It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

The SIROP program was not about the USA - It was to do with the USSR, the COMECON, Warsaw Pact and  China


Soviet Union  - USSR , The Cold War Era

Republics of the Soviet Union

History of the Soviet Union (1982–91)

Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (Russian: Михаи́л Серге́евич Горбачёв, tr. Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachyov

List of institutions of higher learning in Russia

The importance to work out that SIROP program and yet how much to relate - had there been a review or in the eventuality of one. It had not been NATO or the British Conservative which had influenced the coming to Office of Secretary General Gorbachev, events had started moving by then  Andrei Gromyko and  Eduard Shevardnadze, the Indian Ocean Region and Sechelles Seychelles issues - the DP, SNM/MPR Executives and the Opposition in Seychelles  read what the press told them only part. It was very important if those who wanted a change in the COMECON and region Indian Ocean,  a personality like Mikhail Gorbachev heads then USSR those who understand this process - then workings of High Interdisciplinary Management, those from NATO, the Conservative and the  Illuminati establishment, who used and worked with them - issues which Lady Thatcher never disclosed and President F Mitterrand, Chancellor Helmut Kohl  and then Italy Giulio Andreotti, Bruno Kreisky then many Summit's - World gatherings. When in 1986 we began sounding out/negotiating with Presidnet FA Rene, his Cabinet - General Secretary of the CPSU - Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was informed/paramount knowledge until its implementation. As against what the media, the Opposition have written and claim they know. We have addressed some of the issues at the two community forums and SIROP blog for the past 15 years. (Please refer to them) 

However very rich and powerful those who have benefited from the  Privatization in Russia, the need to explain  a few things which everybody hides - what we have address relating then President Gorbachev and President Yeltsin is very minimal. (Again those surrounding Mrs Thatcher, the British Illuminati and French, Italian who knew a very great deal more in relation  to that SIROP program. In working out the changes in the USSR those involved had debated in many instance events that would follow the economic collapse of the USSR and the COMECON - these issues were managed.) The garbage the media and many experts have come to write - we sometime just cannot understand the competence of the Russian Intelligence Service/yet. 

President FA Rene, knew a great deal what was going on and in global business network. In both instance, the Russian and East German Privatization -  some of the wealth, finance was meant/planned  to contribute to that SIROP economic package $500 - $800 millions over the next 10/15 years. President F A Rene  and his Cabinet knew of those issues. It may not have been written on paper it was agreed

Privatization in Russia

Privatization in  RUSSIA  1990 ( Many gaps/issues left out and missing)

Russian Privatization and Corporate Governance: What Went Wrong?

After three years of hosting this portal no link to the Vatican/Rome and yet their very primary and important role - we began to address a link three days ago and those who each time we uploaded the contents crashed the site results just three link to the Vatican/Rome page. Given the dangerous degradation or Europe and World workings - the utter dishonesty of the leading Politicians and their media workings - required to state openly - that SIROP program  function to help bring about the required change in the USSR vast system and working had to look at the core/foundation  of Russia values - this being the national values,  belief, faith and Christian Values. - it meant looking a very dynamic way and manner to revive and bring to the forefront the Orthodox Church, its institution and workings - the current Pope Francis may  not have been told everything given the load of high responsibilities - Pope John Paul ll knew everything was very aware of our workings issues. (We were aware of the values and workings of the Orthodox churches across the world at the time.)

This is not the SIROP Program we had wanted to publish we are being very economical with information and related thematic.

Russian Orthodox Church

History of the Russian Orthodox Church

List of Russian rulers


Warsaw Pact


History of the Comecon 

Eastern Europe

The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance

Structure of the Comecon

International relations within the Comecon

The Sechelles Seychelles economic and political mess is not much different to that of the former COMECON - we have envisaged/foreseen for the highest Corporate management prospective - those elite in Europe, Institutions we had been in touch/contact as events developed. Including some of the leadership of the ex or New East Europe countries not yet in the European Union. It is tragic and sad in life not everything can be written. Those supporting and workings with our issues in then Central Europe had Cooperate high management expertise, discipline far outstretching those of former COMECON  and East Europe as such the manner information was shared and expertise and to who and when. Then COMECON economy, expectation and forecast - Sechelles Seychelles having been part of that system the planned working that a good measure/percentage of what would impact the economic change would benefit Seychelles - President FA Rene and his Cabinet was very well aware. We had trashed those issues before he had accepted that program and the Economic package. (Then  those who write the Commonwealth and the OAU changed Seychelles one Party System) Had there been an official review a great deal of those issues would have been addressed. Those around then President F Mitterrand, Italian PM Julio Andretti, the Vatican was/were reasonably aware and those from then Central Europe institutions and then UN officials. 

Given the aggressiveness of western media -leading to the removal of FIFA President those involved from Britain and USA to rewrite history for their own purpose and objectives, treating, managing the topic like they would/did North Africa Spring/Arab Spring.  What we have written the debacle and thematic is much complex-or and deeper - for Instance President FA Rene, is very aware the emphasis we placed on Sport in the Communist era/One party system, then Sport in the COMECON, anybody en-devouring to understand democracy, society functioning and change is required to understand in-depth the purpose of Sport in any civilization and we did this with that SIROP program, Sport in USSR, Yugoslavia, China COMECON countries, Socialist and Communist countries across the world. How they were and are managed from a High management prospective/approach and the high politic and Finances and impacts, propaganda. For instance we note that Wikipedia has very little on Sport in the former COMECON, USSR and Socialist/Communist countries, Africa, Latin America - it is mostly about history,  politic, economy and war. We had stated that the debacles of FIFA past President was vastly more complex - beside the economy, the religion, media, education, Illuminati workings of former USSR, COMECON that SIROP program was required to look and work the future changes in the Sport working of those countries and the Appointment of the last FIFA President - those Head of States in Europe, Chirac, Mitterrand, Chancellor Koln/Schroder, PM Andreotti, Chancellor Kreisky, Dr Otto Von Hapsburg and the Pan European Union Movement, Monaco Prince Rainier,  Walesa, Yeltsin/Gorbachev, Lady Thatcher and some of her Cabinet - British media and Illuminati, Sport personalities, in Spain, Canada, Netherlands and Scandinavia, South Africa Mandela, those form the UN and then EU and others, Illuminati and the USA who knew why he had been appointed and those in those at then /in then Vatican , East Europe, Russia and China - Africa and Latin America, Arab world Saddam Hussain, Egypt, Libya, Morocco,, Tunisia, Algeria,  Syria, Jordan, Gulf Nation, Saudi Arabia,  then OAU, the Francophone and Commonwealth,  the  mega challenges and work required to help/assist those former COMECON, USSR, Communist countries integrate their Sport into the Western system - what took place. historic events. We do not have section to cover Sport related world workings linked to that SIROP program hence added it here. 


History of ancient Israel and Judah - 

History of the Jews in Egypt - Wikipedia

History of Israel - Wikipedia

History of the Jews in Russia

Claims Conference

Beginner's Guide to Austrian-Jewish Genealogy

History of the Jews in the Roman Empire - Wikipedia

Jewish diaspora - Wikipedia

History of the Jews in Morocco -

North Africa during Antiquity - Wikipedia

History of the Jews in Libya - 

Black Canaan: The Arab-Eurasian Invasion

Lost Israeli Tribes in Africa? -

Where are The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel? - Geni

For two years 2012, we had left this space blank - "they say time helps to understand and acquire wisdom". The person who ask us to finally write in this space. {For 26 years had refused to share the vast complexities of that program with the public/online - 15/2/15 have not even bothered to update our Ukraine forum};  The Colons - Settlers, Corsair/adventurers,  Military, Nobility, Administrators, prisoners, deportees, exiles,  who migrated from France, to South Africa, Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius and Sechelles Seychelles had had some 2500 years of relation/people and nation working with the Jewish migrant, diaspora in the South of France and later across France. Then we have the important Christian relationship - the Holy Scripture,  the Old Testament and New Testament encompassing  the foundation, core  of christian belief, faith, way of life, culture and the very long list."The philosophy/religious/Arcadian argument of the Crusade".  France and its people played a very important role in these developments some 2500 years ago of Europe and the world of civilization and as such how heritage get managed and transmitted. Anybody who embraces a belief is required to study in depth into its roots, origins, history and Arcadian links. It is not amusing to rely on a book, known as Bible,  based upon a race and nations from the Middle Earth, their God, religious practices, faith, ethics, belief, history, laws and use that to navigate, go in search of new homeland and discoveries - which the founding Father of the Sechelles Seychelles nation did.  Whenever calamity had visited them, sickness and death they had turned to that book, belief and its divine contents to sustain and save them. Beside the early colonial era, the pre first world war, the 1st  and 2nd World wars and events of history affecting important that Nation and its people, the notion, human and political understanding of those people in Seychelles and the region of developments. There have been many migration issues from Seychelles nothing like the 5th June, 1977 - the coup d'etat. Using the same argument/debate and approach our founding ancestors had rely on that faith, holy book/Bible and belief in the face of developing calamity,  where one quarter of the population would loose all their hard toil, properties, wealth and forced into exile across the world, the ethnic, economic, cultural, social, political  cleansing they went through.  They had to rely upon the same book/Bible, faith and belief, God during their time in exile and as refugees - from this prospective how we the Seychelleois in Exile in Europe began to rebuild a unique relationship with the Jewish communities, their Institutions, working relation across Europe and the world. In spite of our important ancestral French and European history of taboos. From this prospective a very strong part of that SIROP program relied on science, discipline, belief, faith and values of the Jewish people. Influencing and impacting very many issues and those who refused to know and understand, giving their own interpretation. The many events in recent history of former COMECON, USSR, Yugoslavia and Ethiopia linked to the Program to this day with no solution in sight and some 25,000 Seychelles exile across the world, more to follow and those 20,000 New migrants/settlers from, India, China, Philippine, Madagascar, Mauritius, Kenya other African countries and north Africa, former East Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Jews/Israelite  South Africa, Latin America, France, Britain, Ireland, Germany. The Muslim Faith 

In October 2016, EU held a number of highly important Head of state summit to solve Europe migration/refugees catastrophic situation  and the UN three major gathering to put into place a road map to solve this global crises, importantly Africa, how the American, European and Israel Jews are reacting /approaching the African Jewish situation, part  of sustainable Africa Development - time and time have stressed that, that program played a key part in developing events - those who had failed to managed that program adequately at  time the utter greed, corruption and abuse - please note we are addressing this article extension under the Jewish link of this program - Europe is on the Brink of breaking up, the world a lll world war - the players, at first it had been the wanton manipulation  of the ECU/EURO, linked to the global market and finance system - they had been importantly impacted and influenced by very strong Jewish force. History repeating itself. Russia compel into isolation and forced to start it own economic  global workings, structures. Much more important those refusing to look deep why Britain have decided to pull out of the EU linked to this program. We are going to link a few Arcadian link to ancient Jewish history pre Roman and Roman Era, including to the loss Tribe of Israel.  This program worked and associated aspect of those issues in its development and greater management complexities.  19/11/16

This is a map of Europe and those countries, their respective governments, their Institutions  in the European communities - European Union Projects 1986/7 when that SIROP program was formulated, written and promoted. Note Austria is/was  not in yet - then Cold War. West verses East, their Military, Economic, Diplomatic and Scientific  alliances. 

