It made History, impacted mankind destiny, changed the world - in the face of global Economic and Financial challenge contributed positively 

After our historic to Berlin East December 2015 and some of the major debacles, thematic we had to confront would have like to work, add this page or an appropriate footer - stressing the many Universities, their high personalities involved and imputing in that SIROP program from its inception in 1986/7 and over the years - what would be appropriate to link up with some young IT brilliant developers and rework this site . Meanwhile will add and refer to those Universities below. 1/1/2016

Stellenbosch University  - then South Africa 1986/7

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Michael Hofmann ist Ordinarius an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Wirtschafts- und Verwaftungsführung. Als Betriebsberater ist er vor allem mit Personalfragen befaßt. Er ist weiters als Psychotherapeut mit psychoanalytischer Ausbildung tätig. Schwerpunkt seiner wissenschaftlichen Arbeit ist die Anwendung psychoanalytischer Konzepte auf die Betriebswirtschafts- und Managementlehre sowie auf das Gebiet der Allgemeinen Managementlehre mit ganzheitlicher Ausrichtung (Wiener Schule). Some of his works - Springer Verlag       Management Forum  - particulary those after 1986/7

Interdisziplinäre Abteilung für Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungsführung, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, A-1090, Wien, Augasse 2-6, Österreich

Friedrich August Hayek

University of Fribourg   - then Vatican 1986/7, those in Vienna, those who had served in Seychelles Colonial time 

University of Amsterdam - then South Africa, then Indian Ocean - then Cold War 1986/7
University of Madrid - then Spain King Juan Carlos Europe and the World 1986/7, Vienna connections Prof Dr M Hofmann
University of London - then 1986/7, the many who contributed
University of Cambridge - the Intellectual Cold War academicians and those from the former Colonies their respective contributions and imputs
University of Oxford - the Intellectual battle/wars, prestige the many involved in imputing in that SIROP program 
University of Ottawa - The Francophone, Seychelles , Indian Ocean 1987 impute in that program/contributions

It is now two weeks since we added the thematic of the Universities,  then 1987 and over the past 25 year, respective world, regional development related to workings the vast economic complexities of in bracket that SIROP program associated nations and countries program which took place, impacting thematic - the resources of Universities. Upon the historic visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki- Moon visit to the Seychelles , Mauritius, Madagascar - Japan Bilateral relation with Seychelles over the past near 40 years, the UN University is homed there as such the capacity and resource of UN University to undertake vastly more complicated research and study their in house information and libraries - the troubling and in instance taboo thematic  associated with that SIROP program and they can in turn  liaise with the University of Seychelles or Mauritius or Madagascar - the real state of things/affairs. Beside the NGO involved in Education/Information in the COI Region.                                                          14/5/2016

Please note the date we added the article about UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon visit to Seychelles and the Indian Ocean nations. "The topic of Seychelles College". During the Cold War era - the West academic, high education system/establishments propagated the view that the USSR Universities were under par - mush less qualify, the quality of the finished higher education - academic. At the time of writing that program 1987, Perestroika was in place and President Gorbachev process of radically changing Russian higher education  system - those from Seychelles educated there. During the special era which the West embraced Russia and the economic and democratic model - Russia made/had to make radical er redevelopment of its higher education to match those young Brain and talent coming of West universities of renown. In as much as there is a very unique aspect of Russia Universities and their National emphasize - everything Russian is the best, their National pride - in this instance what is being taught and lectured of how the Russian economic , political and social changes, scientific changes took place and what impacted them. The thematic of the Cold War changes and their Bilateral international relation workings. We mentioned that at the time of writing that Program the impasse that President Gorbachev /Russia found itself in with all the Higher education resource to formulate a new/different economic model, this did not happen and it shad to follow, integrate its economic,  financial, Industrial development in line with the West nations. With the decision to put into place the  BRICS economic model, global partnership  and regional nation workings - this will inevitably  impact how the higher education Universities function  and their greater objectives vis a vis the West higher Education system. " List of Russia Universities and Higher Education". Given that Seychelles have very unique ties with Russia, it fledgling University of Seychelles compared to Madagascar or Mauritius or Reunion and our call for reworking of many aspects of that SIROP program to matching today's reality  and changing situation - those in Russia, their need to take due note - because that SIROP program was not just any Program. It is impacting and impulsing many of Russia today core workings, democracy  and a very long list of thematic.                                                                                                     16/5/2016

