institutions since 1987 the many capacity tools for impact assessment they have put into place
Building the african union - ecdpm

They have very poor Tools - Discipline, Parameters,  for assessment and monitoring - take the mega topic of the Europe Africa HS Railway 

We have borrowed this video clip form Sechelles Seychelles in the 70's Mr Guy Confait posting Facebook to demonstrate the changes between 1970 and 2015