Yet - we had come forward and wrote/promoted the concept, that the future economic, diplomatic  and military stability of Sechelles Seychelles would depend upon on the Then European Communities/ Union, not the USA, not the USSR or China - as such had put that Program together. . 

In then Europe - it was that SIROP Program which was the driving Force, given the complexities of the linkage, project and ideas gearing, dynamic and synergy development and its management. The objective to bring changes in the Communist and it Global workings -  not to forget we had foreseen the many changes that would equally affect the West, its many government Institutions and systems workings including the UN and NATO. 

How Europe Affairs were/was managed  and very different approach to today's management approach and decision making process. Those few leading then Europe Politicians who were involved importantly in the development and process of that SIROP program - their knowledge, the very ,many linking then Europe, USSR, and COMECON changes, then Warsaw Pact -  Stressing had we been allowed to migrate to France or Belgium and develop that SIROP program form there how Europe would have developed very differently and the rest of the world. Those who knew what was going on and did everything to stop/hinder and prevent this. 

We are adding the link  of the European Union today history Wikipedia. 

European Union Website 

15/5/15 We have been deciding if to extend this article,  instead have Blog a thread and will link it here. 

European Commission Launch of the Digital Single Market Strategy

Digital Single Market - European Commission

(Somebody is hacking this space and adding random picture - when we catch-up - then the collateral muck and their excuses)

Imperial Palace - Startseite - Hofburg | Wien | Österreich

Emperor of Austria 

Paneuropean Union     Paneuropa Bewegung

Bruno Kreisky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vienna International Centre

Indian Ocean Industrial & Investment Promotion Center

(Research/study/proposition 1979 by UNIDO/World Bank)


Cercle Diplomatique et Economique International: Home

Wien International


University of Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace - Schloß Schönbrunn                                                                                       Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna 

History of Polish intelligence services 


France -

Angers - Loire is in France where we took that SIROP program for safe keeping in 1990

Angers Loire Valley


Chateaux of the Loire Valley - 

Châteaux de la Loire 

Châteaux of the Loire Valley

Société de Saint Vincent de Paul - Angers

                                                                     AMIS DE MAHÉ DE LA BOURDONNAIS

We will not go into the History of France,  Louis XIII of France  14 May 1610 – 14 May 1643,  Europe history and the world, to modern France - most important how she has treated her Sons and Daughters, be they in France, the Immigrants, the banished, the long list. The fate of those French decent in and during the Cold War where ever they have been affected - Sechelles Seychelles, have proved no exception. These exile/refugee like it or not did not originate from "Saturn,  Jupiter or Pluto and Mars"- they were French descents, be they exile in Canada, USA, Europe, South Africa and Australia,  the need and their Rights to rebuild and re-link with their very many important Ancestral heritage and workings. Which is what we began to do in 1977/8, as such how their greater European, World and Regional workings function. We had made/integrate this at the core of the SIROP program. Hence why and our abilities to contribute, link and work with some of the very vast and important Europe and International issues. In turn how we could impact and contribute to many important new Developments in France under the Office of President F Mitterrand and President Chirac to today's France. 

As such, the very many Important French high personalities, Republican, Monarchist, Religious, Fraternal, Illuminati and Institutions that have helped, supported and contribute to this SIROP program and our Many efforts and the Issues of the Indian Ocean and Region. 

Paneurope - la fondatrice de l'idée de l'Europe unifiée

François Mitterrand

European Movement International (EMI)  - we have communicated so many tines over the past 25                                                                     years outcome. Including the French/ British Chapter

Grands Projets of François Mitterrand

Grandes opérations d'architecture et d'urbanisme

Paris - The Grand Project

Channel Tunnel 

Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Economic Development Plan

Nord Pas de Calais 1987 economic plan

The Third industrial revolution is underway in the Nord Pas de Calais !

Les Paris de François Mitterrand - Institut François Mitterrand 

François Mitterrand: A Study in Political Leadership

Important Maritime issues

Le Grand Port Maritime de Marseille Méditerranée

The co relation/impact of that SIROP Program  and the French Fishing Industry in the Seychelles

Expansion of destructive Indian Ocean tuna fishing paid for by EU

We had gone to extra length to get the support of NATO - the need to remind everybody,- one of the principal supporter France was/had a very different Military role in Europe and the world 1987.  There are complexities which may never be made public, the appointment of  General John Galvin  1987, All those, including, the EU, None Aligned Movement,  Russia and China who ought to know, over this combine program NATO role/existence had been put/come into question, those who had to redefine new role, new conflict (Obviously President Sarkozy had been taken for a ride or was never aware, when France join, was committed NATO)- the Seychellois Nation/politicians,  Regional politic. 

Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

NATO and its Future in Post-Cold War Scenario

Many issues, articles have been written about former West Germany prior to the reunification - the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The position of President F Mitterrand and France, the view we should not have got involved - the important unwritten issue,  what really lead to the crises/Fall of the Berlin Wall, the envisaged , desired economic change in the USSR and COMECON did not come forward those in the West who opposed - time and  time stressing an economic conception along the line of the BRICS, those old Communist/socialist satellite states like Seychelles, Madagascar, Zanzibar beside the mainland nation of Africa would have been involved also. Those important prominent German politicians, personalities who had supported our Program and cause - when the Wall came down not the OAU or Commonwealth, we the  Seychelles exile/refugee knew for certain  Seychelles would change  - given the important link with that SIROP program - Regional greater Indian Ocean politic, the Cold War. We were able to contribute,  those who recall the return of the German Parliament to Berlin from Bonn - first the Historic building had to be rebuild - how and why that British architect got the Contract - linked to  that SIROP program - those from Lady Thatcher  entourage who knew of the issues and the Illuminati. Later the rebuilding of Berlin as European Historic City. What it means in Nation's workings to be able to make such important and historic contribution. (It does not evaporate overnight as many hold the view - including those in France and the EU Commission)

Family tree of the German monarchs

Franz Josef Strauss

Chancellor Helmut Schmidt


Red Army Faction Germany  -- --   Red Brigades Italy

Berlin Wall 

Die Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

Reichstag building

East Germany 

One of the biggest challenge to changing the DDR economy long before the Wall came down, what mechanism/concept to apply - we had been involved in the process and impute for High Interdisciplinary Management - the Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann, Prof von Hayek - President FA Mitterrand Office. Given the sheer size of the issues/former President  J R Mancham had worked in exile as Consultant  to some German companies - those who pushed him to take over that SIROP program and the conference in Munich - that was the beginning of the filth - which saw/helped the global financial melt down in 2007. We have written a  very great deal over the issues and what really took place. ( The public do not know half of the issues,  When its operations ended in 1994, it had amassed 260 to 270 billion DM in debt. The incident with the  chairman of the Treuhand, what really happened and why) That SIROP program had been importantly linked - Mrs Thatcher, the conservatives and the Illuminati big Financial executives knew. Those who were stealing/hoovering/creaming off our issues and information and passing as the real person making impute. They had wanted to apply the same benchmark/corrupted system in Seychelles. 


The Treuhandanstalt

German privatization What they do not tell


With the mad arguments for a British exit of the EU - those radical Conservatives and the Masonic Fraternity involvement,  obviously for all their great place of Education what Britain has turned out to be -the need to share some more info about that SIROP program. Given that our exile/refugee worked a great deal closer with the USA high Officials, the South African, Vatican the many arguments back in 1986/7 over that program - much more important the British - German Military arguments of a change USSR and Germany Reunified. We had taken part/formed part of this process - what this required and implied. We are going to link three selected article on the military aspects of Germany Reunification - Trust those in Britain from Eaton, Oxford and Cambridge will read and think. " Extract Wikipedia - Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher told Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev that neither the United Kingdom nor Western Europe wanted the reunification of Germany. Thatcher also clarified that she wanted the Soviet leader to do what he could to stop it, telling Gorbachev "We do not want a united Germany".[21] Although she welcomed East German democracy, Thatcher worried that a rapid reunification might weaken Gorbachev,[22] and favoured Soviet troops staying in East Germany as long as possible to act as a counterweight to a united Germany." {We had been involved and knew of the issues then ongoing events and developments}

Die Wende and Reunification

Moments in U.S. Diplomatic History

German reunification Wikipedia

Challenges of Reunification: The Case of Germany 

When the Seychellois exile found/realize their very dreadful plight - political and social predicament - 1977,  they had to take a resolute stand/position - this, appraising brutally and bluntly their respective relation with the British colonial system and past - present. We decided to go further by building very special relation, friendship, networking, political and economic, corporate at the highest level with the Irish Nation - in London, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Australia, the USA, Canada, South Africa and Europe. This decision came about - our talk/discussion with Mr Gerard Hoareau then SNM/MPR Leader - their own historic experience, within Britain and European workings. The horrific and bitter battle of the Northern Ireland people, the awful sufferings and families bitterness. Because we had decided to build at Grass Root level the need to Trust, have friends, support in the learning process, building process and very vast many issues be they in London, the Migrant Ethnic communities or National  - International issues. How we had build important interlinking workings,  covering very many issues particularly the political changes and aspiration of the Indian Ocean - the future if there was to be change and implemented. Their immanence and very significant contributions and help. Given our French ancestral European heritage - workings we owe  a very very great/indept-ed to this nation - hence when we decided to implement that SIROP program, beside our workings base which was Kilburn - Brent, one of the most important Irish Community bastion in London - the many issues, meetings, media issues, political, corporate we had decided to link - most important the Irish Peace Process. Within their  many NGO's working how we had equally linked to the changes of COMECON, the USSR and most important the Vatican working - then Cold War, the UN, the Commonwealth, Westminster/Parliament. Seychelles being a nation of 80% Catholic. Hence when the changes came to these countries, events in South Africa, the Indian Ocean, collapse of Communist - the expectation that Ireland - the Northern Ireland people would benefit. Our turn to support them - return some of what they had given to us - what we have addressed. Personalities like President Clinton, the Bush Family, former  President Jimmy Cater, the Kennedy Family, former President Roland Reagen and very many others - the many untold issues of the Irish Peace process and events linked to that SIROP, Indian Ocean and Cold War issues. The Vatican under Pope John Paul ll,  was very aware of those issues. We had use this/these important connection  to act as go between with the Seychelles government of then President FA Rene - Cabinet, the Exiles/Refugee and that SIROP $500 - $800 millions.( The those who write it was the Commonwealth and the OAU who change Seychelles) The many high Officials of the former USSR, President Gorbachev, Yeltsin and their Intelligence, Institutions, the Chinese, African who knew of the issues, likewise the very many from the former COMECON and East Europe and all those in France/Paris - President F Mitterrand entourage and the Council of Europe and EU Institutions. This Program had to be geared/have due leverage in high global corporate working what really took place - their respective economy, in the North and Republic and across the world. {Hence among the many nation's of the world the Irish have been very concern that this important exile/refugees program have had not national, regional or International review/report as is the norm} Forget the friends we have in Monaco - upon the passing away of the  Empress Zita, of Austria - 14th  March 1989, decide to buy a very large Pumpkin and made three cakes, at 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent - shared with our Community and Families - the humorous issues  and they poke fun at our person/and the Pumpkin cakes. 