Now this is a very challenging topic to add to the Universities thematic impacting - higher academic study in relation with that SIROP program. The visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to the Region, China higher education Academic system/Institutions  was similar to the USSR, the objectives and finished product until the end of the Cold War, the uniqueness of that SIROP program. Again Seychelles post Communist, One Party political system era those sent their to be educated  and their Academic finish in comparison with the West Universities. Those who studied their,  upon their return role/function to build our nation and national economy, regional economy. Leading to the impasse and crises at the time of writing that SIROP program. We have stressed those until recent as year 2000 urging us to impute in China greater working to enable changes to take place as did in Russia. Our publish view and we have been proved right - the changing process China went though unlike that of Russia in embracing/coming to very close working with the West system to be globally humiliated and situation, until Russia enacted the BRICS and other Greater National Economic workings/Regional with East Europe and south Asia. At the time of writing that SIROP program those who had foreseen that China would develop a global economic motor  and by year 2000 those predicting it would become the world largest economy and putting in place its own Money thus its Academic institutions important involvement and role. The above said - they have demonstrated very great generosity in  gifting many large construction project for a small nation,  among one of them the University of Seychelles. How in accepting the Bilateral working - yet going to develop a University on West model, benchmark and complex Higher education networks. In the years to come how the regional economy of the Indian Ocean will develop and play out - in Mauritius and Madagascar their universities - We will add a couple of links to China leading Universities - there is a great deal yet to be covered when one discuss with graduate of China Universities the model and workings of West Economic system and including that SIROP program impacts,  their respective views and reaction - now this program is incomplete  and the need to rework them with the Chinese Higher Education institutions - we stated only this January 2016 how certain project of our was poorly managed and China Stock market lost some $900 billion not a first time. In as much the current  government Seychelles is stressing the role of the Blue economy - moving away from the methodology used by the previous government of President FA Rene where that program was used extensively to leverage not just Seychelles economy by regional  Asia, Africa and world economy including then Russia and China. In Europe those higher Academic Institutions who  study, research and work such thematic. That program will have to be rework to take into effect the future of BRICS, the new economic model being develop and most important the future alternative financial system and currency building it in that Program. We have stressed that the BRICS economic, Bilateral model should have been put into place since 1987 - the mechanism build within that program which can still drive china today and future economic - as such the capacity, ability for its universities to produce brain that can understand and work/impute along it.  16/5/2016

University news update 

Click here to edit Having stayed up until 2 AM British time working the topics of Britexit - the issues we mentioned and the German leading politicians and the Africa - Tunnel, Straight of Gibraltar Tunnel, the utter mess, corruption, political abuses - the millions of refugees having to flee Africa as a result and seek refuge in Europe. Yet all the big words and big promises - What we wrote that if the British construction consortium and Finance had been allowed to participate this Briexite referendum would have been very different and their EU relationship.

Time and time we have come to question the benchmark and those associated with Sir James Mancham global workings - the Rev Moon Syndicate be they religion or corporate. Then  launching of WANGO what it was all about  have been all about to steal and take credit for world and European event after the Berlin Wall and Germany Reunification. the hard work done by NGO in Europe and Voluntary sectors and steal money/make money and hype the world media. The ensuing results in the world - control agendas and media and develop controlling mechanism,  create freak society. .

About two/three months ago, the date would be on the portal log created the university links and thematic with that SIROP historic project and shortly afterwards the issues of India linking with the University and the Artist of Seychelles linking with the University of Seychelles beside other topics.

We have been waiting for a real juicy one and the news that Sir James Mancham is to create a Peace Hub based at the University of Seychelles. The way it is going to be operated, managed and Funded. That University project was initiated by the SIROP program when president FA Rene and J A Michel opposed it - as is the practice when they find, it  suits them to steal your idea and implement it and re-brand  it as their they do ruthlessly.  Compared to the rest of the world Europe in particular our level of what may be tern of intelligence and education is modest. The few that may be able to debate and understand serious intellectual debates/their workings. It has been thrown in our face be happy and content that you/we can contribute however modest or less important.

There is more to it - Just a President FA Rene endeavored  to sell to the Seychelles his Brando of ideology, human values and ethic so to Sir James Mancham, the manner and methods being used/applied. Take the construction  of his current Residence Glacis  sur Mer - the important impacts of the SIROP program the dynamic and synergy and they play a very crucial role in peace and war/conflicts and yet his attitude towards that program and our person. (The too well catalog incident involving his associates and others to hijack the SIROP program  and brand/sell it as his own and how President FA Rene reacted)

By the way Sir James Mancham forgets our involvement in helping to set up the US University of Medicine in Seychelles under president FA Rene his approach - Within that SIROP program we had battle to get the UN, EU or African Union to help report and reappraise it - the many important military and peace components,  including the global Nuclear topics and space defense, Terrorist and other conflicts.  How Sir James has been picking and choosing the Items he judge he can best work with and address and lecture or write on them - that does not mean it is the entirety of everything/the whole sum.  The very sad situation,   the media workings,  the utter corrupted practice and the thousands who will just get coned are allowed to be coned  and in the end what they will believe and accept as reality and truth.  He will get more accolade and more fame and wealth.

Note - Just a note to former President Mancham, he monitors or have others monitors what impute we do with and  that SIROP program, the two major French Terror incidents, they could have been avoided, on the Street of Europe the many ethnic communities, their NGO and Voluntary sectors how they work and hare information. The many from the Arabs world who know our issues and that SIROP program and Seychelles government workings. The unprecedented development in France and the state of emergency declared and the many draconian laws.

We went to Germany and Austria, Holland those we spoke with and in Bruxelles that advocating a get together for that SIROP program and Sir James Mancham attitude and his associates - again how the ethnic communicate , the functionality, that Bruxelles bombing could have been avoided had we held a gathering on that SIROP program. Yet Sir James Mancham attitude.

Seychelles Nation                  14/6/2016