It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

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In a Nation publication seven day ago the EU High office for Mauritius, Seychelles and Comore stipulated those, any group wishing to applying for funding they need to have a website. We have an International portal - instead of creating a separate website just create a Seychelles home page , with contact address, executives info and news feed - this is just a sketch - we want your feed back.  17/7/2016

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In Setting up an office for that historic program in Sechelles Seychelles the need, requirement and necessity to note, take into account the many elements, sub topics and associated issues.

The political  dimension, challenge, constraint

Economic dimension, the vast complexities, challenges and problematic 

Finance, Grants, Aid, exchange 

Insurance, all the complexities

Training the many aspects, requirements

Social, Right, Gender, 

Legal, Justice, Court, Police, Probate, Prison

Youth, Children, single parent, Woman 


Culture, Heritage, Knowledge, Literature, Art, Music , Film, Video

Climate, Conservation, Environment 

Bilateral and intergovernmental, Accreditation


Arcadian - Illuminati 


Education, Library

Health - Medical 


Event and Function, Festivity

Sports all discipline and complexities, competitions

Conference, Meeting, Lecture, Debate, Mobility 

Accountability and reporting, 

Media, Press, Information, TV, Radio, social Media

It, Communication, Cloud working


Work/Employment /Job Creation 

Housing in all its complexities 

Energy - knowledge, science



Drug, abuse, Drink etc. 



Pension, Care Home, Age, Bereavement support, Care

Resource development 




LUNGO Plan to build a multi resource building 2009

There are those who have taken a negative position/view regarding the idea that we ship a 30ft mobile office from Europe to office that SIROP historic program in Mahe - Victoria. Before very many of you knew the power of money, wealth and quality building we were involved in former Seychelles. Yes  money matters - since we are dealing with utter dishonest and unscrupulous parties, individuals in our country  - they infer and rant about Illuminati,  their Brain do not tell them the many scandals Broadcast,  that SIROP program was the cause  that those individuals spoke, made to speak  out. Under then Mr Bernard Elizabeth LUNGOS chief Executive, we were looking at the arrangement of making available $5 million for a building on a plot of Land next to the new Palais de Justice building, ile du port - that was 2009, the global melt down, the first Russian BRICS gathering remotely possible and those high parties in Europe, the USA, Russia, China and the Gulf Region who had indicated they would help set up that (We had not published that program online 2012) Program in Seychelles - beside had this been done the current mega refugee//exile nightmare of Europe, Turkey and NATO would not have arisen, in France, Belgium, Germany those incidents not happened.  The current EU exile/refugee budget near some Euro 15 billions . What we have addressed about the utter corrupted working of EU. Britain would not have voted for a Britexit. The good question what became of that plot of land we were to build the LUNGOS/NGO building and Resource. We had wanted to write to Chief Justice Mathilda Towmey - former Chief Justice,  Martin Stephen Egonda-Ntende was aware of this possibility - should we be able to buy a second hand mobile office  and ship it to Seychelles we request that the government grant/allow us to site that mobile office there until such time and pay ground Rent. To all the who have forgotten, cannot remember - because of the very important Seychelles government "repeat Seychelles government part/involvements"  twice had been to see Judge Jacques Hodoul at his Office to sorting out/registering that program, the need for an Executive Committee and " Fund/Money". ( On account of President F A Rene stand Money wise, Associates  and Seychelles government President  J A Michel  in particular - decided to address the EU high Institution and some of the issues and outcome) Lawyer Pesi Pardiwalla Towmey, Lablach were informed, the Catholic church. Mr Christopher Savy had also been in Seychelles 2009. We thank Mr Bernard Elizabeth for his long support, Mr Bernard Sullivan, others, Mr Christopher  Gill contributions and support. Former First Lady Natalie Michel, certain Ministers and high Officials - of recent former Minister Pat Pillay and others help that we move this burning topic further ahead. Countless other individuals on Mahe for their ongoing encouragement. Including Dr Navin Ramgoolam and Mr Paul Beranger from Mauritius and the Chagossain Leader - Mr Olivier Bancoult. 