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland peace process

The Northern Ireland Peace Process 

Ireland ancient and modern history

Republic of Ireland

Irish migration to Great Britain

List of Irish-American communities

Irish American

Irish Canadian

Irish Australian

Irish diaspora

Irish South African Association

There are to many nations, British, European who hold the view 1976, onward the Sechelles Seychellois originate's from "Jupiter, Saturn , Pluto and Mars" if at that. Then Cold War Indian Ocean, Africa, the West, Europe and the East European Nations. 

History of Mauritius 

Dutch Mauritius

History of South Africa

Netherlands–South Africa relations

Having explained - the concept of linkage, network building  and Europe Resource sharing in trying to solve/find solution to our then Sechelles Seychelles, political dilemma, in Europe and the Indian Ocean, the people and institutions of south Africa in colonial era, the Apartheid era - events leading to the changes. Seychelles important relation, friendship and workings with South Africa, the Dutch and French/Huguenot of South Africa, early Mauritius, Reunion, Sechelles Seychelles and Diego Garcia, in economic, diplomatic,  cultural issues. 

As a parting gift from the British People/Nation to the Sechelles Seychelles - the British Tax Payers gifted the Island/would be Republic with a new International Airport and harbour. the British construction Group Richard Costain and Costain-Blankevoort Dredging Company Limited   was awarded the contract and W&C French. Most important then world dredging Technology/Expertise - the Netherlands were requested to contribute and the undertook the dredging of the New Harbour and the New reclaim Area for the International Airport. The important economic, social, cultural impacts on Seychelles affairs and the region. 

We decided to rebuild, reconnect and rework those important connections and issues for the Seychelles Exile/refugees from 1977 onward.  The International institutions based there, the ongoing Trade during the One party system with South Africa/Netherlands. 

Given the important past historic heritage and links between this Nation and ours - the need to integrate and include it very importantly in that SIROP program worth $500 - $800 millions, had there been a change by military force their expertise would have been called upon in the Reclamation sector and the are leading in the world. The Phase ll and lll of that SIROP program which they undertook the dredging. Hence the very important support a EU and Global level for financing this Program, the many Dutch and Netherlands Institutions and personalities involved. After historic events 1991, return of multiparty in Seychelles - we visited the International Court of Justice and since the many correspondence, beside other Opposition parties about the situation in Seychelles, political process and the SIROP program. 

One important note - when any nation work such international Project there is a certain linkage/dynamic and synergy involved with works back and forth. we had gone further  - because of their expertise had link, the Oil Industry, Bunker-age and Tran-shipment with their Projects, leverage/gearing and National Plan - as results the rebuilding of Rotterdam - European Largest and most modern Port and the impact on Netherlands Economy and European and global politic.

Later, 2004/5, how such very close working resulted in UEA decision to build the Gulf Jumeriah project and reclamation costing some $ 8 billion to completes in 3/4 years. We had impacted and contributed importantly to this development - Costain Group, the Mc Alpine Construction Group, Beatty Balfour Group  involvement and the Dutch/Netherlands Dredging companies.  

International Court of Justice

International Criminal Court

Port of Rotterdam

World Port Center


Netherlands Dredging Expertise

Palm Jumeirah -UAE

The USA, Britain, Australia have always refused to understand/take note of the important and Strategic complexities of Sechelles Seychelles in the Indian Ocean - beside France, Spain  is the second largest EU Fishing nation - Seychelles fishing Industry before and shortly after Independence, the Japanese, Korean played significant importance. From the Spanish prospective the correlation - in the build up to the implementation of that SIROP Program, Spanish politic, their royal Institutions and others who supported, contributed to that Program and events after the political change and since. There is another important issues - link. That SIROP program had driven/contributed importantly to the dynamic/synergy and issues which made the parties surrounding lady Thatcher opt/go for the Channel Tunnel Project and that of France President F Mitterrand. Those who held the view we ought to have used the same dynamic, mechanism in 1991/3 to drive the market and political decision to build that Spain - Trans Morocco Tunnel project. 

30.1.2016, His Royal Majesty King Philip of Spain turned 48 Years old  - we shared an issue of the big Construction politic,  Industry of Britain - also mentioning at the time of requesting King Juan Carlos help, support and guidance with that SIROP program 1986/7 - we had been very aware of President FA Rene respect and reverence, politic, role model of General Franco - then Cold War nations. 

A network of bilateral tuna fisheries agreements in the Indian Ocean

Seychelles is at the center of the Indian Ocean tuna fisheries

The trends in the catch rates for the Spanish fleet in the Indian Ocean

Management of fishing resources and fleet in the 

context of CFP Reform

Listening to and empowering Indian Ocean fishing communities

Spain - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Tuna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Economic Growth in the Euro-Med Area through Trade ... - IPTS

MEDA programme - Europa

Promoting economic development in the southern and eastern ...

Strait of Gibraltar crossing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Political support for rail tunnel between Spain and Morocco

Africa and Europe join together via Strait of Gibraltar

Italy country and nation was another great partner and Friend of that SIROP program, the important players from the Principeaute of Monaco, who had lived, invested and help build Sechelles Seychelles of Pre Independence and the Coup d'etat development - they had lost everything. We used to share a very great deal of our exile/refugee issues, workings, beside Italian ancient role and position in Europe, in instance financial support, the UN and Vatican and Africa.{That crazy flag of ours - they contributed and shared some of the debacles} The very extended Italian communities in the USA and rest of the world. On account  of their high Corporate involvement and conflicting interest - the mega mess which ensued after 1991 and the implementation of that SIROP program - which they/many had helped to drive, promote and advertise. Seychelles government and its Officials. Very important given our French, British Colonial economic and business heritage - they helped to put into place a good measure of Italy unique Corporate workings - we used and developed the concept of Networking and linking from such high corporate workings and mechanism. {The Russians after the meltdown of the USSR and the COMECON used this as core model to develop their own Brand of high Corporate workings in Europe and rest of the World.}  Beside our exile/refugee issues - they have landed immance help and support in the building up of our Seychelles greater Communities working in EU, including our Coat of arms development. Here again the many interlinking, gearing and leverage issues, projects and program - Banking, Construction  and economic in Old Europe and East Europe, Russia and across the world. 

In London alone,  the many Italian leading families we had been associated and worked that SIROP program,  the Rocco Forte Family among others we helped to build their Hotel  Empire. These important working exists, the many new business  around the Kings Cross basin - We want to stress our demand/call the a UN/EU review be made of that Program that way and thereby the officiality of presenting taboo/burning topics after they had been adequately "chewed the cud as they say". Had their been a different Occupant at the White House 17/4/2016,  the brief mention of the Family/syndicated working of the Italian nation and their respective Communities across the globe explanation was required. "  - Back in 1980's the very important Cold War archaic, Illuminati of then Seychelles government high workings linked/associated important to that of Italy - those across the globe and their Intelligentsia and Academicians  - it was decided part of writing that SIROP we would appraise the many complex workings of the Family/Syndicated Italian workings in Italy, Europe, the USA, Australia, Africa and future changes with the COMECON and Russia. The major economic impacts and benefits, right across the board and particularly the impact of deploying the WWW on the same. These notes were among the paper we left in Angers - Loire, the manner information were  communicated and shared and the Church/Vatican people/Officials - hence later the Wikipedia project among others. Lady Tacther and her high officials, the  British Intelligence, those in USA and the Vatican knew all about it. Equally important those from Austria and Ireland.  We stress our endeavor to rework many of those thematic with their Universities and Special economic Establishment ( The very many then OAU/African Head of States their government keenly interested in our topics and these thematic). 

The Vatican - The Holy See

Vatican City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Giulio Andreotti - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Romano Prodi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Po Valley

North Italy Alps Economic Program

In several instance have deplored openly about those who steal/refuse to give and acknowledge due credit - our turn/instant the person of the  Aga Khan IV, contributions in that SIROP program given his people/Foundation working in former East Africa - Zanzibar and today's East Africa and Europe - London. ( This may upset a number of Officials in the USA, EU and Sechelles Seychelles - we politely ask you first to do your research first) We will be blunt - Judge EJ Stiven,  had been a very close friend of  Aga Khan III and we decided to take up and nature these important relation the past 35 years. We politely ask those officials in/from the Gulf Region do not take this as " a fait accomplices. " {" Equally the important help/connection of the former Royal Zanzibar Family in that SIROP program and Tanzania - the lies that the OAU  and SPPF have written, those form Tanzania and Zanzibar Presidential Office who ought to know otherwise. Where they got/gathered their information in the first place."} 

Strait of Messina Bridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We/the Seychelles/Seychellois nation have had over 21 years to experiment with their politic - model and outcome, particularly the Communist and extreme socialist Ideology of USSR, the COMECON, China, past OAU, North Africa, Asian countries and Latin America. Part and one of the important battle and challenge when Mr Gerard Hoareau - the SNM/MPR Leader, later Mr Gabriel Hoareau and indeed former Minister David Joubert - the political, economic and social model we ought to adopt and have. We had studied closely the Scandinavia, Austrian and France model  ( beside the Colonial residue) - the many Seychellois who do not know and ought to know yet the many from Austria, France and Scandinavia who know of the issues. (Among the challenges then 1986 onward of those percentage of the Exile who would return, beside compensation and a proper program to help then restart - the influx of these new Migrants, from South Africa, Europe, Asia and else where - future world working after the fall of the Communism, the COMECON, the USSR - why,  we keep writing had we been allowed to migrate, that EU Expansion program and Europe Economy would have been developed differently as such its politic - for this reason we also believe that we ought to have a different system of Legislation and Assembly.) Any Seychellois politician today and the future who dare stand we want a Seychelles of Capitalist values ought to be sent to an Island by him/herself to rethink. Given our past, present and future region and world development/direction needed to be realistic and pragmatic - hence to all those who did not know and refuse to know the many important aspect of the Scandinavia economic, social and politic bits and pieces we had build into this Historic program to be implemented. (We had followed importantly the debacle of Mr Oliver Tambo exile in Scandinavia and how he/this influence his vision of future South Africa working - we had share some of the issues) Over the past 40/50 years the Seychelles, nation relation, diplomatic and economic with those nations. As such that SIROP program - we requested the important support, impute and these nation contributions - their high Institutions, Industries, high personalities. Particularly that of Sweden and the Royal Family his/their almost devotion to that SIROP program. The many contributions at EU, International and Regional level. 

Scandinavia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

History of Sweden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

University college (Scandinavia) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Relations between the European Union and the Nordic Countries: is ...

The SIROP program had contributed/synergy and dynamism this mega Project. 

