It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

SIROP - 1986 influence, impact on culture, art, film, literature, music, fashion, architecture of Europe, the   USA and the world 

We have been intending to address this highly important thematic linked associated with that         SIROP program, current situation in Europe politic and economy, those entities in the Indian Ocean who do not have ear and cannot listen and those in China, Russia, USA and Africa. It would have been great if some young individual could lend us  a hand we would share mountain of rich knowledge on this topic or they could have started an outside  project and liked it with the portal. - that SIROP program was not your normal program what it impacted and influenced in our world and human existance and its future.  

This   said this morning,  Facebook page of  Princess Grace of Monaco - the very turbulent life process of then princess Stephanie impacted just a Bill Gate was, many other leading young artists and  Pope John Paul ll by the synergy and dynamic of that SIROP program  and what the terrible media wrote who just did not bother to investigate and find out - Even Papa prince Rainier getting very unhappy too,  other elite of then Monaco . The Principeaute of Monaco have been for Europe  and its economy, developing a vital place - wealth of Culture Exchange. We are addressing this  here not because  she was pretty and fond of us what we represented then  - just like you had a Lech Walesa and, those young force who were involved to bring down the Berlin Wall and committed to then change joined in to carry her own revolution in then landscape of Europe Culture. she could have been a great help in furthering this important SIROP  topic/Page     30/7/16