SIROP -  Culture, Arts, Craft,  Music, Literature, Books Film, Festivals, Fashion, Fairs, Museums    - Seychelles  page

In Germany,  Austria, Switzerland they would say today we can open "our gobble big" - how many remembers the culture politic of Sechelles Seychelles under the One party System prior to 1987, when the initiative to start the first International Festival of Classical Music, the motivation and connection to that program - the Communist view, approach and directive to this very essential and important human functionality - this was not just in Seychelles, but throughout the Communist world, USSR, China, Yugoslavia, the former COMECON nation former East Europe, Latin America, Cuba. Yet if one read  the mountain of Communist literature the importance and emphasis they     stressed and paid to Culture etc., in Seychelles the modest  culture life - because of the political and  social constraint, the policing and Curfew, infringement on movement and social expression. Many of our old culture Tradition were banished or  removed because of the past and those who formulated, created and set them in place. At the end of the Day it was plain politic. (Again it would have been better if this page was managed in Seychelles your view a against an outside view)

In furthering, funding and enhancing the Culture, etc of Seychelles be it the UN, EU, Commonwealth, Francophone, OAU, the former COMECON, China  Culture working their attitude and the need to note their posture how they responded and reacted and their respective reaction today from 1991. What they write and report. Where as in Europe any reasonable Democratic nation's working form/is part of the fundamental, system and requirement, need of their people, citizen and society/government. In accepting that SIROP program President FA Rene, higovernment and advisor must have known that their would be fundamental change and impact overall and affecting its politic. Yet  how our media and those who communicated did or have presented this very important part of our nation and society fundamental necessity. This SIROP was not not a regional India Ocean Program it was  an International  and its home Europe as such we,  those involved used European Values  and benchmark to support and enhance this  new process and development in Seychelles and the Region. This is not what the EU, the UN, the OAU, the Commonwealth and Francophone write - today the cultural landscape of Seychelles, possibilities and the very important economic, educational, democratic function associated Industry. The gross contribution to the nation economy. The current and ongoing role of thiprogram.                                                                      1/08/16

United Nations  summit for Refugees and Migrant 19 September 2016

This is why we did not go to the UN with that SIROP Program - the Seychelles Nation would have been properly stitched. The change in USSR, COMECON and the rest of the world would not have taken place. 

We have created a Blog space at SIROP blog  and linked it here. We followed some of the event online given today resources . Give the very grave situation  and the formulation of this summit with some 30 years experience in this field - helping to manage many of the greater complexities at global level and the many previous UN Secretary General concluded by writing the brief heading above. We do not have a Cold War on  our hand - but a very grave if not dangerous global situation. The summit  and the participants with their massive resources did not target the core/root of the challenges .  

A very important question how the new Seychelles National Assembly adopt  and handle this very very important national and regional topic - beside its International dimension. Beside the very many actors  in this field in Seychelles and the Region. The core and very reason the government have been in power for 40 years .                                                                                           26/9/16

WINDHOEK–THE European Commission has tabled an ambitious plan to stimulate African economies as a means of countering rapid migration to Europe.

EU Ambassador to Namibia, Jana Hybaskova, on Monday announced the EU’s External Investment Plan to support investment in its partner countries in Africa and poor parts of Europe. The fund will be capitalised with 3.35 billion Euro from the EU budget and the European Development Fund.

The plan appears to be the EU’s proactive measure to address the migration crisis, which has seen many North Africans drown while trying to cross into Europe in search for a better life. Most of those who flee Africa leave behind countries offering no hope and poverty. EU states, especially those in southern Europe, are mostly affected because of their proximity to North Africa.

The EU’s External Investment Plan is envisaged to boost investment and in particular support social and economic infrastructure and SMEs by addressing obstacles to private investment.

The plan will further mobilise up to 44 billion Euro of investments to strengthen its partnership and promote a new model of participation of the private sector to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“If member states and other partners match the EU’s contribution, the total amount could reach 88 billion Euro. By unlocking investments in partner countries, the External Investment Plan will contribute to implementing the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals and the Addis Agenda on Financing for Development,” said Hybaskova.