Øresund Bridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

" Yesterday in that crazy country of ours Sechelles Seychelles - Anse aux Pins - a very wild place known as Cap de Lelefant, they inaugurated a new road connection. Ever since those who left Seychelles some 70 years ago to study, live and work in Europe took/rebuild  contacts with their Old Priests from the Capuchin  and Jesuit Order in Switzerland." We have been no exception. That SIROP program was concept-ed 2/3 years before the issues of a global Web connectivity - meaning we had look and studied the then global communication workings and the decision. We had done some Management and Marketing training/Seminar before encountering Prof/Dr Micheal Hofmann and those we had attended the Training Seminar with - their specialist field in then IT, Programming, Engineering what we shared. It proved very challenging when we discovered the goof Professor was not excellent at High management discipline, science - he had penchant for IT, Programming, Engineering and associated science/discipline. The important issues we have addressed about then IBM global dominance and then Microsoft, a few others and then Bill Gate. We had acquired the knowledge of what and how to get a young team to take on important responsibilities beside IT/Computer science. We had pestered, President F Mitterrand - given Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion high "archaic, fraternal, Templar, Illuminati and masonic heritage/working" that we use the very advance Mini-tel System of France to use it as core platform for a WWW connectivity - then Mrs Thatcher and her Cabinet/government, high personalities like Prof von Hayek involved and the IT/computer Industry of Britain. It had been some 8 years 1986, Microsoft and the new development in the USA, USSR and COMECON, Scandinavia IT/Technology development. Lady Thatcher and the British high Institutions was adamant that such world connectivity should be based in the USA, eventually Britain as usual - we kicked a major fuss those who ought o know the issues. President Mitterrand and those at Rue Cadet as we/I prefer to call them played dumb - the American would say. On the back of that SIROP program - greater COMECON and USSR, global change the issues of our planet and space future energy - these were highly advance issues and the High Office of the Vatican was reasonably aware. The need to tell the world - Gentleman and Ladies, correction is required. There are/were other important issues on the Table and we were importantly involved - the question where to  Build this project, the headlines - Lady Thatcher had insisted upon the USA, because we were importantly involved we insisted that this Project be sited in a Neutral land/country - had we insisted upon Austria everybody would have gone through the roof, France, Germany, Italy was on the table. We used the due mechanism and the decision fell that CERN ought to be build in Switzerland and the WWW global connectivity. Those like the media Group of Mr Robert Maxwell who knew the other side of the coin and Personalities,  like Sir James Goldsmith a few other in the Parliament/ Britain then. .  There were other complex issues we simply ask those of you to refer to lady Thatcher and Government notes "then archaic, fraternal, Templar, Illuminati and Masonic high workings"- those who kept them, France, Italy, Austria, Germany. {The mega wrong direction with those Scientist and the Project, EU important involvement - we decided to cross our arms} What has happened - the USA have taken over the world dominance of the IT/computer science - then scenario in 2000 and world scenario today 2014. Very strangely,  the Brand new advance IT/computer Science, Communication Campus of the University of Vienna, the future- across the American Embassy in Vienna.  Bill Gate passing on high responsibilities for Microsoft to others - younger generation in January 2014. (We have addressed President FA Rene, his government some strong letter  on this subject and that of President JA Michel - the USAF Tracking facilities, Cable and Wireless and the Atlast, Coconet and Broadband connectivity in Seychelles, the undersea Optic fiber Africa/Asia connectivity and equally those High parties in Mauritius Initiated/Started by PM Blair and his Government - our involvement) Beside those from the/other Swiss institutions how have helped  and made impute in that SIROP program and other highly important associated issues. 

Order of Friars Minor Capuchin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SGS S.A. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

CERN - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

World Wide Web - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Associated with that SIROP program, there are some turbulent issues - beside our Irish important connections, other countries, nations, their Institutions who have helped us - not that we want to ignore or refute their contributions -the Benchmark, International diplomatic working, the dreadful media - who paint issues one sided without proper research and "lob/lump everything together". The Program on Al Jazeera TV 25/2/14 brought us back to reality - the Refugee/exile politic of that country and the very many affected. In the Indian Ocean Old Colonial era, the Lebanon were friends of the Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and Diego Garcia. They were former French Colony we will add the appropriate link. They are in the Francophone - in the Arab World region a very unique link/friendly entity we have worked and associated with - events after the 1977 Coup d'etat, those who build rapport extra friendship with its people, officials and other. In France the issues of the Pied Noire - Lebanese and in Britain our exile/refugee have worked with their communities on an off - beside their high Officials at the high of putting together that SIROP program then Gulf Region and Arab nations and North Africa. For Instance nobody in Seychelles, African Union and Europe care to remember - we went though the process of checking/testing out with some of the Arab countries on these issues - President FA Rene and some of his Ministers and Officials aware, President F Mitterrand officials and some of those in the Francophone - those from the commonwealth who had been arm twisting our person to impose their issues and objective.  We had an important project Managed by BRC based at the Old Post Office building next to the Met Headquarter - aspect of that Economic/work/small business and MSC was related to the Lebanese Community/refugee and exile in London - real Lebanese who had fled their country.  How can/do any half sane nation/people just turn round for the sake of certain  high politic pretend they never existed and those issues were never there. To this day our EU Community relation with he Lebanese communities in Europe. Those form then Israel and USA, Europe who knew of the issues 1986, 87, 88. Then many Heads of Gulf Region States. The Vatican knew of the issues too. The Francophone Officials. As explained how just as others helped contributed to our issues we helped and contributed to theirs where we could. What that Program impacted and influenced and energized. ( In that Program the review of the workings and role of UNHCR in Managing the Refugee/exile process - those in Lebanon who knew at the time why we had put that SIROP program the way we had done - opposed those from the Commonwealth approach - we they Seychelles/Refugee exile would have been on a dump heap or used as football and discarded, the issues of an International  or regional review) The need to note under the government of FA Rene this relation was more dynamic. 


French Lebanese

France–Lebanon relations  - This Wikipedia article is very incomplete

Lebanon country brief  - Again the one sided and incomplete issues addressed - the COI and IOR

Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

Equally turbulent were/are the links/associating issues of our Seychelles - Refugee with be they the/their Pied Noir in France. The/their respective countries - formerly French colony - how we had linked our exile /refugee workings, be they form the Francophone of 1976 onward until 1986 when we wrote that Program. The vast quantity of  linking and interlinking  issues - beside Seychelles One Party system and their links to those governments and their respective workings - and the Indian Ocean.  Those who may judge we ought not to have added this link. Their own exile/refugee history - m we had drawn upon such rich experience to write and develop our on International Exile /refugee program. In Europe their respective communities who lend us their support. When we began to implement this program the impact, the issues it synergized and drove, impacted what the West media wrote the the reality. Events in the COMECON< the USSR, Warsaw Pact, Africa, Gulf Region - their respective Government, Heads of State. those in France, Europe who knew and monitored the issues and what they have had written as history and Official version.  We had hoped with the development of the WWW and respective communication platform/social network those who would have written events and their development otherwise. Their then Head of State we had shared /exchange information issues about that SIROP program, their respective support, how this Program impacted their own government, economy and the changes which came with them/it. The Gulf Region and Arab League who had know of the issues and what later everybody wrote/choose to write. Then Cold War and Communist Era. (Again had there been an official review these are very important issue which would have come out and had to be addressed.)

French North Africa -

North Africa -

Pied-Noir -- French Settlers - African History



The Mediterranean Region  - Just there was a Nord pas de Calais, Northern Italy Economic program/Plan. The Med Region Economic plan was started by/under President F Mitterrand and worked/taken up by President Chirac, Sarkozy and President F Holland. It had been linked to that SIROP program/associated issues, leverage and gearing. 

Union for the Mediterranean

Strait of Gibraltar crossing  - This Project had been started under then President F Mitterrand/talked about - driven, linked/synergize by that SIROP program, events in the former COMECON, the USSR, Europe and Africa,  leverage and gearing .

The many linking issues, gearing, driving mechanism that had been developed and put into place to implement that SIROP program 1987 then  Commission de l'Océan Indien, the role of then European communities and future, the respective government, National institutions, politic, economic, scientific and military/policing. Then Cold War, then  West verses Communist Block and None Aligned in the Indian ocean Region. their Military and Economic, Political  Blocks { the important role/function of BIOT - Diego Garcia} Then situation in South Africa, then East Africa, Ethopia, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Zambia.  That SIROP program was not written concept-ed for those Seychelles exile/refugee only in mind - having researched on the original document 1979 Vienna/Austria - UNIDO,  then 1987, the future of the Region  the next 10/15 years their respective developments and changes. The impacts and influence of that SIROP program on respective Member state - nation. Yet what their media and their politicians have written - we will be coming back  and providing some details.

  Indian Ocean Commission

Indian-Ocean Rim Association - Wikipedia, 

IOR-ARC, a regional cooperation initiative of the Indian Ocean Rim countries, initiated in 1995 after the first melt down the Market crash  and how it affected that SIROP ongoing development synergy/dynamic - from/base at Caple Court Country Club  - Caple le Fern - between Dover and Folkestone,  the Princess Diana Minuette caravan/place of prayer, the Emperor 1bed/Office mobile home ex NortWest Holst construction - daughter company of Societe General des Eaux France. In France,  then still in Office government of President F Mitterrand,  the issues he knew which had caused the major economic crash, the French and European media would never dare to write about it and the two Masonic/Illuminati, Arcadian entities in then France - linked the  Grands Projets of François Mitterrand, our important contributions and participation  . {We had given an undertaking to the Sechelles Seychelles people. FA Rene government  and the COI entities - we/were compel to find a solution}  Dover Castle and the two Masonic lodges/Fellow Clubs - Dover and Folkestone.  That SIROP program played a very key role/function in Initiating this concept/development to boost the then failing Indian Ocean economic  and financial workings, process started under that SIROP program and contributed by the changes in former COMECON, USSR, Yugoslavia and Germany Reunification - then USA, then NATO then Britain. was established in Mauritius in March 1997 with the aim of promoting economic ...

We will be coming back to this issue. 

Archipel des Chagos — Wikipédia

Chagos Archipelago - Wikipedia

Chagos Archipelago sovereignty dispute - Wikipedia

British Indian Ocean Territory - Wikipedia

On account of serious political taboo, dislike by the British establishment, Lady Thatcher and her government, Police, Service to address the topic of BIOT in public had refrained, along with the US respective governments, their Intelligence, the Pentagon and others,  refused to add a link of this very important Indian Ocean regional entity to the SIROP program, it played many crucial role, part, implications of the program. process, the relation between the Seychelles exile /refugees communities and the Chagossian refugees, exiles. More important then Cold War Indian Ocean after 1965, the West verses East Block politic and the very many regional conflicts and wars,  its special role to date. From 1991 the issues of that SIROP program and the new development Gulf nation military, India , Pakistan , Iran China and Russia  beside NATO and other European Forces in the region, the Pirate and defense of  the regional shipping lane and important economic connections workings. We had mentioned how under Lady Thatcher government our then exile refuges communities working in Britain,  the regional refugees situation had attempted/endevoured to promote, present Lady Thatcher government with the plan for a multi nation refugee center, Settlement in the Chagos Archipelago,  funded by UN  and  monitored by them and the contributions of other nations. Of recent the many Court cases, the Blair government, the Cameron government and currently PM May government, bitter response and reaction, position to many mention to this topic. We had also opposed the approach of the Mauritian government whereby that SIROP program had played a very important role in leveraging their economy and political development from 1986 onward and the political position and publication. The COI issues and the Indian ocean RIM Association issues. In Seychelles some 500 Ilois families their deportation/forced removal and exile, the era of One party government, Cold War politic of FA Rene Government and the Ilois refugees/exiles  and the implementation of that SIROP  program later 1986, on their respective issues, the same with the Ilois and Chagossian in Mauritius and later Britain. Yet what was being written and said. We took to mentioning them in Forums, blogs, social media,   but not here as portal topic  link. Very important events from 1997 to date. The many impacting, synergistic issues of that program on their working, the many USA government and their Regional Indian ocean politic and in particular that of president Obama. Referring to the Seychelles colonial workings with Chagos archipelagos, the economy of Seychelles and Mauritius,  how those Island were managed, the personalities and lease and what we had to study, was taught  as children as geography and history. The Colonial politic of the 1960 in Africa/OAU, the Gulf Region leading to this decision and creation of the BIOT entity. Using that SIROP program how it have striven to reverse many aspect of those negative development,  political  decisions. We have addressed briefly the topic of SIROP and NEOM questioning the fate and future of the Chagossian,  where ever they may be found,  that was in 2017. Events of 2018 and this February 2019,  the International Court of Justice Advisory ruling. The return of sovereignty of the BIOT or Chagos group of Islands to Mauritius and the new geographical and equation, economic, strategic,  politic and the future and very fate of the Ilois/chagossian in Seychelles, Mauritius, Britain, Canada and Australia.  Reviewing international conflicts how other nations would have reacted with military capacity to this news. - the very UN. Sir James Mancham  and today his Peace Foundation working of the Ilois - Chagossian thematic, some of his written work on this very Cold War burning topic and today. . In returning the sovereignty of the Chagos Group to Mauritius the challenge this may prove as Seychelles claim will come into play, question. 

