It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

Beside the massive irregularities which brought down the global financial system  and we will address this at some later date on the back of that SIROP program the concept of Vulture - the highly corruptive/corrupted concept involving in instance politicians and institutions of the very nation that have requested debt relief. 

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We have addressed the issues of the Bad Bank concept in Europe Stating the $ Trillions of debt that have had to be absorbed in Bad Banks,  then the ECB and other Countries come and Bail those Banks that had failed or Nation - it needed not have been necessary and the Workers, citizens and Taxpayers pays and suffers. , the USA, Asia and yet those who oppose that Africa operate Bad Bank policy - including Sechelles Seychelles

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Britexit  - The European Banking Authority (EBA) is a regulatory agency of the European Union headquartered in London. Its activities include conducting stress tests on is being relocated in Paris  24/11/17

After the last global, Europe Financial meltdown, political corruption it almost led caused a 3rd World War, the development of BRICS Alternative Global workings added this Institutions working  based in the Netherlands. 

Afrika-Studiecentrum, Leiden

Stephen Ellis | African Studies Centre

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At some time the need to address those nations Markets, Exchanges, new Financial products/discipline which have been impacted, influenced, leveraged and synergized by that SIROP program In particular the Gulf Region, Asia, and Africa as well as Europe - then Challenges of financing the $500 billion Neom Project 24/11/17

GAB | The Global Anticorruption Blog


Below are links to some useful internet resources with information on corruption and anticorruption.  If you have suggestions for additional resources to include, please let us know.  24/11/17