It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

Global Summits - Those high parties in USA who encouraged we add this page, again had not wanted, our concern over the past near 30 years of world and global workings, the benchmarks back in 1986 and the Cold wars, how the East Block and the West worked their respective agendas leading to events of 1988 and the world. ( Geneva Summit (1985) )

Those who aspired to build a new,  different Europe and world order only 30 years ago, their ethic and values reflected in the Conferences and structures they set up to enable the world community and heads to come together to help find new solution for the world and the new societies being created.   

Great individual over past centuries have aspire to change the world and in particularly Europe - what this SIROP program helped bring about and achieved. They were not all positive ad again the functionality of those global get together to find solution and overcome the issues. As such very few ideas and modern concepts can say they have impacted world events and mankind as this historic  program.  

The very ideas of get together, formulating idea and communication or  communicating  the solution, managing the new solution required new science and disciplines and this program can take a good percentage of credit to help achieving this. 

What about the last 25 years of former East Europe, Russia, China involvements and role model in those major world and  European conferences, from negative impute to friendly co existence and sharing ideas - the crises that the synergy, dynamic of that program created and those who misunderstood them and mismanaged them - what it took and take to bring nation of the world to dialogue and communicate instead of going to wars - this historic program helped achieved this. in so doing setting benchmark, providing ideas and technique, example for the region of the Indian Ocean nations to exist, communicate and dialogue, and hep their nations towards new boundaries, horizon and democratic /social workings.   In part this EDD2016 got us to add this contents, the 2014 events and then world economic situation, instead the very negative impute of those and the results of the two bombing incidents in France and France which had been a major player in formulating that SIROP program having to declare state of emergency and in Brussels the Airport bombing and the bombing of the station in front of the EU Headquarter.  - what Europe and the world would have been like had we had a gathering and the opportunity to talk.discuss  past events of the 30 years and that program and from it get new idea and inspiration for future workings and mankind existences.   14/6/2016

UN summit for Refugees and migrants -19 September 2016 

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How many remembers the old UN Building off the Ring road and the restaurant eat as much as you can - the Austrian media have written their version - there is another version then chancellor Dr Bruno Kriesky-Austrian government -

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Seychelles Oppositions in London  refusal to listen.