Advisory Opinion of 25 February 2019

ICJ: Britain Must Give Diego Garcia Back to Mauritius

UN court: UK must end administration of Chagos Islands


Under then Seychelles government from 1977 to 1991 - the Politic and Policy of the government, it had aligned its politic and economy - with that of Far East, meaning Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippine  - what the government press reported or Indian Ocean News letter. Colonial era/ties with that  part of the world, the government of President J R Mancham. Our ancestral French heritage and connections. In/when it came to formulating that SIROP program we had to study and take the important past workings, economic, Financial, Tourism, Culture, Education, bilateral relation - stressing that then Cold War, those countries economy, geopolitics, Markets, media. Seychelles its regional and International politic functioned/worked distinctively different and away form OAU - Africa then Politic. Those who would have the world believe it was otherwise.  We do not have the space to link and write all the issues. From Europe we re- evaluated the many equally important issues particularly in Corporate, big business, Cultural and Diplomatic issues  our exiles/refugee had been involved and others. How best to integrate this in that SIROP Program, the leverage/gearing and Financing - execution of the Program.  The Seychelles Opposition who hold and held different view and their respective politic. Given the importance of that Program how it impacted the development of that Region - yet their media and politicians views and approach. The development of the Region modern Greater Economic and Bilateral workings and Fiscal and Trade Agreements. (Again had there been a proper review of that SIROP program - resource and time would have had to be allocated to studying, reporting and writing and explaining how the issues had been, interlinked and worked) The/their important impact on the Region Economy and Fiscal issues as well as that of the Indian Ocean - West and East Africa, South Africa and Australia. Equally important those high Officials, royal Families and Heads of State we have seek their support for this Program - knowing the regional issues its implementation. Mrs/lady Thatcher government and her Officials were very well aware and British Services. At the time 1987 we had known - the Officials of Lady Thatcher come to realize and that of the USA, when we can/get that WWW working - the important impacts and relevancy and changes it will bring to the region economic workings and its relation with that SIROP program. The horror and opposition in London. Most important their Shipping, Bunkarage , transshipment, dry dock issues and management and Market workings - upon which to model our working - implementation.

East Asia

List of cities in the Far East by population

Association of Southeast Asian Nations - Wikipedia

Australia have long been a land of refuge for the French/Franco - Indian Ocean migrants, be they from Mauritius, Reunion, Sechelles Seychelles and Diego Garcia for the past near 150 years. There are some 25,000 Seychelles Diaspora - Migrant plus - out of which some 15,000 may be considered as exile. Just as the Franco Mauritian and other ethnic mix influenced their country the impact and influence of Franco/Seychelles Australian on Seychelles during the Colonial ear as did those who had migrated to South Africa. Just as the Franco _ Mauritius  did on Mauritius. To note their distinct way of life, culture and ancestral heritage. The Australia - Seychelles relation until 1977, the first Republic. On account of Immigration challenges - wealth and family,  ethnic issues.  when  the coup d'etat took place in 1977 not just because of Colonial Britain, those Families who could not get entry as exile/refugee choose to flee to Britain, Europe, Canada and the USA. Australia democracy - institutions during the Cold War - opposition to Communism. From Australia the support the exile/refugee in Britain/Europe  for their opposition and battle to change the One Party political System and dictatorial Regime of then Seychelles government until 1991. The need to note/underline Australia economic, political position  and role in South Asia - most important in the Commonwealth - in spite of the Communist and One party System Seychelles, stayed in the Commonwealth and as such its workings along with the many Small nations during the Cold War who embraced Communist/Socialist Ideology, Economic model. From Australia the overwhelming majority had wanted/wished Seychelles to be change by Force/military intervention until 1987 when we put forward that SIROP program. We used the Australia High Commission in London to address and explain the workings and implementation of that program - seek their support. There is the need to note/underline that Australia were not always supportive of our West of Indian Ocean aspiration - East Africa geopolitics - the French/Franco undercurrent and economic workings, the BIOT - Diego Garcia debacle and the British arrogance, attitude they had build in their Institutions. One very important instant was the concept for an Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Center by UNIDO/World Bank 1978/9 Vienna - we had known and come across some of the officials - they too  the British stance, nothing was to  done if they did not give the permission or the go ahead - later the COI, Secretariat in Mauritius - Port Louis, the many frictions. Equally important the need to note/underline in Britain/Europe, we stressed that we represented our high  French ancestral - "archaic, fraternal, Illuminati and masonic workings" this in mind, beside our important Irish British, USA, Australia connections the many important Australia economic, politic, media, Commonwealth issues we strived to contribute, and instant brought changes. Australia supported then Lady Thatcher politic/policy, the USA, South Africa that Seychelles can/ought to be change by force/military intervention. The above said - we had studied the impact of the Cold War on Australia Economy, Market and Finance, society and in mapping out that SIROP Program - the bilateral, economic, Financial, Cultural, education and other spheres/areas to be worked together. Most important the impact of that program on Australia Regional workings. There is the need to note Australia opposed the None aligned Movement. For the past 21 years events and development in the Indian Ocean Region - the important benefits, related to the gearing/leverage of that program Australia and its multinational, big Corporation benefited - yet their media and though we have some 25,000 heads there their utter inability to write, explain or report any of the issues and development. The Australian decision to play a highly important role in the Terrorist Legislation - those who used this to criminalized those less able to promote their cause and explain their situation - and hence abused. Had proper review been undertaken by the respective UN and International or EU Institutions we would have address those/such issues and more, the role of its media. We would have addressed the interlinking issues, why in spite of the important impacts and benefits Australia received/acquired from this program - the progress on the Return and Repatriation and reintegration of the Seychelles exile was/were not supported - instead - its support of incoming  Migration and other none conducive economic issues - which benefited only Australia - beside its geopolitical dominance. . The issues/media,  that the Commonwealth had changed Seychelles one Party System and Communist. Had there been a complete change of government that position and stand would not have changed or altered. {"After events of the 3rd Republic 1993, the changes in the COMECON, USSR, Europe, Africa and the Gulf Region - beside Asia, India and Pakistan - the economic meltdown and the mal function of Australia, the USA  - it was/we decided to put in place a greater Indian Ocean Economic workings 1995 - IOR, events - what the high institutions of Australia have said and their media, their endeavor to take control - this important initiative was importantly driven after we had noted seen the failure of that SIROP program" based in Kent, then Channel Tunnel, Nord Pas de Calais economic program, then Conservative government of PM John Major and then government of President F Mitterrand, Europe and the French Fraternal, Illuminati and archaic institutions, then India."}


  Non-Aligned Movement

Seychelles - Countries and regions - Australian Government

Indian Ocean Rim Association - Australian Government Department ..

Foreign relations of Seychelles

These were two very highly complex linking thematic we had to work with in the conception, mapping our, promoting and implementing the SIROP program 1985 - 1989. (Again the graphic  choice) Very important our exile refugee community in Britain 1978 to distinguish with our Migrant, diaspora, East Africa community, London attitude towards our exile/refugees - the super mess had been their concoction and creation - we had to solve it. We are going to add both Quebec and Canada topics for the time being when resource becomes available will rework the thematic. 

History of Quebec

History of the Quebec sovereignty movement

When the decision was taken to go for that SIROP program or not then 1980's USA - If one note not all the graphics on this page are overly impressive. We are not about impressing. Now that we have created this space Trust in spite of "our ups and down friendship" you will inspire us to develop this USA section adequately expressing and representing the then world 1980's. 

For the past 27/8 years have been stressing  and emphasizing that at the core of that SIROP program were very Arcadian, Illuminate, Christian values, heritage disciplines, associated workings from our French Indian Ocean other European Nations and their communities - world workings. (The importance, relevancy to stress this as against, the Creole/African, Chines and Indian nation working who have settled and become part of our Nation - their culture and heritage, capacity, benchmarks, disciplines.)

Those who understand and have been working such thematic the past 300/400 years. . How they pass on their such knowledge to future generations fit to embrace such workings and their disciplines. 

This said - there must be trial and trails, trials and errors in such discipline. One do not get it them right the first time. 

There is a great gap in both world History, the USA history - the USA at the time of writing that Program could have had another personality - President, how this would have influenced the outcome, efforts, decision making and conclusion. The USA experts, specialist and Media never in writing stated how and the why President Ronald Reagan had come to Power/Office safe a small group well knowledge - In the first place the greater objective. When you have such human positive parameter you can build and achieve very important objectives. Then Cold War, the options. Including the coming to Office of Polish Pope John Paul ll and other important world players. 

Beside our French, Irish, Scots, Italian, German, Dutch, Austrian -   Arcadian, illuminate, Christian working in Europe we had had to link or have the capacity to link up with their respective Institutions, heritage, values and such high workings, politics in the USA to help us influence, lend to decided the policies and politic which would support this SIROP program, battle it our, lend required support and help all the way to its implementation and to this day and the future. 

When one studies the vast complexities of this program - the state of the World, politic, diplomacy and military state of affairs - the world was on the very of a Nuclear War. How those who planned to use the massive global expenditure/spending to help the Developing world, their economy, their poverty and many other needs. 

Very important was the current USA Sechelles Seychelles Cold War relation when they decided to build that USAF Satellite Tracking Station, the very many young American who fell in love and married girls from many leading families and their children and grand children. The important support the lent after events of  1978 to development and the situation in the Indian Ocean. How we went to them and referred the many important aspects/components of that historic program with them and their Peers. Today they are Grand parents - this historic program impacts on the world, Europe and the Region - the American continent equally importantly influenced and impacted/changed. 

Take the WWW debacles, at the time of writing that Program and deciding that we needed to change the world  communication statute quo/Practice, Benchmark and system - the French governments and institutions, we explained the impact of the USAF communication system in then Seychelles, beside Cable and Wireless how it would be necessary to empower, efficiently the implementation for the many major economic global components and world wide communication connectivity had to be put into place. President FA Mitterrand elite advisers, that of Italy, Britain, Ireland, South Africa and USA, Canada and Quebec and those form the UN then. Those form the Templar and other Illuminati and the Vatican were aware.  We were well aware and informed of the Communication system which existed in the USA, USSR, NATO, the leading European countries. 

This historic program took into consideration then USA global role and Strategic Interests, developing future concepts and possibilities - we had had/were required to work vast many thematic with their appropriate high Office and respective Institutions and personalities across all spheres and disciplines. 