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I/we had not wanted to write the last post - rather  the news about EU Africa new migrant/refugees initiation which I posted late last night at SIROP Seychelles page 

This morning those who have visited and their buzz. 

We did no get the meeting we had wanted last Autumn  and events. obliviously nobody wants/have the guts to sit down and talk of  that Program from it roots conception - instead those who have read and studied - they make their respective offer in public. 

In 1986/7 the global economic dynamic was very different,   the West was looking at massive potential /gold mines in the changing  of USSR and the COMECON eventually China . The privatization of their economy.  In Germany the Unification and privatization  these are dynamic and economic leverage never seen in history before. Seychelles had been an important Communist economy, all those communist economy in Africa, Latin america, North Africa, Asia  and Arab world.  and the geo strategic position in the Indian Ocean combined with that program led it to make unique contribution. 

This gave the impetus to the USA economy, Latin America, the Arab world, Asia and Africa. 

With the last global meltdown the situation we have regarding world economy. 

Africa received a massive impetus from the European, US, Asia, Russia, China currently in percentage this is down - prior to this there was no Europe single initiative for the migrant and refugees - safe when PM Blair came to office the Africa Debt write off initiative  and outcome and the super High way/connectivity. ( Other mechanism an leverage from the Nuclear missile reduction the money and resource to reinvest in undeveloped and developing countries economy) It was due to the above position of then Seychelles we were able to come forward, approach President Qaddafi, the Francophone that OAU acquires the same system as the EU - events. Qaddafi was a friend of then Seychelles and President FA Rene - the lies and today Africa concocting a working solution.  However those African politician and NGO aware of that SIROP program unique role. 

Both the UN mega conference and EU initiative is will not be sufficient - we have a very serious situation  in the Arab world.  What we had in mind using the knowledge and experience to rebuild some of those busted dynamic  and develop new leveraging mechanism  for the global economy.  Taking into account the BRICS position and functionality.                                                     5/9/16

Sir James Mancham - Mr Adna Kashogi legacy, Gulf Nations many crises since the inception of SIROP 1986/7

How many remembers Mr Adna Kashogi then Seychelles 1976 and his special friendship with Sir James Mancham then  Chief Minister. Those from the elite Seychelles Colonial Establishment, then Cold War Gulf Region, Arab League Nations - the Indian Ocean geopolitics and strategic thematic. Remembering many of our older generation who build that Seychelles Nation, family links in Mauritius and Reunion. Then faction in Seychelles who have tried to put into place a Unilateral Independence concept like Rhodesia. The views of many  and then SPUP Party. We had warned Sir James Mancham should he be compel to leave us before we can put in place some kind of serious workings for that SIROP program in Seychelles what will inevitably happen with his very long years of regional and international politic. - he left us  and we still do not have any Office or structure to work Manage and promote that SIROP program in Seychelles yet the significant contributions to Seychelles leading to multiparty and following events and development our year of 2017. In the USA President Donald Trump and USA impute in Seychelles democratic process the eight years of President Barack Obama. The reports they would have written and who read them. Those eight years USA Indian Ocean and Gulf Region national strategy and plan of action. Not overlooking the view and relation between the USA and EU program for the Island Nations of the region. Sir James Mancham was very informed and aware. When one take time to study and research his six books on the region and many lectures the conclusion one ought to arrive at. This include his special and in depth knowledge of the Arab League nation and Gulf Nations, past and current Head of states and their Institutions. Hence his vigorous efforts to input. 

