It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

SIROP - Arabs & Gulf  Nations 

It is almost 30 years since that SIROP program was formulated the very many then world leaders, personalities, academicians, diplomats, Royal European and their Illuminati contributions, their Churches and Faith including the Muslim Faith etc., then World of Cold War 1986/87 - then Indian Ocean, beside Africa then OAU - Arab world, Gulf regions nations and their economic workings. A very great deal have occurred and is occurring - we have relied upon the forest of information platform, Centers, bodies, Universities, Media to share and inform part of their knowledge of events these past 30 years. In particularly then Sechelles Seychelles USSR, China, Arab Nations Communist/Socialist one Party system, then OAU, Latin America Communist/Socialist workings, the Caribbean Nations Communist and socialist workings One Party system, that of Asia. Beside the None Aligned Nations. 

We want to stress and underline for the past near 30 years have lobby the UN, the EU, African Union of  recent to help us report in a format that the world and society can accept the vast complexities of that SIROP program from 1986 to date. This resulting that we had been under placed such strong pressure not to link, address and related to our SIROP - Arab and Gulf Nations workings.

Beside events in Sechelles Seychelles of recent, in-spite of the important political change the Opposition in the National Assembly position towards that SIROP program, the National Assembly Truth Commission and the death of some twelve Seychellois associated with that Program since. The important Economic and Bilateral workings of Seychelles and those Nations and the fate of those 25,000 Exile/refugees completely ignored and unresolved. The mega abused debated in public and the National  Assembly linked to hat program.  The resignation CEO of the NGO/former LUNGOS, umbrella organisation 25/10/17

Today Austria celebrate its National Day and Austria Neutrality during the Cold War and the important role it play that we concept the SIROP program,  we did and their high personalities, OPEC situated in Vienna, UNIDO and the Atomic energy Agency. the unique very positive Austrian Arab/Gulf Nation working then 1986 and Cold War. Austria in the history of Artois pas de Calais, and Royal France and our Franco Families of the Indian Ocean. Recently there have been a number of important Seychelles India debacles,  how this program helped that India took such a giant stride along with the Arabs and Gulf Nations and yet. Today as we add this page the modern Sate/Nation of Israel mark its 100th anniversary, the Balfour declaration. Those in Vienna and Germany who have worked the issue of that Program and the Holocaust - we want to be polite  and specific - it was not India who gave the Christian nations of the Indian Ocean their spiritual values - they originated from the Nation of Old Israel  and so to does Muslim Faith. Finally President Donald Trump decision to release "the Kennedy files" 25/10/17,  a mega taboo in the USA and world - the Kennedy family impute in that SIROP program, support and the Irish nations involvements. 

Much more important all those then Arabs and Gulf Nations Heads of state,  their Kings and Rules institutions then Cold War 1986/87 impute contributed into that SIROP program and yet, their values and Belief. How in Colonial Britain Sechelles Seychelles was used to exile and shut up many important politicians and high personalities from the Arab world, Asia and Africa.  "St Helen Island got its new Airport recently where  Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled". 

We have added three links to King Abdullah Economic city to emphasis development since 2005 when this mega $125 billions project was announced - we had just experience the mega earthquake and Tsunami in the Indian Ocean -250,000 lives lost and economic destruction nearing $150 billions.The scientific why for this terrible incident. Nobody listened including the scientific community, those who manage the Benchmark of the world workings we had the 2007/8 global economic melt down and near 3rd World war. It affected and impacted all the Gulf region and Arab world workings, Soon after we had the so call North African Spring it was an evil agenda. Setting progress some 20 years back linked to that SIROP program. Today's info,  the numbers of mega global projects including NEOM. What it took for President Gorbachev back in 1986/87 to support that Program and much earlier his Glasnost vision for then USSR taking the world away form global nuclear destruction - Given the timing of the announcement of NEOM, the Gulf Region, the Arab world situation and the Indian Ocean, the vision of this $500 billions future city development and the vision of those from the USA for North Korea. President Donald Trump understand something about buildings and large projects - this is a very personal challenge to him just as President Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan was challenged in 1985 onward. He ought to study the rebuilding projects in former East Germany - the Reunification. The EU High officials ought to read this paragraph.

In 1986/87 when that SIROP program was written, the high academic, University existence in the Gulf region, then scientific understanding by the Gulf and Arab Nations of High Interdisciplinary Management Discipline - those few from the West who advised and applied, implanted  it - with  the Kings, Rulers and their Governments then 1986/87. Over the past 27 years a great deal have evolved in this science - today's very many Universities and knowledge in the region and Indian Ocean,  the associated discipline is not stagnant,  it is a continuous evolution as such those intending to build this unique project need, requirement to bear it well in mind. 

Arab states of the Persian Gulf - Wikipedia
The Arab states of the Persian Gulf are the seven Arab states which border the Persian Gulf, namely Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This excludes the non-Arab state of Iran. All of these nations except Iraq are part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Holiest sites in Islam - Wikipedia Al-Masjid An-Nabawiyy (Arabic: الـمَـسـجِـد الـنَّـبَـوِيّ‎‎, the Prophet's Mosque) is located in Medina, making the city the second-holiest site in Islam, after Mecca. Medina is the final place-of-residence of Muhammad, and where his qabr (Arabic: قَـبـر‎‎, grave) is located

This is a list of leaders of Middle Eastern and North African states. It consists of the heads of state and government within the Arab League 2017 - we would have like a similar  list for 1987 Instead 

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Incomplete, no mention of Zanzibar and Pemba two very important Islam nation of the region. SIROP linking/impacting issues.

Muslim Cultures in the Indian Ocean