This Historic program was a Central European concepted, promoted and managed - eventual implementation - taking into consideration the many regional interest  and high parties in particularly the Indian Ocean, and East, South  and North Africa. 

What is very important the major economic impacts on the USA and World economic workings, its then Institutions and future Institutions workings, politics, policies - this was not a one way street program and the efforts it took to emphasis that this was not a one way street program, the many fall outs and negative impacts, strange development  and very unwelcome and undesirable. Just as we have accused very many of being far too economical with information pertaining this Program - had hoped, Trusted the USA or the UN or EU would have supported, help report on this historic program and in the findings and language of the Institutions and Individuals publish their findings - instead we having to express our views as concept-or, promotor and managers of this historic program. Had this taken place this Link section to the USA would have been very different. The supposed writing of history and teaching/education. Media workings. 

Another very important aspects, the motives, reasons for writing this program the way we did, the involvement of Seychelles government, SPPF and today PL, the USSR, COMECON, Warsaw pact, Communist many requirements, personalities, their Networks and Institutions - Including China, Latin America, Arab world, Asia, the Trade Unions, their Corporate networks, the UN and and other International Networks. Including Africa, the None aligned Movement. 

History of the United State of America  

United States in World War I

Military history of the United States during World War II

Soviet Union–United States relations

Cold War

President Ronald Reagan 

Iran–United States relations

Foreign relations of South Africa during apartheid

Indian Ocean

Cold War Origins of the Somalia Crisis and Control of the Indian Ocean

British Indian Ocean Territory

Normally we would have added Canada important role in that SIROP program and our respective exile/refugee community there and that of Mauritius. Instead will address the Latin America importance and relevancy. President JR Mancham held the view and stated in public Seychelles ought to aspire the nations and economy of Latin america this was 1975/6. This on account of their ethnic mix - working. Then Cold War raging, West verses the East - Communist advance in Africa, the Indian Ocean and Latin America. President FA Rene Socialist - later Communist position - leaning/affiliation to those Marxist, Socialist and extreme left Ideology of Latin america and the Region - Cuba and the small Nation of the Caribbean. None of them had/would foresee events and changes to come. The coup d'etat in Sechelles Seychelles 1977, as in several African countries was supported by those Latin American Nations - Cuba's important role, Government and their respective Institutions against the USA, Colonial oppression, Independence process and the very long list, the Wars  and Revolutions raging then across the World and Region - respective objectives/aim.. What took place and very many issues undocumented, Mr FA Rene went further, his political Ideology, Economic, Scientific  and military inspiration from Latin America, as against president Mancham who had only wanted to aspire the Cultural,  economic and scientific aspects of the Latin American nations.  - (Wikipedia thank you  - you are around today) This/the above in mind brief,  beside the debacle of rebuilding our Roots in Europe - the need to take stock/due note of these important issues - all the Parties involved in trying/endeavoring to change Seychelles and the One party System what aspect it intends to take, bring included that new Seychelles relating to Latin america. Just as South Africa, the USA were involved in many highly complex economic/trade issues - so to was President FA Rene government. We were also very aware - knowledge.  Our exile/refugee in instance had been involved in several complex issues involving then USA Government, agencies and Private entities. Over the past 30 years have addressed the argument that the Indian Ocean is unlike the USA which impacted the region and influenced very many issues - we the Small Nation of the Indian Ocean our ability to impact Africa/contribute to many highly important events, development and what the media write later. This in mind then OAU from Europe, the important links we strive to build with the Latin America communities, their exile/refugees and Diasporas - their history and governments, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Austria, Germany, Italy At the same time with their respective countries - to do/achieve this we had to use our French and ancestral high "archaic/fraternal, Illuminati and such workings, we term them mechanism " our respective and distinctive Rights. In such manner we interconnect and input in a issues that were pertinent and relevant - in other words if we had an issue of Seychelles government of President FA Rene - we judge we could influenced, make certain impact we did so. Again what the media have written and the High Institution of the USA who knew otherwise. We acquired the due experience, knowledge and abilities as such was/were the workings until 1991.  In London and Europe we had taken to exchanging notes/information with the respective Latin America we judge important until 1985/6. When the decision was taken to present that SIROP program we/I conferred with what was then Latin america House, we had had previous important collaboration in that greater Britain exile/refugee economic Program based at the Old Post Office near the Met Head quarter. The Latin  American exile/refugee, Migrant in Britain Europe workings and their dynamic.  Their respective role and function at the UN  and world Bank level other International institutions. Space does not permit that we list the many inter nation/country issues we had worked with until 1991.  For instance  in Argentina the large French/Franco Communities and the Military issues - the Juntas, those who had been involved in the Military issues of Seychelles until 1991.  Those Latin American communities in Europe,  we have contacts and associated with as, ourselves monitored, watched and participated in events in Europe - and in turn their country. They had know of our important involvement in the changes of the COMECON, the USSR and the Privatization.  As such how this/these change would impact and influence their world, country, government, issues and developments.  We also knew that our contribution to change Latin america would help and influence change in then FA Rene - Seychelles government One Party and Communist or Marxist Ideology/System. How they were worked and synchronize - those in Britain and elsewhere who yet argue that Seychelles was changed by the Commonwealth and the OAU. President FA Rene and those supporting him in Latin America and those supporting our respective Causes were reasonably aware and monitored the issues. After events of 1991, return of Multiparty the above said the many interlinking issues - how to implement that program. By the way we have conferred/check with those in Office for their support for this Economic Program - it was important, those who were friend of President  FA Rene and opposed him. Beside the arrival of the WWW which those from Latin America House knew reasonably well and their distance. What we have addressed about that SIROP program the linkage to USSR, Warsaw Pact and Latin America Military Economy/ global business how that program was linked to using part of the massive amount of money being spent on Arms would/was to be spend on economy, education and society, the Small Nations and Third World -  { Those who have asked and question where and how we would get/raise the money for this Historic program that was an important Part/undertakings, - the denial and cover-up},  then President Ronald Reagen formulated policy, then Lady Thatcher government  and part of President Clinton.  From Europe we have endeavored to maintain links and contributed where and when we could  driving the issues of the Indian Ocean and Latin america Africa and Asia.  Again  we have been calling for accountability/reporting for the past 15 years - had this been done the many many issues which would have had to be addressed. The privatization of the Latin America Economy - driven in part by that SIROP program - such dynamic and synergy just does not evaporate/vanish in thin air. Again the need to stress President FA Rene was far able to manage and work  those issues as against President J A Michel. Just as we contributed to the regional economic workings of the Indian Ocean, the issues which impacted the setting up of Latin America Economic Region workings - the linkage. To this day the very fluid and dynamic workings of Latin America nations. There is the need to stress the important Vatican/ Rome played and contributed - without it, some of the fundamental Church Policy and Program these changes would not have taken place. 

Latin America - Wikipedia,

Latin American Integration Association (ALADI)

LACEA -Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association

Union of South American Nations -

OAS - Organization of American States

History of Roman Catholicism in Hispano-America

Nuclear disarmament 

Reykjavík Summit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Communist Countries - A List of Current Communist Countries

Resurgent Communism in Latin America - The New American

Seem as if we have hit "the buffer/concrete wall"  with our linkage topics. Note the USA, Canada, Quebec. The CARICOM nations.  West Indies,  In Europe - Belgium, Luxembourg, Britain, Portugal not added. In Africa, South Africa, Central Africa and East Africa in relation with that SIROP program - would it be better to add then OAU nation structures and South Africa separate. Missing is the/those Gulf Nations involved the need to explain including Iran. Two very important nation entities missing is India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Then those who quarry why we have left the important role of the UN out. Since the deployment of this online version - repeat we have the capacity to monitor, beside those who can the many positive impacts and negative across the broad and a large range of topic and world issues yet -the attitude as if none of these information was/were available  and not being used, manipulated the prime objectives of many to make the maximum money, gain and benefits form it. The need to spell  and state bluntly like so many web project this  project is helping importantly to the very many to rethink, readjust, rebuild very many broken dynamic and synergy caused by the Global meltdown of 2008 - when such is the case it requires a much more important attention, feed back and way to develop it. Very important the EU, Ireland, Britain - 21/3/15

We have written a few times requesting for help form the USA high parties, EU or the Universities we have developed this program together - visiting Rotterdam and Hamburg compelled us to add this link long required -that SIROP program on Political, economic and social -region of the Arab Leagues Nations. It would seem it is a big taboo to mention this in term of region and politic yet in very big business everybody rubs their hands and cannot get enough and then their lies and dishonesty. An example is the earlier beginning of the Sovereign Fund of the UAE and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority we were involved importantly. We came across  Abu Dhabi MAR its acquisition and portfolio impacted by that SIROP Program and yet the distortions and many alternative versions those who write and when trouble land - we get into trouble and they get away with dishonesty.  The Building of Seychelles Tanker fleet, future fate and some of Europe big Ports. We will expand this article. 

17/01/2016 (TCN)

Ancient Mesopotamia 

Persian/Iran ancient civilization


The origin and birth of Islam


Islam and war

Arab Cold War


Islam in Libya

Operation Desert Storm planning graphic / 

Muslim of East Africa and the Indian Ocean

Again why it has taken almost three years before this link - Minister Pat Pillay father was a very fervent Church of England - those families that build/made up the core of Church of England /Protestantism Church in Seychelles, their relation ship with the old Colonial system and after Independence, he advised us when we were young and they are distant  - "It took 25 years of patient waiting for him to stress/emphasis  the meaning of Toulon/boulon." 

The Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugees bitter if not near poisonous relation/experience in Britain from 1977 to date. Forget the propaganda,  the so call history,  the blunt reality of the Independence process and the Constitutional debacles - the would be fate of our Small Nation some near 40 years on and this assessment was not wrong.  Those who know the alternative story,  Britain wanted to get rid of us - we were a liability/burden and a pain. The Constitution handed to our Nation was a patched broth. The geopolitical headache, nightmare they had left us in/would leave us in ( Britain East of Eden great/Famous geopolitical plan/strategy had great flaws)  and events and so call history - our nightmare to find a solution and try and sort out the mega mess. Very important those from the Planters Association who had wanted/looked at the possibility of Unilateral Independence to avoid the forthcoming mess of of the SDP and SPUP politic. The fate and events in Rhodesia. The SIROP Program/concept was thought out, presented,  promoted and implemented by the many aspects and Institution, their representation,  those from the Planters Association, across the world,  other very distinguish personalities and other families in exile in  Sechelles Seychelles. (Not wishing to repeat info addressed on our Home page) Their bitter relation with Britain/London and the Colonial Management -their respective view of the failed military attempts to change Seychelles, they knew how the Oppositions in exile, the SNM/MPR, the SDP, DP and other Political movement were working/effectiveness. Their historic loss, former wealth, influences and Benchmark. 