Mr Adna Kashogi imput in Seychelles and regional issues since 1976 - we do not have the space here to discuss the details. At our Forums and Blogs have highlighted briefly this very special relationship. Much more important his knowledge of our exile Community workings in Britain and Europe the past near 40 years - his financial input/commitments. He was equally aware the development between those Gulf State and Seychelles since 1991 to date and the motives for their interests and input. Having written a great deal how Seychelles government after President FA Rene era worked that SIROP program. Mr Adna Kashogi must have known of the Anti Corruption and the Truth Commission setting up  and how they are expected to function. This brings/lead us to ask why are we not allowed to have an Office in Seychelles to work that SIROP program who are those involved and their respective interests - their relation to the regional and International media. How many have read the book/novel King Rat my person then helped/contributed to this issue as we did Mr Salmand Rushdi book/novel Satanic verses. We held the view that President Danny R Faure understood why President J A Michel was forced to step down. Please refer to the articles on Social media about what we addressed his eventual allowing us to have the use of ex Mahe Beach Hotel building for the SIROP program. In spite of Sri James Mancahm and Mr Adna Kashogi's death the vast many complexities of Seychelles exile/refugees regional and international working is not going to disapear if anything given the loss and lack of individuals with adequate knowledge, the situation become messier and desperate. 

We are going to link the SIROP/CDU/Alliance/SNM/... blog

here  and the comments we have made views 


More than once we have asked to be excused for the modesty of the platform we are using - it 

does not work as we would have like. Today this picture was published with a brief story.  The person publishing did not realized he had hit upon a Gold nugget and very important one - This building beside the old pirate Arms hotel is one of the most important architecture - which have influenced how we concepted that SIROP program what we inferred when we coined it SIROP, the back of the road would lead to the SDA school, the elite Colonial Residence  27/7/16

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      Lasanble Nasyonal in aprouv kreasyon CINEA (Creative Industries and National Events Agency), sa lazans ki pou dezorme zer lendistri artistik e organiz bann gran levennman kiltirel. Sa i par egzanp Fête de la Francophonie, FetAfrik, Miss Seychelles, Praslin Culinary and Arts Festival, Festival La Digue, Festival Kreol, Seychelles-India Day, Seychelles-China Day, eksetera.

      How the Chinese have  acquired their technological edge by duplicating/copying and building on others invention - in Seychelles the pat 25 year the JJ Spirit Building, Now this new agency and the Blue Economy. This is Corruption too. 10/7/16


      We have decided to add this topic and link here given events in Sechelle Seychelles, the media, the political comportment, those who have been importantly helped to get to the 6th National Assembly their attitude and reaction. Our Blog and Forum comments. The Whistle Blower 

      In 1986 then Cold War then Russian service in London, the USA, South Africa, German, Israeli, those from the Pan African Congress and many others in then London deliberating about that SIROP program - Just like the Lord of the Ring Trilogy and several unique big screen topics which the world have come to watch our part and influence that this film get made those who knew, the media, Illuminati and many others - let it serve as reminder. 

      Question , where were those from that 6th National Assembly, what were they doing. Mr Gerard Hoareau had been assassinated, our exile/refugees situation and plight - 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent, the Irish Community in London and Ireland, the US and Australia . The USA Tracking in Seychelles  and the Russian. 

      Thank you Wikipedia 


      • 1770 > l'affairiste français Broyer du Barré fonde sur l'île Sainte-Anne le premier établissement des Séchelles. Le 27 août 1770, vingt-six hommes et femmes débarquent du Télémaque sur Sainte-Anne, comme employés du sieur Brayer, sous les ordres du sieur Delaunay. 
« vingt-huit personnes. Quinze
Blancs, sept esclaves, cinq malabars et une négresse ».
        1770 > l'affairiste français Broyer du Barré fonde sur l'île Sainte-Anne le premier établissement des Séchelles. Le 27 août 1770, vingt-six hommes et femmes débarquent du Télémaque sur Sainte-Anne, comme employés du sieur Brayer, sous les ordres du sieur Delaunay. « vingt-huit personnes. Quinze Blancs, sept esclaves, cinq malabars et une négresse ».

       Saint Anne Wikipedia 

      Mémoire de M. de La Pérouse sur son séjour aux îles Seychelles en 1773 

      Les 20 premiers Français qui se sont installés à l’île Mahé et à l’île Sainte-Anne en 1770 furent envoyés par Brayer du Barré et venaient tous de l’île Bourbon (La Réunion) et de l’île de France (Maurice)