London/Britain and the government of the Day opposed this Program and Plan,  along with the USA and Australia, Commonwealth Office - they had preferred a Military/draconian solution,  until its acceptance and implementation by FA Rene government 1991 - then they took credit and stated it was the Commonwealth that returned Multiparty to Sechelles Seychelles, ignoring  the vast economic, financial and diplomatic, global changes,  benefits they acquired from this program. This historic program was written and managed  at 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent. The very important Irish Community and other ethic Communities, exile/refugees communities. (The Place had been a former Coach House, Garage and special accommodation for BRC - British Refugee Council. We also had an Office in Hounslow and Mortlake. As well as using St James, Le Meridian, Sheraton,  Intercontinental, the Italian Forte Hotel Marble Arch, Kensington Palace Hotel, the Strand beside other appropriate venues. ) 

Our so call written history until the arrival of the World Wide Web those involved and what had/have been left out very importantly - One very important - is the Origin of the de Sechelles Title,  which Chevalier/Visconte  Jean Moreau,  King Louis 14th Grand Argentein acquired and the associated history. The Tyrel were close, blood relative of William the Bastard of Normandy who invaded England  and his dynasty and the very extended Tyrel families/English spelling in Britain, beside Northern France, USA, Canada, Australia and in migration -their functionality over the ages and today- beside Visconte Jean Moreau de Sechelles families. . The significant importance/relevancy. 

Anglo-French War (1778–83)

Invasion of Isle de France

Congress of Vienna  September 1814 to June 1815

Diego Garcia

British Indian Ocean Territory

United Kingdom

United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2016 ...

Brexit - Wikipedia


We are adding the Sechelles Seychelles Australia and New Zealand  together - it may upset many - we can expand them later. 

There are some 30,000 Seychellois exile/migrant in Australia, in New Zealand a few dozens families  and some 150,000 Mauritian Old and new migrant in Australia, some forming/consisting  part of the old Seychellois Franco families of the Indian Ocean. 


New Zealand


The Indian Ocean nations of Mauritius, Seychelles and Reunion have had a very long link since the founding  of then South Africa, the Dutch and the Huguenots. 

Amidst the impending independence and liberation movements, the wars, famine, corruptions and mismanagement given South Africa somewhat unique nation building block and resources how they were exploited and managed made the second destinations where Seychellois families, individuals would go in search of new possibilities and settle. This further foster special relationship, understanding  and trust. Beside the Cold War position of South Africa supported somewhat by many Western Nations in the face of Communist and extreme ideologies. With impending Independence coming to then Seychelles how many of the Planter look towards South Africa for moral support and solutions, beside Trade, Education and Medical workings. It was only natural after Independence we look in their direction for future developments. When the coup d'etat took place, the many who had advised then Seychellois to be careful/aware - for some 10 years look towards them for technical and political support, country of refuge/exile -  so too did the One Party system of Seychelles and the Sanction/Embargo covert operations. 

From Europe we had developed a good relation with their respective Embassy and Trade Delegation in Vienna, Paris and London.  Beside the Military incidents. 

Given the uniqueness of their Politic, diplomacy and military capacity those from the Seychelles exile/refugee factions who developed and build special workings connections and relationship which helped very importantly to formulate that SIROP program in later stage, getting many of the big nations to think and begin accepting it - the logic of it. We also spend times in meeting their Officials and comparing notes. From the Acceptance to implementation of that Program under the Apartheid government to the New Republic of South Africa and current South Africa important bilateral workings with Seychelles. It must also be stressed the very important impacts in Political, Social, Economic and Diplomatic/Democratic process lent/contribution. Both the Leadership of the South Africa Old Regime, Military, Intelligence and other Institution were very aware and the impacting issues of the ANC and the change to the New South Africa. Today South Africa is the number one Trading, Economic partner of Seychelles with Africa. 

History of South Africa

South African Border War

The Rise and Fall of Apartheid in Pictures


Without the dogheadedness - hardheadedness,   of President F Mitterrand there would not have been a European Parliament building. - Our contributions and impute associated. 

That historic SIROP program impacted importantly the reintroduction of Heraldry and Heraldic working, science, discipline back in the former East Europe and Russia. The program was designed/map out to use very important Central European Heraldic/Heraldry to help achieve it objectives - how they were applied, because these countries given their Political status - Communist system did not believe in its functionality. 

Added the fact that the SIROP program contributed importantly to the development  and deployment of the WWW and the important relation in propagating Heraldic/Heraldry working in former East Europe and Russia beside the rest of the world. 

The Program was put together to impact the Cold War political workings of the Indian Ocean Region as such the Colonial nations, the many, their  Heraldry, Heraldic heritage, science, discipline. Today as in the past the relevancy and importance of this discipline and science - heritage. {Had we got the UN, Commonwealth, Francophone involved they would have opposed such discipline, science being included applied in a Refugee/exile Repatriation Program.}

We are adding three important links here for those wishing to be enlightened in this science, discipline. 

Portal:Heraldry/Web resources

Heraldry of the World

Cyndi's List

Heraldry » Societies & Groups


Upon our visit back to Strasbourg 2014 - 30 years having been away - then newly opened Strasbourg University Library - research, the Dagobert dynasty - 


In Europe those involved at the time 1987 with that SIROP program were familiar - the important French royal Family involvements for several years including the era of President Chirac - correspondence and very many impacting issues - we had trusted to resolve some of those issues last year - we need to resolve them. There are links to country page and history and Institutions - these issues require separate attention. 

Prince Louis, Duke of Anjou

Henri d'Orléans, Count of Paris

Charles, Prince Napoléon 

Jean-Christophe, Prince Napoléon

We had said from the outset this project ought to have been undertaken differently after 26 years. There are vast many who forgets and have forgotten the world - the Cold War world of 1980's until we wrote that Historic Program rather was written. The large majority of our people, responsible in Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar and the region knew nothing - they had totally opposite views - the "mega battle they would say battle Royal" and indeed it was a Royal battle to get them convinced and grasp what we were endeavoring to achieve. We had to turn to the Vatican mostly then in Office Pope,  John Paul ll - they knew  and our responsibilities to let them know and inform them of many of our important development and issues/burning or not.  This takes us to the state of then Cold War Europe functioning Royal institutions including those of then France. We knew and President F Mitterrand and those who worked and supported such issues we had to be very careful - the many time we got sheer hell from President F Mitterrand side, the important elements of Europe socialist Block who had been in favor and supported this program - it went  all the way to Europe and then USSR and East Europe and the Indian Ocean, the UN, the World Bank/IMF  when we over stretch and over stepped. The East European and Russian royalty Institutions, network were none existence and underground if any. The core and primary engagement of the then royal Institutions and high personalities - was as had been envisaged if/should the concept work - then a new era/new beginning on European Royal high workings and that of former East Europe. Beside their workings in the World global issues.  One,  just do not work those issues on invention or presences. One is required to engage their vast many issues very intensively Never in modern history of mankind or European history had such a collaboration, deep commitments come about - this included the Vatican issues.  Today we have floods of online projects and projects which have been build, come about as a results of those great ideas and concept back in 1987. They were paramount in the equation to drive the mass of energy/synergy to make the change possible - we are talking of the USSR and Warsaw Pact highly complexes Military, scientific, Intelligence  and national/regions Institutions. Those royal that we had chosen and took respective unique roles.  Today they are completely forgotten and the media - for them - they just do not exist. The White House occupants, the USA high Institutions we involved, they had to required to understand the issues and process - it would be great if those gentleman from the Intelligence community in the USA presented some slanted issues on this subject, then we will see very very strange things. Those who judge they were more royal than the royal of Europe and East Europe - these are core debacles we had been  compel to work out.  Today there are abundant Royal projects and the concern that those involved choose to forget they were not/never that way had it not been for that SIROP program. For this reason we stressed when the global meltdown impacted Europe the way it did  and the mountain of financial resources they threw into the system to avoid  and complete disintegration - they/we need to go back to the original formulation of that SIROP program - those original high Institutions involved their high mechanism - distinctive to that of the European Union. They had been and formed part of the important process, synergy and dynamic creating - driving mechanism.  "We have noted the lack of information about the state of things back in the Cold War confirming what we have written.


Constitutional Monarchies and Republics in Europe

. Monarchies in Europe - Wikipedia,

List of current sovereign monarchs - Wikipedia,

All About Royal Families

The History of Europe - European Royalty

Abolished monarchy - Wikipedia,

Royal and noble ranks - Wikipedia,


Again we would like to stress this is not the way we had wanted this project to develop.  Having presented just  a few issues concerning that SIROP program and the Royal of then Europe and former Communist Europe, the issues of Higher Education in the Gulf Region - Arab world, the Indian Ocean. For a brief moment just imagine the UN or EU accept/support a Review of that program and the many associated issues - there would be a media circus on a scale never seen - then the thousands of officials throwing their respective resources at the Program Review Process. On our Blog we had introduced the topics in brief of the important global Projects, Programs, Development plans in all their multidisciplinary entirety - including Medicine, Science and Space Development science - Travel. Oceanic development how humans could leave under the sea and colonized it, the technology to recapture the deserts and turn them Green/produce food. The great and positive ideas about the Silicone Valley Project in the USA - all those from Europe then who knew the issues and were involved and what in the end it has turned out to be.  To address this we will have to create another page dedicated primarily to this- we had foreseen this situation coming - among unique projects the Wikipedia with records of a great deal of those issues however inaccurate. The question how do/to we fusion the information together. Without wishing to get anybody in the USA angry and concern - there was a Project to develop a mega underground Secure place to store those data - because the West/Europe did not have adequate knowledge and resources - if those could help us. These issues had brought new science into gearing discipline, leverage and their management  - including the global finance issues at the time - the Banking entities of Europe, Americas, Asia,  and the rest of the world. In Austria when we spoke with some of the officials about Dr Prof Micheal Hofmann health - their view - well he had to cope with the new many emerging then 1987/88/89 required high management parameters and their again the USA, the Russian, Chinese and others who knew him better because were stuck in London - how they monitored and managed the issues with him. There were very many other important such person - he had been our very special selection. This had not been a concept/approach and vision  the West had won over Communism and we would develop control system and mechanism it was a very positive and very complete different scenario to that  which followed and ensued. Those who were not there and involved how they developed their own little agendas and the outcome a super mess. Or to prove they had the Powers and Resources. Why does not President Gorbachev speak, those around then President Ronald Reagan, those around then President F Mitterrand and then Italian PM.Those around then Pope John Paul ll. What about the many for them UN 1987/88/89 in the know, who participated.  At the same time we were not naive about the real challenges and world problematic. Overcoming them. Everybody allowed those in London/Britain to make a supers mes of everything just because we had to manage this program form this country. Their vested interests. How they hijacked the many issue and presented as their inventions, made vast fortune and wealth, developed their Finance and banking system to control because they had been aware of the very many important issues - yet their media how they presented and went about conning the world the lopsided  ideas to the world. Where they got the ideas. In a proper review like it or not all these would have to be addressed. Little the world, the USA knew what a dog headed person President FA Rene was - those who talk of Cuba - "we had to have far far better options to come to him not just with that $500 - $800 millions Economic program of Seychelles" he formed part of then Global Communist and extreme Socialist workings, Diplomatic, Economic and Military and their respective networks elites. How they managed their affairs, took high decisions, process and issues then Cold War world.  


Having stated that SIROP program formed part of greater European and global initiatives to prevent a 3rd world War. The important role of those European Royal entities. Their respective Institutions and functionality. One f the biggest challenge of working and managing such mega global issues - concepts - the distinct difference between elected people/Citizens government and the Royal Institutions. One have between one to Five years to work such issues with a given respective European government - those who were importantly involved, a crises came and they fell, compelled to change, all the officials and ministers - PM.  Come the next government they may take on board the old issues in most case one have  to start from scratch/allover again - the wasted energy, time and resources and the challenge, collateral  -  to convinced them again  - this over a time span of 27 years. 

Where as with the Royal high personalities and their Institutions,  Officials - we have had the privilege and opportunities to work the SIROP many issues over the past 27 years - the young Royal growing up, building their respective Families,  who were/have been brought by to know, acquaint,  understand, manage those great European and world issues relevant to peace and War affecting and impacting their very person and Institutions. Again given this uniqueness of several generations of management and knowledge of European high political workings  and respective place/function in world affairs - able to play such a significant and important contributory role in high management discipline developed and applied to make/contribute, lend  to the Changes in Europe then ongoing 1978, the COMECON, USSR. Most important in spite of the massive European Union structures, resources,  data, information and knowledge - intelligence - all those who for high political reasons and associated objective jettison and prefers to bury or cast aside many of the great European events, refute,  process leading to the European we have today, hence the mega upheavals/turbulence including that SIROP program  - the Royal played a very different role - they may and have equally been impacted and affected - given the uniqueness of their system and Institutions able to address some of the/those  taboo aspects of that SIROP program with clarity and acknowledging  the respective parameters that program had been developed upon back in 1987.  Beside the significant role/linkage with the Church and christian belief as part of the core European values, heritage - very existence. ( By the way, Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann who specialized in the science/discipline of high management studied, appraisal and critics - went/delved in those issues of European Royals, their institutions and high associated management disciplines before and in the process of applying them - involving many of the COMECON, USSR and EU issues. He did not act alone he had associates and colleagues in many leading European, USA and British Universities)


Just as we got that young Mauritian leading female athlete to synergize our person into finally not waiting for a review of that program be it the Seychelles government, the COI, the African Union, the UN and EU - but to present some of the core issues - this day we have a young lady from Sechelles Seychelles graduated University of London - International Programmes,  the issues we have addressed  and the resentment. 

Having written that President Gorbachev missed the golden opportunity to put into place a very different East European and Russian Economic and social order back in 1986/7, those who may/will resent this statement because they were just pawn then in the issues - then European academic education, Britain and the USA.  Those from India and their media who have drummed their version of events. That program was compel to look into the future of the Indian Ocean Region after the Communist change and end of Cold War these are facts. "Do we just sing and dace happily ever after". We had nation/nations to build, economy to build, institutions to build and then Europe, then USA and British respective position - we had banded with some of the Gulf Regional Rulers,  the involvement and knowledge of certain high parties in that SIROP program for the setting up and development of Higher Regional Education Strategy long term - Education is the best way instead of War to change man's thinking and approach to doing this.  Those in Britain who know and very well aware of those issues and their own development of higher Education in the Gulf Region - We have addressed aspects of this topic on our Blog and Forums. This is where we get things wrong and land into trouble - President FA Rene was very aware of the issues, concern its influence and impacts and the old Team - come President JA Michel, he want to reinvent or the belief he can spin the great tale he invented everything. His adventure in Seychelles Education, the University project - from that day on some how,  he created a scenario that the Gulf Region mega higher University education thematic, just did not exist or vanished. The many in Mauritius not to be forgiven for supporting this attitude. The tragic situation is that we talk of North African and Arab Spring - back in 1987 when that SIROP program was formulated everybody had know there would be and have to be major changes in the Gulf Region once intensive Higher Education with its vast complexities had been put into place.Many of the North African and Gulf Region Leadership were aware/in the know.  Over the past 7 years those in Britain, their Politic involving Higher Education  and the consequences. Their misguided politic on the Region as usual completely forgetting back in 1987 everybody knew would come a time the Gulf Region would have to change and today's media circus and garbage. It is due to this aspect of Human development that we were able to work the RIM Association and currently, the BRICS issues  and other very important financial global readjustment. Individual like president F Mitterrand and Chancellor Koln, Chancellor G Schroeder had raise an eye brow when we had worked this issues with them,  their officials, government and institutions. Beside those Senior,  then Europe Officials 1986/7, respective politicians.  This combine with the Historic protocol 2011, between Seychelles and Mauritius on Regional development signed by Dr Ramgolam and President JA Michel had raised expectation - events both in Mauritius and Seychelles have greatly undermined this. The mega Financial scandal. 

American British Academy

List of universities and colleges in the United Arab Emirates

Studying in the United Arab Emirates

Education in the United Arab Emirates

American University in Dubai

Education in the Arab World

Education in Bahrain


Arab Countries Open New University Campuses to Draw Female Students

Christian education is terrible - leading to many world intellectuals for centuries to state it is a pimple on the "ass" polite said of progress. In our case the process we are sharing information on that SIROP program.
Please note under University/Academic education in the Gulf Region and India Ocean impacted, influenced and parameters put into place - this thread. As if the two above topics are not taboo enough linked to that SIROP program.
The changing landscape of European, their governments, NATO, USSR, Warsaw Pact, bordering nations, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Indian Ocean military landscape linked, influenced, synergized and impacted by that SIROP program - Are we not glad that General Colin Powell is alive even if to bring a cup of water if we landed in jail - "yesterday the issues of the Nile mega protocol he took part and witnessed as high USA Officials Colonial issues and independence process". Beside those British important military personalities, much more important in France - those leading Generals and military advising then President F Mitterrand. He knew this was not some bogus - mad dream - we had, further more to stress the USSR, Warsaw Pact, President FA Rene Associates and those form the OAU, the None Aligned Movement, would have long sent us packing and those who had set into place from several nations respective leading Military experts, former Generals and past War personalities, to refer and trash out the issues of the progress and development, their respective Intelligence Services, other special Department and Institutions - some of the issues would land in the press on TV Forum debate and documentation.
For example the emerging Europe Military deployment - those who dare and can, the battle - President F Mitterrand and Lady Thatcher participation, the Italians and the Dutch - she was more for a NATO role and President F Mitterrand was more for a European Military deployment - the impacting issues of that SIROP program - when you have such damming technicalities involving an entity like/such as the EU and then every body choose to forget, particularly the politicians - the media are as bad as a bunch of " very leaky Jamaican Henry buckets the song" - the note we have made about the Royal and the Civil government functionality.
Had we had in place the proper parameters for a review be it the UN, the EU or African Union, they would have had to address this very very important topic - because here those who were stretching there person and capabilities to the limit to develop and create a future European, Russia, East Europe and world of Positivity and reasonable free of conflicts and Nuclear military derrapage and what ensued and where we have landed.
With the setting up of the ICC, part or one of the objective was to use the resource and facilities, capabilities of that institutions to study into deeper and core EU military development - what ensued - the gap between the academic, the politicians, the media and the Citizens to whom accountancy is due/required at the end of the Day. The ICC have failed terribly.
The need to state the many Royal Families in Europe and those countries with former Royal their links and relation to Europe and world Military important issues not just decorative and ceremonial - very effective Military impacting workings/management. (Professor Dr Micheal Hofmann questioned our involvement - we were answerable/accountable to him and we had to share and explain some of the why beside other High entities.
It would be great if those of those young Royal who remember their experiences/being "put through their paces" in Military Term could come forward and address the critical aspect of these workings - we live in a very changed world and they have a role to play like /as every human and citizens - intellectuals.
The requirement to explain and share, report the distinct difference which made of the greater European view of Military high management as against the USA, impact on the World , Russia and East Europe - we are very glad we spent several years researching, reading by the respective International Strategic Institute starting from Vienna and again all those in Vienna who knew/were aware and then Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann. The many floored arguments and views put forward over the past 30 years. Never mentioning the role, responsibilities and capabilities of the Royals of Europe. Particularly the position and Indian Ocean equation - the massive disparity and the media involvements.

Today we have forests, vast quantities  of Strategic and global military research and associated resources online  of qualitative dimensions/importance - reliability. 

Strategic planning Wikipedia

Research Wikipedia 

We would like to address the young Royals of Europe who meanwhile have become Kings and taken over their parents former high responsibilities and those who would be.  We had used and applied numerous specific of those high workings enabling us to move, drive the topics and sub details of that SIROP program. 

Your parents may not have explicitly told you - among on of the most important Human, Space development and scientific was that Global Space station - this project was not just a new Frontier vision as the wild West was or the American and the African and the India Ocean once upon a time as many of those leading high politicians have coined it. 

We helped formulate that visionary development, those who were initially involved and relied on our capacity to deliver and help manage and process of implementation.  You do not and contribute to such undertaking on sheer invention and speculations - it requires a very great deal of knowledge and capabilities.  We have mentioned this to point to those young royals who have allowed the media and other to distract them that they were not involved in some daft concept - that SIROP program was very real and those who manages this science, the bits and pieces of the Space Station building, engineering and piecing together can talk. 

What the demented and corked politicians who have existed since the existence of mankind think and do is one thing  and the hard reality of our world and other they would like us to believe they can help find solution - had the bee allowed this the Berlin Wall would have still stood,  and the COMECON in Place and USSR or eventually mankind destroyed itself. 

First President J R Mancham had been very reluctant to become involved after persistent publication the book he wrote on these subjects. 

Space Station Freedom


We believe it is pertinent to present the issue of the many nations, the European body then 1986/7, the Vatican, the Knight Templar - we mention them because they have their own sovereignty they were importantly involved, what about the International court of Justice  who just before the Berlin Wall fell had began to put into place very special structures and specialized Department and bodies to work and manage ongoing events, irrespective of "their interpretations" Jargon - how best to integrate these in the respective government and societies, systems, including education and scientific issues. This in itself is a super can of worms, deadly snakes and scorpions, venomous issues. They need to be address - Wikileaks, Wikipedia and a few others, group project and private ones,  have scarcely touch the surface of what really took place and was taking place as events unfolded in then COMECON,USSR, China, the Gulf Region, Asia, Africa and Latin America or North Africa. The Indian Ocean Region. Most important in the face of global media mega manipulation - why very ventured/came forward and raise their fears, concern and pointed to the mega disparities in information presentation. 

How life with all its brutality reminds one/us when we forget. The Goan community in London, their connections and in Goa very special connections and linking issues with that SIROP program - most of our acquaintance have become very affluent and we do not have a cent to our name. Still we thank them for all their support when we needed  them. 


Indian Ocean Institute for Strategic Studies 

Serge Cormier‎ La voie de Dieu magazine          19/3/2014

1 Jean, 1, 1: Ce qui existait dès le commencement, nous l’avons entendu. Nous l’avons vu de nos yeux. Touché de nos mains. Il s’agit de la Parole qui donne la Vie.

Jean,, 1-3, 9, 14 : Cette Parole du commencement du monde, elle était avec Dieu. Vie et Lumière véritable pour tous les êtres humains. La Parole a pris chair humaine et a habité parmi nous, pleine d’amour pleine de vérité. 

Jean 1, 10-12 : La Parole a planté sa tente parmi nous, mais le monde ne l’a pas reconnue. Elle est venue dans son peuple, mais la plupart des siens ne l’ont pas reçue. Certains pourtant l’ont reçue et lui ont fait confiance. À ceux-là la Parole a donné de devenir enfants de Dieu.

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There may be some confusion about/over the linkage method. At the foot of the portal we have links/space for links - these were put there for the actual respective exile/refugee workings, national issues, ongoing etc., NGO's, Voluntary, Charity, Church and interfaith, report, forum, pictures, social network. Their existing projects and websites. 

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